Which preposition to use with drag

to Occurrences 137%

Left to the mercy of the rable, he was dragged to Walsall.

from Occurrences 128%

ompted them to adopt such a line of conduct, was dragged from their unwilling lips.

into Occurrences 128%

"Why drag into the light my father's conduct in order to make a day's sensation for the newspapers?

on Occurrences 81%

Poor Mugford certainly seemed likely to be a heavy drag on the association; he was constantly tumbling into trouble, and needing to be pulled out again by those who had promised to be his friends.

in Occurrences 79%

In spite of remonstrance, they rushed to the door and dragged in the "fossle."

through Occurrences 67%

Two rival factions in the rear of the room were waging war with paper darts; while a small, sandy-haired boy, whose tangled hair and disordered attire gave him the appearance, as the saying goes, of having been dragged through a furze-bush backwards, rapped vigorously with his knuckles upon the master's table, and inquired loudly how many more times he was to say "Silence!"

at Occurrences 61%

Then we led, now we are dragged at the tail.

out Occurrences 59%

Abe lay asleep on the carpet-covered sofa which had been dragged out of the captain's room for him, so that the old man need not spend the night in the cold sleeping-loft above.

along Occurrences 42%

And El-Hadj Mostefa was dragged along By all these lies and by the love of gain.

after Occurrences 28%

The hair was worn short at their flanks, and one still dragged after him three feet of corded babiche trace.

before Occurrences 26%

So violent was the animosity displayed against him that he was dragged before the assembly by the Emperor's guard, and his condemnation was written in the sacramental wine.

with Occurrences 25%

"Freeman is a first classman, but he hasn't any particular drag with the Board.

for Occurrences 23%

The river police dragged for him, and the lightermen did all they could for some considerable time, but without success.

of Occurrences 20%

To rise above heredity is to rise above the downward drag of all the years.

over Occurrences 18%

The coverlet was partially dragged over it.

about Occurrences 16%

Else we are like a crab which should drag about Descartes, or as an ocean sucker which should hug a copy of Thucydides.

behind Occurrences 12%

Abe, though resting heavily on his stout, crooked cane, dragged behind him Angy's little horsehair trunk upon a creaking, old, unusually large, toy express-wagon which he had bought at some forgotten auction long ago.

across Occurrences 11%

For five seconds the three companions stood petrified with horror, not daring to move; then followed another scream, if anything more horrible than the last, and accompanied this time by the clanking rattle of a chain being dragged across the floor.

under Occurrences 10%

Worn by their previous exertions, the men were unable to give any permanent help to Bangura, and were in their turn dragged under several times in their efforts to afford him assistance.

like Occurrences 7%

Whom do they drag like a Felon?

by Occurrences 7%

Twenty thousand soldiers actually crossed the desert in six days on scant rations, and with them they took two big guns, which they dragged by hand when the mules dropped from thirst and exhaustion.

as Occurrences 6%

They were dragged as by the sweep of a tornado."

between Occurrences 5%

For Lenore the time dragged between dread and suspense.

towards Occurrences 4%

He suddenly recalled those uncovered feet projecting beyond the edge of the tent, and the body's appearance of having been dragged towards the opening; the man's shrinking from something by the door when he woke later.

without Occurrences 3%

"Bedmy bed!" With her arms twined about the immediately supporting form of her daughter, her entire weight relaxed, and footsteps that dragged without lift, one after the other, Mrs. Horowitz groped out, one hand feeling in advance, into the gloom of a room adjoining.

Which preposition to use with  drag