Which preposition to use with despairing

of Occurrences 731%

The fire which dressed his victuals, pumped up, by means of a steam engine, water for the kitchen turned one or more spits, as well as two or three mills for grinding pepper, salt, &c.; and then, by a spindle through the wall, worked a churn in the dairy, and cleaned the knives: the forks, indeed, were still cleaned by hand; but he said he did not despair of effecting this operation in time, by machinery.

of Occurrences 98%

"Look here, Colonel," she said presently, either despairing of getting rid of the Boy or ceasing to care about it: "you got to get a wiggle on to-morrow.

at Occurrences 67%

His mother sent for her in despair at the boy's misery.

in Occurrences 63%

Bruce, in trying to ring the bell, unfortunately turned out all the electric light in the house, and was standing alone in despair in the dark when, fortunately the porter, who had been out to post a letter, ran back, and turned up the light again....

to Occurrences 44%

Gurameer now goes in despair to Veenah's father, from whom he experiences a haughty repulse, and who, in the following night, secretly leaves the city, with his daughter, embarking on the Ganges, and taking measures to prevent the discovery of the place of his retreat.

for Occurrences 23%

All that day I floated up and down, now beaten this way, now that, and when night fell I despaired for my life; but, weary and spent as I was, I clung to my frail support, and great was my joy when the morning light showed me that I had drifted against an island.

on Occurrences 21%

Mothers looked with despair on infants who could never be weaned or learn to walk.

into Occurrences 18%

I have said that we were eight days closely confined in this one lodge, and then came the night when we were lifted from out the mire of despair into which we had fallen, so suddenly as to make us literally dizzy with hope.

from Occurrences 15%

It was rumoured that the bridge had been blown up already, and there were wild screams of despair from a crowd of women, who came running past us.

over Occurrences 12%

Both she and her husband were in despair over it, and though Marianne had done her utmost to pacify her friend and reconcile her to circumstances, there were reasons to fear that in her distracted condition she might do something desperate.

about Occurrences 11%

I confess that on rainy mornings in country houses, among well-dressed and so-called intelligent and Christian people, I have been seized with stronger disgusts and despairs about the capacity and worth of the average human creature, than I have ever felt in the worst haunts of ignorant wickedness.

by Occurrences 11%

This was intended to reduce the besieged to despair by showing the determination of the sovereigns to reside in the camp until the city should surrender.

with Occurrences 10%

We remember the despair with which that admirable observer of men, Mr. Mathews the comedian, confessed the hopelessness of success, in his endeavours to obtain a sufficiency of prominent and distinctive features to compose an entertainment founded on American character.

after Occurrences 5%

At the same place he had an interview with Cicero, who had quitted Rome in despair after the funeral, and left the orator under the impression that he might be won to what was deemed the patriotic party.

than Occurrences 5%

There is a face just behind her whose fixed eyes repel and attract you; there may be more love than guilt in them, more despair than either.

as Occurrences 4%

It vaguely seemed to him also that Morange was yielding to the same unreasoning despair as Valerie, and was almost willing that she should take the desperate course which she had hinted to Marianne.

in Occurrences 4%

It was in 1802, when he was thirty-two and she eighteen, that he wrote her so luscious name on the lintel of that sonata, so deep with yearning, so delicious in its middle mood, and so passionately despairing in its close.

like Occurrences 4%

And when the damsel saw herself within those caitiffs' power, And saw the city mantled in the darkness of the hour, No grief that ever woman felt was equal to her pain, And no despair like that of hers shall e'er be known again.

at Occurrences 4%

My episodical remarks are for the benefit of young Dolce Pianissimo, who has taken, I am sorry to say, to gin, shirt-collars prodigious, and the minor magazines, and whose friends are standing aghast and despairing at his lunacy.

through Occurrences 4%

In some cases again, if they be much dejected, and brought low in body, and now ready to despair through anguish, grief, and too sensible a feeling of their misery, a cup of wine and full diet is not amiss, and as Valescus adviseth, cum alia honesta venerem saepe exercendo, which Langius epist.

before Occurrences 3%

She watched all day, in the same state of blank despair before this frightful disaster.

towards Occurrences 3%

BARZÚ, AND HIS CONFLICT WITH RUSTEM Afrásiyáb after his defeat pursued his way in despair towards Chín and -chín, and on the road happened to fall in with a man of huge and terrific stature.

than Occurrences 2%

Every fact recedes from us, as might an ebbing wave, and leaves us stranded upon an unhorizoned beach, more despairing than before.

among Occurrences 2%

We can conceive of nothing but blank despair among the people who attempted to cultivate land.

out Occurrences 2%

He hurried in despair out of the room, and leaving her alone, sent the hostess in to her.

Which preposition to use with  despairing