Which preposition to use with  door

Which preposition to use with door

Excitedly, I sprang down the steps, and, guided by the rattle of the window-sash, reached the door of one of the empty bedrooms, at the back of the house.

The salon reserve had a blue ribbon stretched across the entrance from door to door, and was guarded by huissiers, old hands who knew everybody in the diplomatic and official world, and would not let any one in who hadn't a right to penetrate into the charmed circle (which of course became the one room where every one wanted to go).

There were no windows or doors in the building.

But if I am at one end of the long enfilade of rooms taking the Comtesse de Paris to her seat and another princess (Joinville or Chartres) should arrive; what has to be done?" "Your husband must always be at the door with his chef de cabinet, who will replace him while he takes the princess to her place."

Consequently, gentlemen," and now he spoke very fast, as if fearful of interruption, "you must have, all of you, experienced some of the evils of indigestion, and it is to relieve these that I have prepared my Binocular Barberry Bitters" A roar of rage here broke forth from every man of us, and a rush was made towards the smiling impostor, but he quickly slipped through the door behind him, and locked it in our faces.

I turned the button and a door at the back of the wardrobe flew open.

That night, after my sister had gone to bed, I went 'round to all the windows and doors on the ground floor; and saw to it that they were securely fastened.

They had built us huts from the wreck, collecting stateroom doors for the sides, and hatches for the roofs, huge and solid, with iron rings in them.

Then, without a bit of ceremony, Dan grasped the Oriental by the shoulders, wheeled him about, while he protested in guttural tones, and bluntly kicked the yellow-faced one through the door into the inner room.

"Where you goin', Hanna?" "Walkin'," she said, slamming the door after her.

Then we discovered that they had collected and lowered to the beach a quantity of stateroom doors from the wreck, and had trundled the galley stove to the edge where it awaited our assistance.

And most of them paused a little to see where they were, and looked round them, then went on; and it seemed to the little Pilgrim that according to the doors by which they entered each took a different way.

Sauvallier could not go out of doors without seeing his son's presentment.

he peevishly inquired with a tremulous gesture towards a half-open door through which a glimpse could be got of a neat little snuggery.

"I've found a door between our two roomsit was opening that that made you jump.

What made you at the door against my positive commands,the very Street-door,in the night,alone,and undrest,this is a matter of Fact, Gentlewoman; you hastened me away,a plain case,and presently, after Don Carlos comes to the door,positive proof,sees me and falls right down upon my Jealousy,clear conviction,'twas pity

At night the lime-kilns, spotted with white deposits, burn redly, showing through their open doors like great, inflamed diphtheretic throats, tongues of flame bursting and licking out.

While she watched, another came in by the same door as that at which the woman who was her charge had come in.

I might have locked the door before giving her the key, but I could not do it even in her approach to wildness.

As I did so, I heard the short, grunted signal, and, even up there, caught the crying of the door under the assault.

Then of a sudden, and unexpectedly, the door near him was flung wide open, and a faint glow of reddish light fell across the passage.

This was neither Mrs. Roman's offering nor Abe's own old, frayed tie, but a new black one which had mysteriously been thrust through the crack under the door during the night.

"Because, mon ange," said he, "you see that these worthy gentlemen, all good men and true, mon only ange, brought me home upon a shutter because they were not able to get any of the doors off of their hinges.

She did so, and no sooner had she reached the home of Zacharias and entered the door than Elizabeth, who had not known of her coming, broke forth into praise of Mary as to be the mother of her Lord.

Came more violent blows on the door over the companionway, followed by a shot from below.

She felt an impulse to fly wildly into the dark, into the night, like a lost creature; to find again somehow, she could not tell how, the door out of which she had come, and beat upon it wildly with her hands, and implore to be taken home.

So the front door was sent down town and another one put in its place, and in that front door down town Simpson and Hastings established and firmly secured the marvelous electric lock and keyhole.

The girls, having entered the limousine from the door opposite the tent, were all unaware of the rattlesnake episode and supposed the shot had been directed against the coyotes.

He showed her to the room, only three doors beyond her own.

It stops outside the doorthe door toward which I am being compelled....

The Boy looked through the door across Bonanza to the hills.

The two men did not dare to approach the door until noon next day.

The door along the corridor from which the man of the shock head and great beard had looked out, opened again, and the big head was protruded.

The massive door within the splendid carven portico was crusted with grime, and seemed to have passed out of use as completely as the ancient lamp-irons or the rusted extinguishers wherein the footmen were wont to quench their torches when some Bellingham dame was borne up the steps in her gilded chair, in the days of good Queen Anne.

That," he added, splashing in a prodigal streak of whooping scarlet, "is resurgent joy surmounting the misty mountain-tops of" The opening door below him cut short the disquisition.

To his joy, the door above leading to the kitchen of the house was unfastened.

Then he withdrew his hand, and without glancing to right or left, staggered back to the door amid a hush as unbroken as that which reigned behind him in that open casket.

I ran to the door beside him.

Concerns have been raised about secrecy at inquests after coroners staged a number of hearings behind closed door doors due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Beside, it would be a little suspicious, to see your lordship's carriage making a regular tour from door to door among the lords of the bed-chamber.

Rajah and a Chinese sailor spread old canvas close to the door inside the saloon, and lifted Trego's body on it.

"Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers and shut thy doors about thee; hide thyself, as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

With a hand that shook perceptibly he turned the button of the spring lock, and, opening the door onto the street, looked out.

flashed out Sweetwater, wheeling suddenly about and pointing straight through the open stable-door towards the house where the young mistress the old servant mourned, lay in her funeral casket.

I did not answer; so he passed on with firm regular footfall, and presently I heard his horse's hoof-beats dying away in the darkness, and the closing and locking of doors around me as the household retired for the night.

No! Well, then, mind your own business!" And opening a second door alongside the other, we found Cesar and Sausage munching their oats.

On a signal by the king a door beneath him opened and the accused subject stepped out into the amphitheatre.

I sing to use the waiting, My bonnet but to tie, And shut the door unto my house; No more to do have I,

Having now set upon a longer journeythe day being fine and the sidewalks throngedyou pass by a restaurant that is but a few doors up the street.

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