Which preposition to use with dover

to Occurrences 14%

This old bridge over the Adur is worth notice, for it is said to have been first established by the Romans upon a road of theirs that ran under the north escarpment of the Downs from Dover to Winchester.

in Occurrences 12%

Early in 1746 they arrived at Dover in a Dutch vessel.

on Occurrences 4%

She landed at Dover on the 2nd of October.

at Occurrences 3%

We crossed the Strait of Dover at about midnight, though not unawares!

with Occurrences 3%

"Of private history: In January I went to Dover with my wife to see the blasting of a cliff there: we also visited Sir J. Herschel at Hawkhurst.

by Occurrences 2%

Thus in this case, but little attention was drawn to the years of arduous work performed by the Sixth Flotilla in the Straits of Dover by day and by night, in dense fogs, heavy gales and blinding snowstorms, in waters which were constantly mined, and in the face of an enemy who was bound to be in greatly superior force whenever he chose to attack.

for Occurrences 2%

Hubert de Burgh, who had stoutly held Dover for King John, and was faithful to the young Henry III, heard of the enemy's movements.

as Occurrences 2%

Steinbeck sees people of Dover as key to coming Nazi disaster.

into Occurrences 2%

Even the old road westward from Dover into Britain, the Pilgrims' Way to Stonehenge or Winchester passed it by, leaving it in the Weald to follow the escarpment of the Downs north or west.

before Occurrences 2%

once!at Dover before the clergyman at All Souls, with whom heher princehad already spoken.

without Occurrences 1%

" III.Physic, Teaching, and Authorship Landing at Dover without a farthing in his pocket, the traveller took ten days to reach London, where an uncertain story says he gained subsistence for a few months as an usher, under a feigned name.

behind Occurrences 1%

She was so infinitely, so immeasurably lonely, with that awful, irretrievable day at Dover behind her, with all its dreariness, its silent solemnity, its weird finish in the vestry, the ring upon her finger, her troth plighted to a man whom she feared and no longer loved.

of Occurrences 1%

In 1588 it appears from his poem, entitled Moses his Birth and Miracles, that he was a spectator at Dover of the Spanish invasion, which was arrogantly stiled Invincible, and it is not improbable that he was engaged in some military employment there, especially as we find some mention made of him, as being in esteem with the gentlemen of the army.

amidst Occurrences 1%

We plunged into a seething mass of outward-bound humanity at Victoria Station on the 22nd of February, and, having wrestled our way into the Continental express, were whirled across the sad and sodden country to Dover amidst hundreds of our shivering fellow-countrymen.

Which preposition to use with  dover