Which preposition to use with demanding

of Occurrences 1368%

As the theory of bodily freedom demands for each man life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so the highest theory of to-day lays down demands of economic freedom beyond the mere fad of possible existence.

for Occurrences 1193%

As the theory of bodily freedom demands for each man life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so the highest theory of to-day lays down demands of economic freedom beyond the mere fad of possible existence.

in Occurrences 197%

"By hanging about in the plantation?" "If he goes no farther than that" "Why should he?" she demanded in the same rather chilling tone.

from Occurrences 188%

Speaking the same evening at Bristol, he promised to uphold the principle of the indemnity, and asserted the absolute right to demand from Germany payment for the costs of the War.

on Occurrences 137%

Shipping was scarce; for the hostility of the whole foreign naval world had made enormous demands on the British navy and mercantile marine.

at Occurrences 67%

"That was all you saw of my unfortunate brother?" he demanded at the end.

as Occurrences 57%

Thus the struggle between the powers of light and darkness for the soul of Afiza continued, until at length the evil spirit deemed it wise to depart; and on the twenty-first day, when it was racking Afiza for the last time, it demanded as the final price of its departure the liver of a black-goat.

with Occurrences 53%

In what concerns the fairy tales it is, above all, the children for whom they are destined, "when at night, at the end of their wearisome days, the mothers gather their children around them under the tent, under the shelter of her Bon Rabah, the little ones demand with tears a story to carry their imaginations far away."

by Occurrences 44%

Even England, the mother of democracies, and the most stable of all Governments in the maintenance of law, has been shaken to its very foundations in the last three years, when powerful groups of men attempted to seize the State by the throat and compel submission to their demands by threatening to starve the community.

to Occurrences 27%

" "But I don't intend to wait till he comes; can't you send the demands to a lawyer where he is?" "Certainly, if you wish it; but that course will necessarily be attended with some expense.

among Occurrences 11%

Their petticoats, for instance, were composed of the fox-glove, a flower in demand among Irish fairies for their gloves, and in some parts of that country for their caps, where it is nicknamed "Lusmore," while the Cuscuta epithymum is known in Jersey as "fairies' hair."

than Occurrences 10%

He had a few years before given some political speeches in Boston and the adjacent towns, which were well received, but made no deep impression,from no fault of his, but simply because he had not the right material to work upon, where culture was more in demand than vigor of intellect.

against Occurrences 9%

If there is any demand against the deceased, I am ready to discharge it.

after Occurrences 7%

Such a credit, bearing no interest, could only be demanded after the payment of all the other indemnities, and would be considered in the complete total of the indemnities.

of Occurrences 7%

He took homage and fealty from Arthur's men, demanding of every castle a hostage.

without Occurrences 6%

She could only beg him to be good and do what was demanded without laying himself liable to punishment.

within Occurrences 4%

We travel, we inquire, we look, we workonly knowing that these activities satisfy a certain deep and secret demand within us.

before Occurrences 4%

But from office seekers he demanded before the elections a deposit of money as a guarantee that they would resort to no such methods, on pain of forfeiting what they had paid in.

during Occurrences 4%

The demands during the remainder of the present year already authorized by Congress and the expenses incident to an extension of the operations of the war will render it necessary that large sums should be provided to meet them.

between Occurrences 4%

We hope, however, that the justice, the moderation, and the obvious interests of both parties will lead to satisfactory explanations, and that the business will then go forward to an amicable close of all differences and demands between the two countries.

into Occurrences 3%

He applied to the Parliament for supplies; and that he might be sure not to meet with opposition, he sent no writs to the more refractory barons; but even those who were summoned, sensible of the ridiculous cheat imposed by the pope, determined not to lavish their money on such chimerical projects; and making a pretext of the absence of their brethren, they refused to take the king's demands into consideration

under Occurrences 3%

For example, during the Civil War, the courts sanctioned everything the popular majority demanded under the pretext of the War Power, as in peace they have sanctioned confiscations for certain popular purposes, under the name of the Police Power.

above Occurrences 3%

There are those who say that Hannibal went from the field of battle to the sea-coast; whence he immediately sailed in a ship, which he had ready for the purpose, to king Antiochus; and that when Scipio demanded above everything that Hannibal should be given up to him, answer was made that Hannibal was not in Africa.

over Occurrences 2%

In other words, these forces must persist until the entire excess of demand over supply is eliminated.

like Occurrences 2%

She demanded like Herodias, the head of that press agent on a charger.

Which preposition to use with  demanding