Which preposition to use with edition

of Occurrences 2566%

The Latest Edition of "Shoo! Fly.

in Occurrences 116%

"And at that rate," observed Patsy, "It will run off our regular edition in eight minutes.

by Occurrences 42%

" The little book was well received, and was quietly popular for some years, running into eight editions by 1823.

for Occurrences 41%

They have indeed brought us far closer to Michael Angelo's real text, but we must be careful to remember that we have not even now arrived with certainty at what he would himself have printed if he had prepared his own edition for the press.

with Occurrences 23%

The word God is printed in the Pisan edition with a capital letter: it may be questioned whether Shelley meant to indicate anything more definite than 'some higher powerFate.' 11. 8, 9.

from Occurrences 16%

"Roxana" (first edition) is the next in interest, though he left out the best part of it in subsequent editions from a foolish hypercriticism of his friend Southerne.

before Occurrences 15%

Revised edition of 1917, omitting illustrative quotations from literature, not so good as editions before that date.

as Occurrences 13%

Former editions as prose.

to Occurrences 11%

All subsequent editions to 4to 1671, read 'taffety' in this passage.

at Occurrences 10%

Such was the enthusiasm that private persons printed large editions at their own expense, whilst the Government sent off quantities to Scotland and Ireland.

on Occurrences 8%

Preparations were well under way for a first edition on the Fourth of July and the office was beginning to hum with work, when one afternoon a girl strolled in and asked in a tired voice for the managing editor.

after Occurrences 6%

In the first two editions after 'Paterson' is added 'eminent for his knowledge of books.'

between Occurrences 3%

And Thomas Farnaby, whose Index Rhetoricus appeared in six editions between 1633 and 1654, gives a fairly proportioned treatment of inventio, dispositio, elocutio, and actio.

under Occurrences 3%

That's the papers!" To a succession of quick knocks, she flew to the door, returning with the folded evening editions under her arm.

into Occurrences 3%

Elia did not reach a second edition in Lamb's lifetimethat is to say, during a period of twelve yearsalthough the editions into which it has passed between his death and the present day are legion.

within Occurrences 2%

The Borough had passed through six editions in the same number of years, and the Tales reached a fifth edition within two years of publication.

among Occurrences 2%

The volume containing John Woodvil, 1802, which is placed in the present edition among Lamb's plays, on page 149, included also the "Fragments of Burton" (see Vol. I.) and two lyrics.

during Occurrences 2%

We even managed to bring out special evening editions during Iran-Iraq war.

than Occurrences 2%

Leon de Mogente's religion was of the sort that felt itself able to learn more from an old edition than a new one.

inside Occurrences 1%

His Reflections on the French Revolution (1790) had an enormous circulation, reached an eleventh edition inside of a year, was read all over the continent as well as in the British Isles, and helped materially not only to keep England steady in the crisis, but also to incite the other powers to continue their resistance to French aggression.

about Occurrences 1%

XXVIII THE NIGHT OF ALARMS If Editor Hildreth had said nothing in his evening edition about the impending strike on the Trans-Western, it was not because public interest was waning.

through Occurrences 1%

' Appreciation of Cockeram's 'Dictionarie' was marked by the numerous editions through which it passed down as late as 1659.

alongside Occurrences 1%

In contrast to Dr. Grayson's heroic proportions he looked like a Vest Pocket Edition alongside of an Unabridged. "Nice little camp you have here, Uncle, very," he drawled, peering languidly through his huge spectacles at the shining river and the far off rolling hills beyond.

against Occurrences 1%

I do not think it useless here to repeat (though not for my friend) concise reasons which I gave in my first edition against admitting dictatorial claims for Jesus.

until Occurrences 1%

It did not reach a second edition until 1836.

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