Which preposition to use with discern

in Occurrences 92%

Almost the only gleam of humor he discerns in his weekly wading through the watery and windy wastes of the Congressional Globe is a comic coruscation by Mr. CAMERON.

from Occurrences 24%

He raised himself from the ground, stood up in the darkness, but was discerned from the fort, and shot.

at Occurrences 16%

And by divers looks and actions, the sense of which I did but dimly discern at the time, did these youths endeavor in numberless ways to kindle in my heart the fire wherewith their own hearts glowedfire that was destined, not to warm, but rather to consume me also in the future more than it ever has burned another woman; and by many of these young men was I sought in marriage with most fervid and passionate entreaty.

between Occurrences 14%

In his Discourse Webbe modestly asserts that his purpose in writing is primarily to stir up some one better than he to write on English poetry so that proper criteria of judgment may be established to discern between good writers and bad, and that the poets may thereby be aided in the right practice and orderly course of true poetry.

through Occurrences 13%

Having uttered this exclamation, Soliman raised his hands towards heaven in token of supplication, and the caliph discerned through his bosom, which was as transparent as crystal, his heart enveloped in flames.

with Occurrences 9%

Octavian had few direct enemies; but the boy-despot discerned with precocious sagacity those who were likely to impede his ambitious projects, and chose his victims with little hesitation.

for Occurrences 5%

Her long hair, fastened only by a silver band woven in and out behind the small rounded ears, fell almost to her knee; and, as it caught the bright rays of the morning sun, I discerned for the first time the full beauty of that tinge of gold which varied the colour of the rich, soft, brown tresses.

by Occurrences 5%

There is an island sometimes seen from our western coast, under similar circumstances, but which you strain your eyes in vain to discern by the brighter light of day.

to Occurrences 4%

It soon became almost calm; a light western breeze barely swelled our sails, and gently wafted us to the land, which we could faintly discern to the north-east.

among Occurrences 4%

And its rage is the fiercer because of the symptoms of rebellion against its despotism which it discerns among the white men of the South, who from poverty or from principle have no share in its sway.

on Occurrences 3%

His skin was like wrinkled parchment, and his lips were so thin and colourless that it was hardly possible to discern on his ivory-white face the line made by his mouth.

without Occurrences 2%

Her bosom was so artfully draped, as to let itself be discerned without seeming to intend it.

above Occurrences 2%

The lonely watcher, whose solitary figure he could just discern above the unshaded sill, remained immovable, with his head buried in his arms, but whether in sleep or in brooding misery, there was naught to tell.

amid Occurrences 2%

There is an auction on the Common to-day, but its red flag is hard to be discerned amid this blaze of color.

as Occurrences 2%

Also, between the inner ring and the planet, with a power of 500, I discerned what appeared to be a dark purplish ring, semi-transparent, so that through it the bright surface of Saturn might be discerned as through a veil.

of Occurrences 2%

The Ottoman vesture has waxed old, and something can be discerned of the new forms that are emerging from beneath it; their outstanding features are worth our attention.

near Occurrences 1%

If any of them were misplaced, or if the print of a foot could be discerned near any particular stone, it was imagined that the person for whom it was set would not live out the year.

opposite Occurrences 1%

By keeping, eggs become cloudy, and when decidedly stale, a distinct, dark, cloud-like appearance may be discerned opposite some portion of the shell.

outside Occurrences 1%

This part of the coast is thus rendered very conspicuous from seaward, and may be discerned outside the Barrier reefs.

round Occurrences 1%

A faint odour of broiled venison came pleasingly to their nostrils, and then three figures were plainly discerned round the fire.

than Occurrences 1%

On the evening of the fourth day, Dave thought he sighted land, and the midnight watch reported definitely that there was land to the port bow; two points, one more easily discerned than the other.

behind Occurrences 1%

At intervals a faint glimmer might be discerned behind the sodden 'chicks' which shrouded the windows; and once the stillness was broken by a voice humming a refrain from an Indian drama: "Jahan jahan mukam rahe, amne jhulakiram rahe, Safarse ghar ko to phire, Aman-chaman khuda rakhe.

around Occurrences 1%

At any rate, from what we discern around us we hope favourably for the general improvement of mankind, and of our own beloved country in particular.

under Occurrences 1%

The discourse which he delivered to Parliament in 1848 was diffuse and abject, but his articles, first printed in the Correspondant and since collected into books, were mordant and discerning under the exaggerated politeness of their form.

amongst Occurrences 1%

Whom does he discern amongst that bevy of beauties?

Which preposition to use with  discern