Which preposition to use with discretions

of Occurrences 177%

You may rely upon the discretion of these gentlemen.

in Occurrences 64%

It can only do so when there is an irreconcilable and indubitable repugnancy between a law and the Constitution; but obviously laws can be passed from motives that are anti-constitutional, and there is a wide sphere of political discretion in which many acts can be done which, while politically anti-constitutional, are not juridically unconstitutional.

as Occurrences 16%

We were both boys, younger than fifteen, then, and each possessing, probably, quite as much discretion as valor.

to Occurrences 16%

The rest refreshed him still more; and as time was called for the tenth, Jack cast discretion to the winds and leaped forward.

with Occurrences 11%

Of course the exclusive possession of a motive power so marvellous as that employed in your voyage is of almost incalculable pecuniary value, and it is perfectly right that you should use your own discretion with regard to the time and the terms of its communication.

on Occurrences 7%

The revenue of the king seems to have consisted chiefly in his demesnes, which were large; and in the tolls and imposts which he probably levied at discretion on the boroughs and seaports that lay within his demesnes.

than Occurrences 6%

And Regan advised him to go home again with Gonerill, and live with her peaceably, dismissing half of his attendants, and to ask her forgiveness; for he was old and wanted discretion, and must be ruled and led by persons that had more discretion than himself.

by Occurrences 5%

In the very beginning she demonstrated excellent discretion by failing to be on hand and eager when Lanyard strolled into the Ritz on the minute of their appointment.

about Occurrences 3%

Having swept the bedroom with equal care, dusted the tables and chairs, chimney-ornaments, and put away all articles of dress left from yesterday, and cleaned and put away any articles of jewellery, her next care is to see, before her mistress goes out, what requires replacing in her department, and furnish her with a list of them, that she may use her discretion about ordering them.

under Occurrences 3%

Some of the passengers seemed disposed to dispute this argument, but they were overruled by the majority, who, better acquainted with southern usages, prejudices, and barbarities, thought that discretion under the circumstances would be the better part of valour.

beyond Occurrences 2%

It was observed that, whatsoever his hand found to do, he did it with all his might, as well as with a judgment and discretion beyond his years, and a tact akin to genius.

at Occurrences 2%

But it seems to me that this unskilled labor of fishing from a steamboat must be epidemic, if not contagious; for even Young New York, who in the early forenoon doubted visibly his discretion at having got himself into such an ugly scrape as an "excursion-spree," put off his delicate gloves, and set to hauling, hand over hand, as if for a bet.

over Occurrences 1%

"No future Editor, be he who he may, must expect to exercise the same discretion over my papers which Mr. Gifford has done.

towards Occurrences 1%

The admiral was ordered to hasten his departure, to endeavour as soon as possible to determine whether Cuba, which he had named Juana, was an island or continent, and to conduct himself with discretion towards the Spaniards under his authority, encouraging those who behaved well, yet with authority to punish evil doers.

without Occurrences 1%

That temporal judges sometimes set prisoners under the writ free at their own discretion without notice to the spiritual judges, see Bancroft's Petition to the Privy Council in 1605, Cardwell, Doc.

after Occurrences 1%

They might, perhaps, dine with more discretion after it.

for Occurrences 1%

Busily the months rolled on, and early in the year 1890 H.P.Blavatsky had given to her £1,000, to use in her discretion for human service, and if she thought well, in the service of women.

from Occurrences 1%

But her fury had swept all fear and discretion from her mind.

during Occurrences 1%

His discretion during the years of war between England and America saved him from possible annoyance or worse, and now again in Rome he was called upon to exercise the same virtue, for the Church had entered upon troublous times, and soon the lives of foreigners were in danger, and many of them left the city.

Which preposition to use with  discretions