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Which preposition to use with  doges

Which preposition to use with doges

" "Be it understood, then," Spalding began, "that I like dogs in a general way.

But there are 'curs of low degree;' dogs of neither genial instinct nor breeding; senseless animals, that belie the noble nature of their species, are living libels upon their kind.

Listen to him try the foremost dog with names, to gull him to a belief that they have met before in happier circumstances!

We drew the deer into the baggage-boat, and sent forward our pioneer to erect our tents, and prepare a late dinner, at our old camping ground, while we landed with the dogs on the island near the head of Round Pond, or Lake, to course whatever game they might find upon it.

Mac began to think they might get dogs at Anvik, or at one of the Ingalik villages, a little further on.

Or he will shout and whistle tunes that stir the dogs for miles.

Cullen called the attention of the dogs to it, and hallooed them on.

We took our dogs from the island, and rowed to the broad channel of the inlet which enters the lake on the left hand side, as you look to the south.

He affects to patronize a system of criticism fit only for the production of mediocrity; and, although all his finer poems and passages have been produced in defiance of this system, yet I recognize the pernicious effects of it in the Doge of Venice."

He "fixed" the Red Dog as one knowing the power of the master's eye to quell.

Meantime I padded lightly through the village, at first calling on the dogs by English names, but later using such wisps as I had of French.

Haydn introduces the bark of a dog into the scherzo in his 38th quartette.

He had never known a dog like this before, and he was a bit nervous, even with Kazan muzzled.

At one time wild duck, pigeons, and woodcock were plentiful there, but that time has passed, though the gallant French sportsmen may still be seen trooping through with their dogs after blackbirds and tomtits!

The Boy stared a moment at what he mentally called "the nerve of the fella," laughed, and took hold, swallowing Nicholas's intimation that he, after all, was far more considerate of the dogs than the person merely sentimental, who had been willing to share his dinner with them.

The large, smooth, florid millionnaire, dreaming only of senatorial honors, the shouts of the multitude, and the adoration of a party press, cowered like a dog under the lash of the "man of society.

They've just done the six hundred and twenty-five miles from Minรณok with dogs over the ice!

Or, if he be not, he's old, and past service, we'll kill the Christian Dog out of the way.

There's not a dog around that would dare to come into this pasture, for he knows the cows would be after him with lowered horns, and a business look in their eyes.

Peetka came in late, bringing in the Nigger dog against the Nigger dog's will, just to tantalise the white men with the sight of something they couldn't buy from the poor Indian.

He was sitting by the wall, and the dog beside him, and he heard something come running from Owbawn Weir, and he could see nothing, but the sound of its feet on the ground was like the sound of the feet of a deer.

Here I am worrying about myself like a selfish dog without letting myself be happy over finding you.

With something of a swagger,she swaggered in a rather starchy white dress that day, and under a garden hat of broad rim,she had enticed him to the water's edge, so that I must have been nervous but for knowing the dog through and through.

Well can the green-garb'd ranger tell How, when, and where the monster fell; What dogs before his death he tore, And all the baiting of the boar; While round the merry wassel bowl, Garnish'd with ribbons, blithe did trowl.

The young Senator turned from the cruel speaker to the Doge in mute appealing agony.

If so much as a hair of our heads is touched, if we are not back among our friends safe and sound when morning comes, every dog among you will yelp his life out with a circle of fire about him!"

(W.M.R.)] Cuffy led the dogs up the hill, following the trail already broken.

* * * * * A member of the Chancery Bar consults us on the following point: "I was awakened," he says, "by my dog during a recent air-raid.

Duke of Sant' Agata, though a noble of high lineage and illustrious name, and though lord of many vassals, thou art not a powerthou can'st not declare thy palace in Venice a fortress, nor send a herald to the Doge with defiance.

However, I have others of you, and some day I'll try a composite picture, inserting you in the honorable position you decline to fill," grumbled Will, as he pressed the button, and secured his view of the venerable tree with the clump of dogs near its base.

Still, I have felt it better to have a dog about the place.

An oar of gold, to which was attached a chain of the same precious metal, was exhibited as the boon of the Doge to him who showed most dexterity and strength in this new struggle; while a similar ornament of silver was to be the portion of him who showed the second-best dexterity and bottom.

Then, as he shook Harker's hand, "I don't believe there's a dog between here and the Yukon that can kill the wolf!

Take on an Indian guide there to Nushagak, and from there with dogs across the ocean ice to Kadiak."

"An' there's a dog along with the hossa dog that's the nearest to a wolf of any I ever seen."

The faithful animal has been missing for some time, but a clue to its fate was yesterday obtained by its owner, who found the brass collar of the dog inside a large lobster with which he was about to construct a salad.

The two gurgled out some sounds which were intended for words and doged behind the bedroom door.

"Nobles of the Gran' Consiglio of our Most Serene Republic," said the Doge at last with deep impressiveness, "this record is the original decree of this Senate, of the fourteenth century, given under the Great Seal of the Republic in 1357.

Nay, an thou stirrest, I have a great dog within and I will loose him upon thee.

After this we may measure the almost fiendish force of a morbid imagination brooding over the incident, And he saw the lean dogs beneath the wall Hold o'er the dead their carnival: Gorging and growling o'er carcass and limb, They were too busy to bark at him.

" "The fox may have run down here and doubled on his trail, and thus thrown the dogs off the scent.

Chairwoman of the Foundation, Saengduen Chailert said many pet cafes had closed their businesses and abandoned their cats and dogs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tree to which Muskwa was fastened was not much more than a sapling, and he lay in the saddle of a crotch five feet from the ground when Metoosin led one of the dogs past him.

Animal Care Commission is addressing again the number of dogs per walker.

ducho in aguaducho, the o for u, as in doge for duce, from the same root ducere.

[Sidenote:10] Portents had been taking place in Rome, one of them on the statue of Isis, which is borne upon a dog above the pediment of her temple: it consisted in her turning her face towards the interior.

The video conveyed disorder, as the images came in blocks, discernable only in fragments: a dog amongst leaves, the green of foliage.

The Herdwicks were strung out along the hillside, with a dog below and above, and it was comforting to know they could not leave the valley, which was shut in by rugged crags.

For instance, it has been held that a dog has a right to protect not only his life but his dignity; that where a man worries a dog beyond what would be reasonable to expect any self respectin' critter to stand, that dog has a right to bite that man, an' that man can't collect any damagesprovided the bitin' is done at the time of the worryin' an' in sudden heat an' passion.

But definitely not that dog down the street.

Subdistrict Deputy Mayor Niyom Tiengthum on Oct. 10 visited 4-year-old Rawadee Kwandee, who needed seven stitches following the Oct. 8 attack by the stray dog outside her Pattanakarn Soi 15 home.

He's the smartest dog ever I see, and I seen a good many dogs round this town."

These fish, dried without salt in the open air, are the food of the Kamchadals and of their dogs throughout the long, cold northern winter.

His complete ignorance in matters of deportment, and possibly, too, his retiring disposition, made him feel an intruder in the exclusive coterie about him; and certainly there was a pronounced lack of cordiality on the part of most of the dogs toward him.

To gather his arms and get his dogs aboard the caboose required but a few moments' time.

The light boat glided among the vessels, inclining, by the skilful management of his single oar, in a manner to avoid all collision, until it entered the narrow canal which separates the palace of the Doge from the more beautiful and classic structure that contains the prisons of the Republic.

And now, Signori, though you may be angry to hear it, I will say, that when an aged man has no other kin on earth, or none so near as to feel the glow of the thin blood of the poor, than one poor boy, St. Mark would do well to remember that even a fisherman of the Lagunes can feel as well as the Doge on his throne.

answered the Doge over his shoulder.