Which preposition to use with duties

of Occurrences 3586%

What congregations need most is not altogether formal sermons, but thoughtful, helpful talks containing a fresh, uplifting, and spiritual outlook over life, with a practical bearing on the occasions and duties of life.

to Occurrences 799%

This place being recommended to him, both by its quiet seclusion, and the unsophisticated manners of its inhabitants, he determined to pass the remnant of his days here, and, by devoting them to the purposes of piety, charity, and science, to discharge his duty to his Creator, his species, and himself; "for the love of knowledge," he added, "has long been my chief source of selfish enjoyment.

in Occurrences 623%

Higher yet is executive force, the power to adjust responsibilities and duties in such a way as to get back a high economic return in the way of service.

on Occurrences 500%

Certainly there was a very high tariff on apples in his dayso high that humanity has not yet succeeded in paying off the duty on the one ADAM ate.

as Occurrences 430%

It was in at a country hotel, then, that the young Southern pedestrian turned for temporary rest and a meal, and pitiless was the cross-examination instituted by the inevitable lank, middle-aged gristly man, before he could reconcile it with his duty as a cautious public character to reveal the treasures of the larder.

at Occurrences 202%

This I did at once, and after providing them with a comfortable little home, I returned and reported for duty at Fort Larned.

for Occurrences 196%

Upon reaching Fort McPherson, I found that the Third Cavalry, commanded by General Reynolds, had arrived from Arizona, in which Territory they had been on duty for some time, and where they had acquired quite a reputation on account of their Indian fighting qualities.

by Occurrences 161%

"You are sent by inspiration, for I am doing my poor best to convince this obdurate Yankee to turn from evil courses and do a duty by the country that will in future make his name illustrious.

with Occurrences 149%

Never had the disciplined Wolverines performed a sea duty with so ragged a routine as the getting in of the boat containing the live man and the dead body.

towards Occurrences 86%

But yet "Don't you think, sir," I said that evening at dinner, the subject being reintroduced by my father himself, "that we have some duty towards them when we draw so much from them?"

toward Occurrences 66%

And, Rudolph, you have my word of honor that henceforth I shall bear in mind more constantly my duty toward one of my best and oldest friends.

than Occurrences 48%

In my horror at Rosedale, I, too, believed that John had been in a plot to entrap Wesley; but IIknow better now, and I have come to tell you that it is no less my duty than my right to see that your brother's memory is made as spotless as his life.

under Occurrences 46%

This musician was in the service of Frederick the Great, and finding himself one night on duty under the windows of the King, playing the Jew's harp with so much skill, that Frederick, who was a great amateur of music, thought he heard a distinct orchestra.

from Occurrences 45%

she exclaimed, "must ye learn your duty from a woman?"

without Occurrences 38%

Every man on the parade-ground understood full well that if he would save his life it stood him in hand to get back to his post of duty without unnecessary delay, and in a very few minutes those whose turn it was to go on duty were setting about the regular routine as laid down since the besiegers displayed unusual activity.

before Occurrences 24%

It's my last duty before going to bed.

during Occurrences 21%

" Among the causes of the abundant sickness, in March, along the Niagara frontier, given by the surgeons, were "severe duty during the inclement weather, exposure on the lake in open transports, bad bread made of damaged flour, either not nutritious or absolutely deleterious, bad water impregnated with the product of vegetable putrefaction, and the effluvia from materials of animal production with which the air was replete."

about Occurrences 14%

and there is no duty about it, for when we love, it is a joy to serve and give.

among Occurrences 11%

This flight broke up the conference; and the captain, after exhorting his wife and daughter to set an example of fortitude to the rest of the females, left the house, to look after his duties among the men.

like Occurrences 10%

In battle do your duty like a man.

into Occurrences 10%

To the House of Representatives of the United States: I herewith transmit to the House of Representatives copies of a correspondence between the Department of State and the British legation in this city, relative to the reciprocal admission of the natural products of the United States and Canada free of duty into the territories of both countries.

until Occurrences 9%

She did not therefore enter on her duties until March 31, 1865.

within Occurrences 9%

If the applicant is satisfactory, the lady of the house pays her a bonus of one krone or two kroner called "hand money"that is, she crosses her hand with silver as an evidence of good faithand the girl agrees to report for duty within one week after New Year's or Midsummer's day, as the case may be.

above Occurrences 9%

" From that moment Antar made the service of women his special duty above all others.

between Occurrences 7%

They shared the duties between them.

Which preposition to use with  duties