Which preposition to use with deliver

to Occurrences 667%

A reward of ten dollars was offered for every one of the horses that was captured and delivered to the quartermaster at Fort Leavenworth.

in Occurrences 290%

" This little speech was delivered in rather an excited manner by Mr. Nixon.

from Occurrences 263%

It was not that I had slain my enemy and been delivered from deadly peril, nor had I any clearer light on my next step.

at Occurrences 239%

I told W. I had spent a very cold and uncomfortable hour at the house, and I was worried about the cold, thought I might, perhaps, send the boy to mother, but he had taken his precautions and arranged with the Minister of War to have a certain amount of wood delivered at the house.

into Occurrences 107%

The next day, as Mary, her morning round finished, sat at lunch with Cynthia, listening, or not listening, to her friend's excusably, eager chatter about her approaching wedding, a note was delivered into her hands: The C.M.'s are in a hurry!

of Occurrences 92%

He had clearly some great threat to be delivered of, but just then he sat down so heavily that he had no breath for anything but curses.

with Occurrences 88%

These lines he delivered with much spirit and a bold front.

on Occurrences 84%

More accurately, the attack would be delivered on the actual day of his departureif he went.

before Occurrences 57%

In 1818, after his return from Europe, he delivered before this Society the noble Anniversary Discourse in which he commemorates the virtues and labors of some of those illustrious men who, to use his words, "have most largely contributed to raise or support our national institutions, and to form or elevate our national character."

unto Occurrences 54%

And he told to them all the matter like as it is aforesaid, and how Holofernes had commanded him to be delivered unto them of Israel.

over Occurrences 23%

I delivered over my captives to Joe, and stalked into the kitchen to give Mrs. Bemont's message.

for Occurrences 22%

Americans have no doubt whatever that the insolent ultimatum to Servia was delivered for the purpose of provoking war, and that Austria would never have dared send it were it not for the fact that the German Government "assured her a free hand" in advance, as has been officially admitted by your Government.

as Occurrences 22%

I have ventured to add to my Gray's Inn lectures another address, which I delivered as the "annual address" at the session of the American Bar Association in Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 31, 1921.

under Occurrences 16%

If I needed any justification for addresses, which I was graciously invited to deliver under the auspices of the University of London, an honour which I also gratefully acknowledge, it would lie in the fact that we are to consider one of the supremely great achievements of the English-speaking race.

during Occurrences 14%

The most important lectures are delivered during the forenoon and in the evening.

without Occurrences 14%

The vicar sat down suddenly in his chair, with the air of a man who has judgment to deliver without the least idea what to say; while Mary, freeing herself unconsciously from her friend's restraining embrace, stood facing them all with a sort of trembling defiance; and Mrs. Turner kept on explaining nervously that,"no, no, her Connie was not excitable, was not oversensitive, had never known what a delusion was.

within Occurrences 10%

At the latter city predilections on the black art from a consistent regard to the solemnity of the subject were delivered within the walls of a vast and gloomy cavern.

out Occurrences 9%

"It is written:"it is the belief of Moses and the old prophets of my people that man doth not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God:as much as to say, If I am to be delivered out of this need, God will deliver me by some means or other, just as He delivers other men out of their needs.

against Occurrences 6%

A glance at the map of the Gaza-Beersheba line and the country immediately behind it will show that if a successful attack were delivered against Gaza the enemy could withdraw his whole line to a second and supporting position where we should have to begin afresh upon an almost similar operation.

through Occurrences 4%

- Again, if it be necessary to mention the doctrine delivered through the mathematical disciplines, and the discussion of divine concerns from ethical or physical discourses, of which many may be contemplated in the Timaeus, many in the dialogue called Politicus, and many may be seen scattered in other dialogues; here likewise, to those who are desirous of knowing divine concerns through images, the method will be apparent.

therefrom Occurrences 4%

He who loveth any known lust, and would not willingly be delivered therefrom, hath no real hatred at any lust, as such, nor desire to be saved; for one such lust would be his death.

by Occurrences 3%

Martindale told him that as near as he could say it would be delivered by noon on the next morning, and added that he could, by paying an extra fee, have it specially registered and delivered.

after Occurrences 3%

she cried, 'you have been there!' He turned and looked upon her; and she read as in a book things which tongue of man cannot say,the anguish and the rapture, the unforgotten pang of the lost, the joy of one who has been delivered after hope was gone.

until Occurrences 3%

The April, 1917, forecast showed that six had been delivered or would complete in April, ten more would complete within the estimated period, and the four remaining would be overdue and would not be delivered until July or August.

per Occurrences 3%

No acknowledgment was required for this visit; but a week later my war services' badge was delivered per registered post, and I confessed the fact both on the usual green slip and on the form of receipt which was enclosed.

Which preposition to use with  deliver