Which preposition to use with faint

with Occurrences 132%

Black Beard, after seeing the greater part of his men destroyed at his side, and receiving himself repeated wounds, at length, stepping back to cock, a pistol, fainted with the loss of blood, and expired on the spot.

in Occurrences 115%

but immediately afterwards fainted in the arms of her supporters: at the same moment I was forcibly held back by some of the attendants, and a number of the bystanders rushed in between us, and intercepted my view.

from Occurrences 84%

But every boy in the street thinks he has a right to throw stones at me; and tie tin-kettles to my tail; and chase me when I have had the good luck to find a bone; and to set big dogs upon me to worry me when I am faint from hunger and haven't much pluck; and worse than all, chase me and cry "Ki-yi," when I am almost dying of thirst!

on Occurrences 54%

As soon as his eyes could bear the light he went home, but fainted on the threshold.

at Occurrences 52%

Under every snow-bank a summer murmur, very faint at first, but hourly louderthe sound of falling water softly singing over all the land.

for Occurrences 39%

Her clothing dried, but sitting in a small triangle of park in Grove Street, chill seized her again, and, faint for food, but with nausea for it, she tucked her now empty pint bottle beneath the bench.

as Occurrences 24%

You could hear the far-off river, now, faint as the sound of boiling water.

to Occurrences 23%

But however faint to man-sight, they are sufficiently plain to the furred and feathered folk who travel them.

under Occurrences 18%

Faint under the desolate sound anothersibilant, clearer, uncannily human.

of Occurrences 18%

" "But Godric, see you not my lord is faint of his wound, and Blaen is far, methinks.

into Occurrences 18%

The surprise and joy were too intense for Helen, and she sank fainting into the arms of her long-lost son: while Rodolph grasped his hand, and exclaimed with deep emotion 'Now, God be praised!

by Occurrences 10%

but it's a spine in the back,makes him kinder' faint by spells, so's he loses his conscientiousness all to once; so he left the chickens 'n' things for Melindy to boss, 'n' she got somethin' else into her head, 'n' she left the door open one night, and them ten turkeys they up and run away, I'xpect they took to the woods, 'fore Melindy brought to mind how't she hadn't shut the door.

through Occurrences 10%

At last, faint through loss of blood, they brought their madness to its climax by hurling the organs in their hands into the nearest houses, so forcing the owners to take them in, and provide them with female wearing apparel, and the other feminine accoutrements of war.

after Occurrences 6%

And the Church, in the opening words of Sext for Sunday, impresses this idea on us "Deficit in salutare meum anima mea," "My soul hath fainted after thy salvation" (Ps. 118).

beneath Occurrences 6%

not I. She will see the sailor's hardened palms Curbing the toiling sails, She will faint beneath the tropic calms And face the angry gales.

within Occurrences 5%

And he lay on the bank like one left for death, so weary and so worn with all the horrors of the way that his heart was faint within him, and peace itself seemed to him but an illusion.

over Occurrences 2%

" Through a cloud-rift the light fell noiselessly Upon the cottage floor; and, gaunt and thin, Leaped in the stag-hounds, bounding as in glee, Shaking the rain-drops from their shaggy skin; And as the maiden closed the spattered glass, A shadow faint over the floor did pass.

beside Occurrences 2%

The prince, unmoved, glanced around at Miss Thorne; she lay in a dead faint beside him.

before Occurrences 2%

"The door of the safe was wide open, and Mr. Ireland had evidently tottered and fainted before some awful fact which the open safe had revealed to him; he had caught himself against a chair which lay on the floor, and then finally sunk, unconscious, into the arm-chair.

along Occurrences 2%

So that she scarce can breatheso fast Her pent up heart doth beat When, faint along the corridor, Falleth the sound of feet: Sounds lighter than silk slippers make Upon a ballroom floor, when sweet Violin and 'cello wake Music for twirling feet.

out Occurrences 1%

And the echoes ceased not for a while, even after that the Monster did be utter quiet; for truly they came presently from far upward and downward of the Gorge, out of all the eternity of the night, and to be as that they came backward very faint out of lonesome miles, and out of the strange deepness of unknown caverns of the world.

than Occurrences 1%

It is very faint, but better faint than not at all.

toward Occurrences 1%

I tried to quiet it by eating seeds from the cones of trailing-pine and drinking large quantities of water; but this afforded no relief, and I became so faint toward evening that I could hardly sit in my saddle.

against Occurrences 1%

John and the women surrounded her as she fell half fainting against a stone, which was near the doorway, and upon which the impression of her hands remained.

across Occurrences 1%

What faints across the lifted loop Of cloud-veil upward cast? With sea-veiled limbs, a sleeping group Of Nereids dreaming past.

Which preposition to use with  faint