Which preposition to use with expense

of Occurrences 2172%

In short, having made up their minds that what I said was not true, they had an answer ready for all that I could urge in support of my character; and those who judged most christianly, defended my veracity at the expense of my understanding, and ascribed my conduct to partial insanity.

in Occurrences 128%

This is the minimum sum necessary to pay his fare from Seattle to Juneau, purchase his outfit and supplies for one year and pay his necessary expenses in the gold region for that length of time.

for Occurrences 96%

" "He's only a" "He's rewarding the way you scrimped to pay his expenses for nonsense clubs and societies by asking you to do it another four years.

TO Occurrences 84%

] [Illustration: "NO EXPENSE TO ME, YOU KNOW.

by Occurrences 25%

He resolved to expenses by visiting the less often.

on Occurrences 24%

After this came the festival appointed in honor of the completion of the temple of Venus, which some, while Caesar was alive, had promised to celebrate, but were now holding in, slight regard as they did the horse-race connected with the Parilia; and to win the favor of the populace he provided for it at his private expense on the ground that it concerned him because of his family.

at Occurrences 20%

Yet they have the natural and legal power of levying money on themselves for provincial purposes, of providing for their own expense at their own discretion.

with Occurrences 13%

At Covent Garden, where it was billed 'not acted 10 years', and produced as a first piece at considerable expense with magnificent decorations, Cushing played Harlequin; Dunstall, Scaramouch; Sparks, Baliardo; Ryan, Charmante; Delane, Cinthio; Peg Woffington, Bellemante; and the Bellamy, Elaria.

from Occurrences 11%

Officers can order their clothes at their own expense from the town tailors.

during Occurrences 11%

You may make the jungle trip that you plan, but you will have to pay your own expenses during this time.

than Occurrences 10%

Should they now declare war against us, they would be under no such necessity of defrauding the sea service, for they have now on foot an army of one hundred and sixty thousand men, which are maintained at no greater expense than forty thousand, by the British government; as they are, therefore, sir, so formidable by land, we have no way of opposing them but by our sea forces.

as Occurrences 9%

The increase in expenses as the scheme developed rendered it necessary to ask for public assistance.

out Occurrences 6%

The first died in the course of the next year (Sept. 14); and the houses, to express their respect for his memory, attended the funeral, and defrayed the expense out of the public purse.

between Occurrences 6%

Lord WESTMORELAND spoke next, as follows:My lords, I have, for my own satisfaction, stated the difference of the expense between the two methods of raising forces, and find it so great, that the method proposed by the noble duke ought, undoubtedly, to be preferred, even though it were attended with some inconvenience, from which he has shown it to be free.

without Occurrences 4%

It may reasonably be imagined that we have some secret mine, or hidden repository of gold, which no degree of extravagance can drain, and which may for ever supply the most lavish expenses without diminution.

per Occurrences 4%

We want railway-directors who know how to reduce the operating-expenses per mile, and not men who oppose their bigoted ignorance to everything like change or improvement, who can see no difference between science and abstract ideas.

beyond Occurrences 3%

Bernardo Tasso, author of many elegant lyrics, of some volumes of letters, not uninteresting but too florid, and of the Amadigi, an epic romance now little read, was a man of small property, very honest and good-hearted, but restless, ambitious, and with a turn for expense beyond his means.

into Occurrences 3%

She pointed out that, in spite of the enormous expenses into which the Most Christian king had found himself drawn in his late wars, he had shown the greatest care not to burden the towns.

about Occurrences 3%

They say that the Pacha's revenue is about 4,000,000l., and his expenses about 2,000,000l.; so that he has about 2,000,000l. of pocket-money.

above Occurrences 3%

I employed her mostly in the wood trade to Rhode-Island, and made clear of all expenses above one hundred dollars with her in better than one year.

before Occurrences 2%

Douglas, she found, had paid all expenses before leaving.

among Occurrences 2%

Even dying is not free from expense among them, and you know what fees we deposit on behalf of the dead.

over Occurrences 2%

At Rowington, the Warwick canal is carried at an immense expense over a deep valley, and also through a tunnel of considerable length; on the left is the village church, to which you ascend by steps cut in the solid rock, and near to it is the handsome residence of Samuel Aston, Esq.

after Occurrences 2%

He was satisfied that he should be able to conduct his estate at much less expense after 1840; he thought that fifty men would do as much then as a hundred do now.

along Occurrences 1%

The two hundred and fifty dollars with which we left Okhotsk had gradually dribbled away in the defrayment of necessary expenses along the road, and we had barely enough left to pay for a week's stay at the hotel.

Which preposition to use with  expense