Which preposition to use with dosing

of Occurrences 363%

We've had our dose of that.

for Occurrences 21%

And when the infant is afterwards racked with pain, and a night of disquiet alarms the mother, the doctor is sent for, and the nurse, covering her dereliction by a falsehood, the consequence of her gluttony is treated as a disease, and the poor infant is dosed for some days with medicines, that can do it but little if any good, and, in all probability, materially retard its physical development.

in Occurrences 13%

These vary very much, according to the form and dose in which the poison has been taken.

with Occurrences 12%

It could not be used during the day because it was under observation, and anything moving along it was liberally dosed with shells.

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A simpler and equally efficacious form of black draught is made by infusing 1/2 oz. of Alexandrian senna, 3 oz. of Epsom salts, and 2 drachms of bruised ginger and coriander-seeds, for several hours in a pint of boiling water, straining the liquor, and adding either 2 drachms of sal-volatile or spirits of hartshorn to the whole, and giving 3 tablespoonfuls for a dose to an adult. 2588.

at Occurrences 4%

Its readers shall dose at its Preface.

from Occurrences 4%

A dose from the same bottle was given, and this child was likewise attacked almost immediately with convulsions, and also died.

on Occurrences 2%

But why should it be inflicted in such fearful doses on us, who have done nothing to deserve it, who have no "mission" to encounter it, and are entirely without Mr. Tryan's consolations under the endurance of it?

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Raw meat is supposed to cause worm troubles, but these pests are also found where meat is not given, and in any case a puppy is fortified with more strength to withstand them if fed on raw meat than otherwise, and a good dosing from time to time will be all that is necessary to keep him well and happy.

after Occurrences 1%

Our tonic began by being taken, one dose after meals, twice daily.

of Occurrences 1%

But it is not to pure chemistry alone that we are indebted for the elegant dosing of the present day; progressive pharmacy, with its tablets, its coated pills, and its capsules, has put to shame the old-time purveyor of galenicals.

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As for the metal itself, that is the filings or actual metallic particles or fragments, one ounce is a common dose as a vermifuge; harmless even in that quantity to man, and not always so harmful as could be desired to the parasites for whose disestablishment it is administered.

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The little shillingsworth is in its fifteenth edition, so that many thousand persons must have taken many million doses by its prescription, and in some cases become their own medicine chests, with this book as their companion.

down Occurrences 1%

So I held the little creature up, while Peggy carefully tipped the dose down its throat.

over Occurrences 1%

Their lessons, their plan of using them, and their discipline altogether, are of that monotonous nature, that the children always seem to me to be dosing over them.

than Occurrences 1%

This was a heavier dose than Boston could stand at one time; harsh and bitter things were said about the sisters, notices of their meetings were torn down or effaced, and abolitionism came to be so mixed up in the public mind with Woman's Rights, that anti-slavery leaders generally began to feel anxious lest their cause should suffer by being identified with one to which the large majority of abolitionists was decidedly opposed.

through Occurrences 1%

'See here,' says I, 'he took his dose through the nose.

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Since that adventure he has been steadily bringing its use under control, and I have several times, and without the slightest bad result, taken measured doses under his direction; though I must confess I have not yet ventured abroad again while under its influence.

Which preposition to use with  dosing