Which preposition to use with eyeing

of Occurrences 6359%

I felt as I imagine an animal must, under the eye of a snake.

on Occurrences 2179%

But Lachesis, quite as ready to cast a favourable eye on a handsome man, spins away by the handful, and bestows years and years upon Nero out of her own pocket.

to Occurrences 1401%

"It's all in bed the lazy divvils is, sor," he said, with a repetition of the salute, and an appreciative eye to the good things spread out on our provision chest, which we utilized as a table.

in Occurrences 925%

But I who, by turning my eyes in another direction, showed that my mind was intent on other cares, kept my ears attentive to their discourse and received therefrom much delectable sweetness; and, as it seemed to me that I was beholden to them for such pleasure, I sometimes let my eyes rest on them more kindly and benignantly.

with Occurrences 885%

Howdahs, newly gilded and painted, were provided for the elephantsnew caparisons for the horsesnew liveries for the attendantscloth and silk, of the richest dyes and hues, united with a profusion of gold and silver ornaments, to dazzle the eye with their varied splendour.

for Occurrences 659%

"My God!" cried Slade, and covered his eyes for a moment.

from Occurrences 607%

Thousands of young men are daily stepping into counting-houses, or behind sales-counters, or into independent stores, who will never lift their eyes from their goods and account-books, nor rise above the linen, hardware, groceries, or house-fixtures which they sell.

at Occurrences 574%

With another prayer, this time uttered shiveringly, for the soul of the pedlar, she nerved herself to get into bed again, and lay there till morning with her child against her heart; gazing with staring, sleepless eyes at the door which divided her from that awful room; keeping surely the most terrible vigil that ever woman kept.

like Occurrences 257%

From all about us glowed hundreds of eyes like coals of fireon a level with us, above us, almost over our heads.

over Occurrences 196%

Casting your eye over the general forest from some ridge-top, the color alone of its spiry summits is sufficient to identify it in any company.

as Occurrences 169%

As the same part of the moon is always turned to the earth, one half of her surface is perpetually illuminated by a moon ten times as large to the eye as the sun; the other hemisphere is without a moon.

towards Occurrences 124%

After a few moments, the Brahmin again cast his eye towards his own natal soil; on beholding which, he fetched a deep sigh, and, if I was not mistaken, I saw a rising tear.

off Occurrences 114%

When they took their places at table, she had motioned to Gifford to sit beside her, and from that position it gradually forced itself upon his notice that Henshaw scarcely took his eyes off his hostess, addressing most of his conversation, and he was a fluent talker, to her.

toward Occurrences 107%

" Colonel Musgravesince the remainder of his house-party had already breakfastedraised his fine eyes toward the chandelier, and sighed, as Pilkins demurely closed the dining-room door.

than Occurrences 106%

If any speculative manager pretends that he has a better hypothetical cast in his eye than the present cast of the Lancers, let him be given to the surgical tormentors to be operated upon for malignant strabismus.

by Occurrences 94%

Amphipolis captured by Philip of Macedon; he loses his right eye by an arrow from Astor.

into Occurrences 92%

He stood like a stag, sniffing the night air, and peering with his deep eyes into the gloom.

about Occurrences 60%

He did not answer for a moment, and when I glanced at him to see the cause of his silence, I was astonished to find him rolling his eyes about as though he saw a ghost.

without Occurrences 53%

" Then, as the girl slowly raised her pale dreamy eyes without stirring from her chair, her mother came to the conclusion that she had better execute the commission herself.

through Occurrences 52%

Paul La France had been trying for an hour and a half to make eyes through motor goggles, which, naturally, was not a success; so he seemed a little out of temper.

under Occurrences 41%

The sketch represented him with the same broad forehead, smooth, dense light hair, pale blue eyes under eyebrows with a slight frown in them, and the charming mouth rather fully curved, expressing an amiable and pleasure-loving nature.

after Occurrences 37%

He opened his eyes after a moment, and stared vacantly up into my face.

along Occurrences 32%

I run my eye along the barrel, sighted him between the eyes, and pulled.

out Occurrences 32%

She stared with blinded eyes out of the window, till suddenly in the mist one face was clear.

before Occurrences 31%

While we have been making this sketch of Clive, Ethel was standing looking at him, and the blushing youth cast down his eyes before hers while her face assumed a look of arch humour.

Which preposition to use with  eyeing