Which preposition to use with eating

with Occurrences 481%

"Oh, well, sit down," replied my friend, "and have something to eat with us."

in Occurrences 334%

However, I was informed by the captain's falsetto that I was to eat in the cabin.

of Occurrences 281%

The dish allotted to me, being of a middling character, I ate of it without repining; though, from the savoury fumes of my right-hand neighbour's plate, I could not help wishing I had been allowed to choose for myself.

at Occurrences 239%

" "But Mary, did you know that when a chief died recently, fifty or more people were eaten at the funeral ceremonies, and twenty-five others had their heads cut off and were buried with the chief?" "Yes, I heard that.

for Occurrences 92%

"Well, the trout were eaten for breakfast, and after the meal was over, my brother and myself were duly paid off, at a hundred cents on the dollar, with full interest.

of Occurrences 80%

The racer brings with him gambling, cursing, swearing, drinking, the eating of oysters, and a distaste for mob-caps and the middle-aged virtues.

into Occurrences 76%

Tomorrow, it will eat into my face.

from Occurrences 68%

There lay their bones, the flesh eaten from them by the beasts and carrion birds, and, bleached by the sun and the storms, the two skulls with the horns still interlocked; and the narrator told me he had them yet at home, fast together, as he found them, as one of the curiosities to be met with in the Rackett woods.

out Occurrences 62%

Pray, sir, how does it happen that you are now against him, when you were so lately sworn friends, and used to eat out of the same dish?"

like Occurrences 56%

Also I eat like a troopernot at night, as I used to, but at regular mealtime.

on Occurrences 51%

The smaller ones, such as those of the Hemlock, and the Douglas Spruce, and the Two-leaved Pine, he cuts off and eats on a branch of the tree, without allowing them to fall; beginning at the bottom of the cone and cutting away the scales to expose the seeds; not gnawing by guess, like a bear, but turning them round and round in regular order, in compliance with their spiral arrangement.

without Occurrences 47%

Shell-fish, oysters particularly, furnish but little nutriment; and this is the reason why so many of the latter can be eaten without injury to the system.

as Occurrences 40%

They are very proper for tarts, or to eat as sweet-meats.

by Occurrences 30%

We will have something to eat by and by.

to Occurrences 28%

He had eaten to his liking, and had allowed the grim-looking eldest brother to fill his glass again and again with "Genievre" till his face began to flush, and his eyes grew dazed and heavy.

through Occurrences 19%

brick and stone walls in her way, which she can by no means eat through?

than Occurrences 16%

I have no doubt that they lived pretty much the same sort of life in the Homeric age, for men have always thought more of eating than of fighting; then, as now, their minds ran chiefly on the "hot bread and sweet cakes"; and the fur and lumber trade is an old story to Asia and Europe.

before Occurrences 14%

He began eating before the regular breakfast at the little hotel was ready.

after Occurrences 13%

Amongst some of the other numerous proverbs may be mentioned a few relating to the apple; one of these reminding us that, "An apple, an egg, and a nut, You may eat after a slut.

during Occurrences 10%

I also carried a water bottle, some snacks and some fruit which was all I ate during the journey.

off Occurrences 7%

" "Well, she is the last person I should think would be troubled about any thing, for every body says she is so desperate rich she might eat off of silver, if she liked; and she is sure of being married, some time or other.

between Occurrences 7%

I sympathized with the vulture, who "Eats between his meals, And that's the reason why He very, very rarely feels As well as you and I." It is never pleasant to come down from the heights, and we had rather a dreary journey to Siliguri.

about Occurrences 7%

" Herb-Barbara, or St. Barbara's cress (Barbarea vulgaris), was so called from growing and being eaten about the time of her festival (December 4).

under Occurrences 6%

It is called mare, and in Switzerland is eaten under the name of pain amer by the poor.

until Occurrences 5%

He was hungry, and knowing that it would be difficult to get much to eat until late, when the cook's quarters had been re-established, he left the wagon as it reached the principal street in Tipton.

Which preposition to use with  eating