Which preposition to use with earthed

in Occurrences 369%

And further, that because the moon is composed of two sorts of matter, that are differently affected towards the earth in its revolution round that planet, the same parts of its surface always maintain some relative position to us, which thus necessarily causes the singularity of her turning on her axis precisely in the time in which she revolves round the earth.

with Occurrences 352%

But though I scrutinized the earth with the greatest care, I could see no signs of anything to show that there had ever been a building erected on the spot, and I grew more puzzled than ever.

to Occurrences 194%

It is curious to see how uneasily some men will roam from one end of the earth to the other, trying to find an easy place, a place where work will not be needed or required.

for Occurrences 168%

Little, daring man lifts here and there a hand to mould the world which God has madepricks the earth for gold or silver, iron or coalbut GOD is everywhere immanent and shines through every hour of change.

of Occurrences 137%

But then it was a mystery which it was the business of mind to lay bare; and what more has science done in tracing the history and progress of this earth of ours, as written upon the rocks, among which geology has been so long delving?

from Occurrences 127%

If the people living thereabouts have a sore on their heads, they plaster on it some of the earth from this, and feel immediately easier.

as Occurrences 103%

It is God who provides the river and the sea; God who through endless ages has piled stone on stone, crust on crust, and has crumpled the strata of the earth as tissue in His hand.

on Occurrences 99%

This would produce a diminution of the mean attraction of the sun on the moon; or, in other words, an increase in the attraction of the earth on the moon; and, consequently, an increase in the rapidity of the orbital motion of the latter body.

at Occurrences 84%

The earth at the same time was rent, and she went down alive into hell.

by Occurrences 69%

But M. Dufour suggests that the retardation of the earth (which is hypothetically assumed to exist) may be due in part, or wholly, to the increase of the moment of inertia of the earth by meteors falling upon its surface.

like Occurrences 63%

When night falls upon the earth like a drop of ink upon the word Sun, and the stars glitter like the points of so many poised gold pens all ready to write the softer word Moon above the blot, the organist of St. Cow's sits in his own room, where his fire keeps-up a kind of aspenish twilight, and executes upon his accordeon a series of wild and mutilated airs.

into Occurrences 43%

But too many of these men had put everything they had on earth into getting here; too many had abandoned costly outfits on the awful Pass, or in the boiling eddies of the White Horse Rapids, paying any price in money or in pain to get to the goldfields before navigation closed.

beneath Occurrences 40%

" Then swore to her the Moor: "If this the end should ever be, May the firm earth beneath my feet yawn wide and swallow me!

under Occurrences 40%

He has even aforetime forced the gods, wrought up to a frenzy by his blazing torch, to forsake the heavens and dwell on earth under false appearances.

than Occurrences 38%

The things of nature form a more beautiful ladder between heaven and earth than that seen by Jacob....

around Occurrences 28%

After this a narrow plow known as a "bull tongue," was used to turn the loose earth around the plant and cover up any grass not totally destroyed by the hoes.

without Occurrences 23%

Therefore you can look at nothing in the earth without seeing God Himself at work thereon.

before Occurrences 22%

Perhaps Gray himself was there; and the Scotchman cursed his own dilatoriness in waiting till darkness had covered the earth before setting afoot inquiries.

over Occurrences 22%

Miss Lettie was right: they have a fathom of earth over her,there's not one glimmer of light down there.

after Occurrences 20%

One lovely evening in spring, when the sun had gone down and left the air soft, and balmy, and full of the scents which rise from the earth after a shower, and the odours of the buds which were swelling and bursting in all directions, Willie was standing looking out of his open window into the parson's garden, when Mr Shepherd saw him and called to him "Come down here, Willie," he said.

about Occurrences 19%

There was little fear that the Turks would attack us across this wide range of No Man's Land, for we held secure control of the curiously shaped heaps of broken earth about Shellal, and the conical hill at Fara gave an uninterrupted view for several miles northward and eastward.

out Occurrences 14%

" "Old Kala-kash tells this story, and he says that one of these people, when very old, went down through the crater of the mountain, and, given long life by Yehl, stays there always to hold up the earth out of the water.

through Occurrences 14%

Generally, every fruit, on ripening, and just before it falls, when it commences a more independent and individual existence, requiring less nourishment from any source, and that not so much from the earth through its stem as from the sun and air, acquires a bright tint.

between Occurrences 12%

I wished to reach Mars at the moment of opposition, and during the whole of the journey to keep the Earth between myself and the Sun, for a reason which may not at first be obvious.

during Occurrences 11%

A geological formation is the sum of all the strata deposited over the whole surface of the earth during one of these epochs: a geological fauna or flora is the sum of all the species of animals or plants which occupied the whole surface of the globe, during one of these epochs.

Which preposition to use with  earthed