Which preposition to use with enthralled

in Occurrences 2%

Pensive, wistful, enthralled in a dreamy sadness,what could be nearer the tone and pitch of the northern forest itself?

to Occurrences 2%

Cynthio was musing Yesterday in the Piazza in Covent-Garden, and was saying to himself that he was a very ill Man to go on in visiting and professing Love to Flavia, when his Heart was enthralled to another.

for Occurrences 1%

With her as nurse, his genius accomplished much of its greatest, and it held her enthralled for a time.

as Occurrences 1%

* Hours have passed; one intoxicating waltz-measure has been exchanged for another, that falls upon the ear as enthralling as the last.

of Occurrences 1%

Sinful and yet desiring to be helped, Enthralled of sin, yet seeking after God!

to Occurrences 1%

Now mark, how I became enthralled to it; and how it befell, that at last I shook it off, and found redemption.

beyond Occurrences 1%

Possessed beyond the Muse's painting = enthralled beyond what poetry can describe.

Which preposition to use with  enthralled