Which preposition to use with deceased

of Occurrences 102%

On the decease of Musters, in 1850, every relic of her ancient family was sold by auction and scattered to the winds.

in Occurrences 18%

In this point of view I would not exchange the prayer of the deceased in my behalf for the united glory of Homer, Caesar, and Napoleon.

with Occurrences 7%

For no one whom Rudolph Musgrave had ever encountered in the flesh had been really and profoundly wicked, Rudolph Musgrave considered; and so, he always gravely estimated this-or-that acquaintance, after death, to be "better off, poor fellow"as the colonel phrased it, with a tinge of self-contradictioneven if he actually refrained in fancy from endowing the deceased with aureate harps and crowns and footgear.

in Occurrences 7%

In A.D. 683, the Dowager-Empress Woo How, upon her husband's death, caused her son to be set aside, and ruled prosperously until her decease in 703.

to Occurrences 6%

"I BEQUEATH to my executor (or executors) the sum of dollars, in trust, to pay the same in days after my decease to the person who, when the same is payable, shall act as Treasurer of the 'American Missionary Association,' of New York City, to be applied, under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Association, to its charitable uses and purposes," The Will should be attested by three witnesses.

as Occurrences 5%

It had described the deceased as the only child of Hannah Moon by her former marriage with Isidore Bamberger.

for Occurrences 5%

Byron died at Missolonghi on April 19, 1824, and when the body arrived in London, Murray, on behalf of Mr. Hobhouse, who was not personally acquainted with Dr. Ireland, the Dean of Westminster, wrote to him, conveying "the request of the executors and nearest relatives of the deceased for permission that his Lordship's remains may be deposited in Westminster Abbey, in the most private manner, at an early hour in the morning.

on Occurrences 5%

A REWARD of $1,000 will be paid for the identification and | | recovery of each and every one of the three Diamond Shirt | | Studs which were taken from the clothing of the deceased on | | the night of the murder.

to Occurrences 4%

In order to be secured, he even went a little beyond his usual precautions, actually discharging all indebtedness of the deceased to the Widow White out of his own pocket, by giving to her the sum of ten dollars.

into Occurrences 3%

It was the custom whenever a peasant died to carry the corpse to the cemetery in a coffin hired at transient rates, and then, having dumped the deceased into a shallow grave, to return what is facetiously known as the "wooden overcoat" to its original owner, for further service.

after Occurrences 3%

You see, there was not a particle of evidence to show that the accused had met and spoken to the deceased after the latter's visit at the front door of 'The Elms.'

at Occurrences 3%

For the first day or two I turned the deceased at intervals so that he should dry evenly, and then I proceeded to get the case ready.

at Occurrences 2%

He deceased at Westminster in the 46 yeare of his age, which was in the yeere of our Lord, 1413.

from Occurrences 2%

Now, this bitumen was put on for a purposefor the purpose of obliterating the inscriptions and thus concealing the identity of the deceased from the robbers and desecrators of tombs.

by Occurrences 1%

The one insinuated her suspicions of unfair dealing with the property of the deceased by ejaculating, as the other passed her, "Henny pig and green tea," to which the other retorted, in the same spirit, "Silk coat and negligee."

like Occurrences 1%

"It is," said Monk; "and if you go outside and look half-right you'll see the bereaved Mr. O'Dwyer, all got up in sack-cloth, cinders and crêpe rosettes, mooning over the deceased like a dingo on an ash-heap."

of Occurrences 1%

After the dance is done, the scalp is buried or put up on the scaffold with some of the deceased of the tribe who took the scalp.

between Occurrences 1%

But his claims to a place in French literature, leaving aside his eulogies on members of the French Academy deceased between 1700 and 1772, are based chiefly on his writings in connection with the 'Encyclopédie.'

on Occurrences 1%

" "Ha!" exclaimed Eubulides, "how was that?" "He prognosticated her decease on the following day, which accordingly came to pass, from her being choked with a piece of gold, not lawfully appertaining to herself, which she was endeavouring to conceal under the root of her tongue.

through Occurrences 1%

Messrs. PIXLEY & SUTTON: GENTS: I am happy to report that I have at last reached the bottom level in the case of William Beaver, alias Beaver Bill, deceased through Indians in 1861.

out Occurrences 1%

But at the feast which took place on that occasion an allowance was served up for the deceased out of every article of which it consisted, while others were beating, wounding, and torturing themselves, and letting their blood flow both over the dead man and his provisions, thinking possibly that this was the most palatable seasoning for the latter which they could possibly supply.

for Occurrences 1%

Decease for Die.

up Occurrences 1%

Then I returned and carried the deceased up to one of the third-floor rooms, where I removed his clothes and laid him out on a long packing-case in the position in which he would lie in the mummy-case.

against Occurrences 1%

That his relations with the deceased and his family (Marcus did not like to mention Pet's name) were entirely agreeable, until an anonymous letter, charging him with improper motives in visiting the house, had poisoned the mind of the deceased against him.

by Occurrences 1%

This ceremony of calling the deceased by name was known as the conclamation, and was a custom anterior even to the foundation of Rome.

Which preposition to use with  deceased