Which preposition to use with drawed

from Occurrences 1846%

" "Yes, sir," said the surgeon, rising from his chair with such alacrity as to draw from Ives the sardonic comment: "Why, I actually believe old Trendon is excited.

to Occurrences 814%

It was a little later, that my attention was drawn to the fact, that the great star of green flame, was slowly sinking out of the North, toward the East.

in Occurrences 710%

Very slowly, very delicately, the expert drew in his dangerous burden.

on Occurrences 459%

" As dusk draws on, the young fellow, returning from a long walk, espies an aged Irish lady leaning against a tree on the edge of the turnpike, with a pipe upside-down in her mouth, and her bonnet on wrong-side-afore.

near Occurrences 433%

This is commonly a very interesting event in the life of a youth, as it reminds him that he is drawing near the period of manhood, and leaves him more a master of his actions.

into Occurrences 351%

A primary step, in a far-reaching ecclesiastical policy, is to endeavor to draw into both ministry and membership the most active and intellectual class.

with Occurrences 309%

For some reason or other, he's at daggers drawn with young Noaks and Hogson.

for Occurrences 129%

Many of these side affluents also have the advantage of access to the main lateral moraines of the vanished glacier that occupied the cañon, and upon these they draw for lake-filling material, while the main trunk stream flows mostly over clean glacier pavements, where but little moraine matter is ever left for them to carry.

out Occurrences 128%

No one will see it, and if they go through the door, the thread will simply draw out of one of the slits without their noticing it, and we shall see that it's been disturbed.

over Occurrences 126%

" "Marthe," exclaimed Mr. Everidge reproachfully, suddenly appearing in the doorway with a sock drawn over each arm, "it is incomprehensible to me you do not remember that my physical organism and darns have absolutely no affinity.

towards Occurrences 122%

Slowly, and with a sullen struggling, he was drawn towards the shore, sometimes with his head out of water, and sometimes diving towards the bottom.

between Occurrences 96%

There, immediately in front, loomed the majestic mass of Mount Ritter, with a glacier swooping down its face nearly to my feet, then curving westward and pouring its frozen flood into a dark blue lake, whose shores were bound with precipices of crystalline snow; while a deep chasm drawn between the divide and the glacier separated the massive picture from everything else.

of Occurrences 86%

The picture which Frew had drawn of Virginia as a smiling garden on the edge of a burning pit was stamped on my memory.

toward Occurrences 85%

" It was drawing toward night when the Queen Mary, steaming swiftly, sighted smoke upon the horizon.

at Occurrences 78%

Others sipped from their glasses or drew at their cigars.

through Occurrences 65%

Before hostilities began, the South was allowed to supply itself freely with powder and arms, and for months after they had begun, large supplies of fire-arms were drawn through Kentucky.

around Occurrences 53%

If you have Courage, Youth or Love, you'll follow me: When Night's black Curtain's drawn around the World, And mortal Eyes are safely lockt in sleep,

about Occurrences 52%

Yet Johnnie knew better than another the vast, silent, secret network of hate that draws about the victim in a mountain vendetta.

without Occurrences 48%

Raphael's Holy Family, No. 94 (also known as the "Madonna dell' Impannata"), next it might be called the perfection of drawing without feeling.

across Occurrences 46%

A divan with a winding back and sleek with horsehair was drawn across a corner, a marble-topped bureau alongside.

as Occurrences 42%

The primary branches are whorled regularly around the axis, generally in fives, while each is draped with long, feathery sprays, that descend in curves as free and as finely drawn as those of falling water.

after Occurrences 40%

It was his way to draw after him a throng of demented women, so that the poor, draggle-tailed creatures forgot husband and bairns and followed him among the mosses.

by Occurrences 38%

JANAUSCHEK does not draw by the force of capillary attraction.

under Occurrences 29%

"It's fortunate you weren't drawn under with the ship.

against Occurrences 26%

When Mrs. Burkhardt stepped out into an evening left thus to its stilly depth, shades drawn against it, a light dust of snow, just fallen, was scurrying up-street before the wind, like something phantom with its skirts blowing forward.

Which preposition to use with  drawed
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