Which preposition to use with drop

of Occurrences 1608%

But we see, that if one drop of water be united with another, they form one large drop, as spherical as either of the two which composed it: and on the separation of the moon from the earth, if they were composed of mingled solids and fluids, or if the solid parts rested on fluid, both the fragment and the remaining earth would assume the same globular appearance they now present.

into Occurrences 804%

The thought had of late dropped into the background.

from Occurrences 707%

By and by the scales drop from his eyes; he sees himself, not as one who has already achieved, but as one to whom the radiant gates of life are opening, so that he, too, can one day speak to human souls as the masters have done!

to Occurrences 454%

Instead of dropping to his place, he straddled the fire, stretching his arms over his head.

on Occurrences 429%

The brutes were running on their hind legsat times dropping on all fours.

in Occurrences 422%

"I awoke, and thought that a dose of 'dog-buttons,' or a taste of strychnine, administered with a tempting bit of cold steak, or a piece of fresh lamb, or a bone of mutton carefully dropped in his way, might have aided the operation.

out Occurrences 181%

A newspaper man named Slade, who dropped out of the world about the same time, is supposed to have gone along, too.

at Occurrences 116%

I dropped at once to the ratlines, and commenced my descent.

by Occurrences 116%

Then drop by the tablespoonful into boiling salted water until they rise to the surface.

with Occurrences 75%

To the West, I saw the sun, drop with an incredible, smooth, swift motion.

like Occurrences 59%

The German dropped like a log.

over Occurrences 55%

He dropped over the lower hills, and the voice of the gold town rose to him.

through Occurrences 43%

Presently I was on a steep hill-side, which I ascended only to drop through a tangle of screes and jumper to the mires of a great bog.

behind Occurrences 42%

We dropped behind a point of willows, from the outer edge of which we would be in shooting distance.

for Occurrences 41%

She dropped for bird and beast forlorn

down Occurrences 34%

I dropped down the grapnel, and after a great many failures, I hooked into the string of the powder horn, and hoisted away.

before Occurrences 18%

It fell on to a blade of yellow grass and ran down the blade, then stopped so as to gather itself into a little round drop before touching the ground.

beside Occurrences 18%

I fired at his heart and he dropped beside the desk, I didn't wait for anything moreI bolted.

off Occurrences 17%

He sprang up from it, wiped the drops off his forehead, and paced again.

without Occurrences 17%

It soon became evident that the matter was not to be allowed to drop without some show of feeling, for on the following morning the unfortunate official was greeted with jeers and uncomplimentary remarks wherever he went.

about Occurrences 16%

Ripe apples drop about my head.

between Occurrences 15%

The ball dropped between Merkle, Meyers and Mathewson.

below Occurrences 13%

One such drops below the plunging slope that the Kearsarge trail winds over, perilously, nearing the pass.

as Occurrences 13%

Sometimes one of the words was dropped as needless.

under Occurrences 11%

At length over-tasked nature drops under it, and escapes for a few hours into the society of the sweet silent creatures of dreams, which go away with mocks and mows at cockcrow.

Which preposition to use with  drop