Which preposition to use with distribute

to Occurrences 619%

The time will undoubtedly come when the entire area of this noble valley will be tilled like a garden, when the fertilizing waters of the mountains, now flowing to the sea, will be distributed to every acre, giving rise to prosperous towns, wealth, arts, etc.

in Occurrences 593%

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among Occurrences 240%

The Indian ponies, which had been distributed among the captors, passed from hand to hand at almost every deal of the cards.

over Occurrences 81%

It is generally believed that this grand Sequoia was once far more widely distributed over the Sierra; but after long and careful study I have come to the conclusion that it never was, at least since the close of the glacial period, because a diligent search along the margins of the groves, and in the gaps between, fails to reveal a single trace of its previous existence beyond its present bounds.

throughout Occurrences 39%

Though the eastern flank of the range is excessively steep, we find lakes pretty regularly distributed throughout even the most precipitous portions.

amongst Occurrences 35%

A form of religion which seems to have been widely-distributed amongst most races of mankind at a certain stage of their mental culture is plant-worship.

through Occurrences 31%

Nor was there any powerful middle class distributed through the country to defend such liberties as existed.

on Occurrences 23%

Those naturally were out of the question, but I took three or four red ones, which of course could not go in the guests' rooms, but were distributed on the beds of the family, their white ones going to the friends.

into Occurrences 22%

The different deiras, or households, with tents varying in number with their dwellers, were distributed into four great encampments.

with Occurrences 18%

When the works were completed the legions were placed before the retrenchments and the cavalry distributed with their horses bridled at the outposts.

at Occurrences 15%

New positions back of the lines were prepared, reserves were distributed at strategic points, and full co-operation between the Allied armies was arranged for.

along Occurrences 15%

Southward innumerable smaller craters and cones are distributed along the axis of the range and on each flank.

as Occurrences 13%

Something, indeed, had happened to mar their happiness, and the cause of their depression was as follows: Soon after breakfast, when the contents of the post-bag had been distributed as usual, Mugford accosted his two chums, who were strolling up and down the quadrangle.

between Occurrences 13%

These tokens of her friends' good-will she used to receive with many sprightly demonstrations of thankfulness; sometimes, in her transports of gratitude, distributing between the Doctor and his wife a number of delicious kisses, and telling the latter that her husband was the best and most generous of men.

for Occurrences 12%

Knitting rooms were opened, clothing depots, mending rooms, where donated clothing was repaired, and in one month fifty-six thousand orders for milk, five hundred thousand for bread, and three hundred thousand for meals were distributed for the city authorities.

about Occurrences 10%

It usually takes place between the first and second parts of the programme of the dances, of which there should be several prettily written or printed copies distributed about the ball-room.

under Occurrences 8%

For if there are beings, and such are all intellectual natures which are eternally established above the laws of Fate, and also which, according to the whole of their life, are distributed under the periods of Fate, it is necessary that the medium between these should be that nature which is sometimes above, and sometimes under the dominion of Fate.

from Occurrences 6%

He stands at the centre of exchange, distributes from the tropics and the arctic zones.

without Occurrences 3%

And that Caius Pansa and Aulus Hirtius the consuls, one or both of them, as it seems good to them, shall make an estimate of the land which can be distributed without injury to private individuals; and that land shall be given and assigned to the soldiers of the Martial legion and of the fourth legion, in the largest shares in which land has ever been given and assigned to soldiers.

of Occurrences 3%

The Tales from Shakespear are, and probably will continue to be, the most widely distributed of all the Lambs' work.

than Occurrences 3%

It is more widely distributed than many native species, and may be always found along the ditches in the village corners, where it is not appreciated.

around Occurrences 3%

They were of five colors, yellow, black, white, blue and red, which in the symbolism of their tongue meant that they were distributed around the zenith and to each of the four cardinal points.

after Occurrences 3%

The wealth of Abu Sofian's caravan, so dearly acquired, had not been distributed after Bedr.

across Occurrences 2%

As soon as possible after the departure of the Palmetto, I sent Lieutenant Sandford and the twelve men whom she had brought into the woods on the Gizhiga River above the settlement, supplied them with axes, snow-shoes, dog-sledges, and provisions, and set them at work cutting poles and building houses, to be distributed across the steppes between Gizhiga and Penzhinsk Gulf.

behind Occurrences 1%

Likewise a platoon distributed behind rocks on the many hills could command the approaches from all directions, while the hill of Talat ed Dumm, by the Good Samaritan Inn, and the height whereon the Crusader ruins stand, dominated a broad flat across which our troops must move.

Which preposition to use with  distribute