Which preposition to use with distressed

of Occurrences 277%

Under all this, there grew up within my mind, a great and overwhelming distress of uneasiness, that left me, but to drop me into an uncomfortable brooding.

in Occurrences 88%

ROOSEVELT,Amid the rushing events of these daysAmerica rousing herself like an eagle "with eyes intentive to bedare the sun"; the steady and victorious advance along the whole front in France, which day by day is changing the whole aspect of the war; the Balfour Mission; the signs of deep distress in Germanyit is sometimes difficult to throw oneself back into the mood of even six weeks ago!

to Occurrences 69%

"I would not be a cause of distress to her for the world.

at Occurrences 54%

Mrs. Holymead was extremely beautiful, but it was obvious that she was distressed at the tragedy, for her eyes were full of tears, and her olive-tinted face was pale.

at Occurrences 52%

"The sickness, deaths, and distress at French Mills excited much alarm.

for Occurrences 36%

" Together then this faithful servant and his loved master set out; and Orlando and Adam travelled on, uncertain what course to pursue, till they came to the forest of Arden, and there they found themselves in the same distress for want of food, that Ganimed and Aliena had been.

for Occurrences 28%

How should he be distressed for lack of brothers!'" Tsz-chang asked what sort of man might be termed "enlightened.

from Occurrences 25%

Her youthher conscience, perhapsshrank in manifest distress from this inquisition.

on Occurrences 25%

If the quantity of what you accomplish is meager, suffer no distress on that account.

in Occurrences 19%

Now I saw, upon a time, when he was walking in the fields, that he was, as he was wont, reading in his book, and greatly distressed in his mind; and as he read, he burst out, as he had done before, crying, "What shall I do to be saved?" I saw also that he looked this way, and that way, as if he would run; yet he stood still, because, as I perceived, he could not tell which way to go.

by Occurrences 18%

It surprised me that Jacob was not utterly cast down by the possibility that his father had already been carried to the Indian village, for once there we could not hope to effect a rescue; but since this thought had, apparently, never come into his mind, it was not for me to add to his distress by suggesting it.

by Occurrences 14%

The Treasury Department is much distressed by the great genius for smuggling displayed by the Chinese immigrants.

with Occurrences 13%

He looked pale, and was distressed with a difficulty of breathing; but after the common inquiries he assumed his usual strong animated style of conversation.

among Occurrences 13%

Japan has developed a world trade, and is on the look out for more, yet never before has there been such distress among her mass-populations.

about Occurrences 12%

I wouldn't be distressed about that, Linnet.

as Occurrences 11%

From a slit in the wall the wheel of the punkah-thong whined insistently,rise and fall, rise and fall of peevish complaint, distressing as a brain-fever bird.

about Occurrences 8%

It does seem to me that whatever he may wish in the moment of his distress about the loss of this child, he will afterwards regret that he should have taken pains to proclaim to the world what he will not, I am sure, consider as honourable to his name.

over Occurrences 7%

She is distressed over the coldness of the church, and she is distressed when all her eggs do not hatch.

on Occurrences 7%

The complaints of the people, however, reached Sám before the arrival of the messenger, and when he received the letter, he was greatly distressed on account of the extreme severity exercised by the new king.

as Occurrences 5%

At first, Paul got no stronger, and a little carriage was procured for him, in which he could lie at his ease and be wheeled down to the sea-side; there he would sit or lie for hours together; never so distressed as by the company of childrenFlorence alone excepted, always.

than Occurrences 5%

The hardy nut-hatches were threading the open furrows of the trunks in their usual industrious manner, and uttering their quaint notes, evidently less distressed than their neighbors.

over Occurrences 5%

But there were so many big dogs running loose in the woods and the wilds at this time of the year, and as they were mostly in distress over something or other, he took very little notice of the creature, and, working steadily on, arrived in due course at the fish shed.

during Occurrences 5%

My dear, did you really find that your 'trouble' was of your own making, and did you really change ANYTHING except your own amount of distress during the process of disintegration?

beyond Occurrences 4%

II shall be distressed beyond m-measure if he is lost.

with Occurrences 4%

The Norman army, being much distressed with a dysentery, was obliged to remain here eight days, but the duke, on their recovery, advanced with quick marches towards London, and by his approach increased the confusions which were already so prevalent in the English councils.

Which preposition to use with  distressed
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