Which preposition to use with  fancy

Which preposition to use with fancy

As a mighty sleigh in the loom of time it seemedin a sudden fancy of mineto be beating home the picks of the years.

Mrs Mitchell had taken an immense fancy to Edith and showed it by telling her all about a wonderful little tailor who made coats and skirts better than Lucile for next to nothing, and by introducing to her Lord Rye and the embassy man, and Mr Cricker.

A correspondent writes that a new mania has sprung up among the ladies of Edinburgha fancy for learning to cook.

And as she went, she sang aloud a melancholy strain; "And who would wish to die," she said, "though death be free from pain?" Her fancy in the silent air could whispering voices hear; "I'll make of thee a sacrifice, to Albenzaide dear;" This fancy took her breath away, lifeless she sank at length, And grasped the saddle-bow; for fear had sapped her spirit's strength.

Nosince 'tis resolved, a Womanshe must be old and ugly, and will not balk my Fancy with her sight, but baits me more with this essential Beauty.

They fill their minds with fancies about the book of Revelation, most of which, there is reason to fear, are little else but fancies: while they overlook what that book really does say, and what is the best news that the world ever heard, that he is the Prince of the kings of the earth.

That is the fancy at the back of both our heads.

To my fancy as the other.

But when people fancied from this look of his that he was an empty-headed fop they soon found themselves immensely mistaken.

The thought of the nice clean bed pushed all their weird fancies into the background.

It will be a very brilliant number, illustrated with flights of fancy by ten comic artists.

Not that it is a personification, only it just caught my eye in a little extract-book I keep, which is full of quotations from B. and F. in particular, in which authors I can't help thinking there is a greater richness of poetical fancy than in any one, Shakspeare excepted.

Whether we review their mythological history as embodied in the traditionary stories of primitive times, or turn to the existing legends of our own and other countries in modern times, it is clear that the imagination has at all times bestowed some of its richest and most beautiful fancies on trees and flowers.

"I should have been much more pleased," continues Rowe, "to have learned from some certain authority which was the first play he writ; it would be without doubt, a pleasure to any man curious in things of this kind, to see and know what was the first essay of a fancy like Shakespear's."

The silvery sea through which The Waif drove a path with plunging forefoot awoke strange dreams and fancies within my brain.

And that?' Let the reader who has a taste for the beautiful as well as the useful in horticulture, do the same, and look in fancy over the hedge of the nearest provision ground.

They were common to every man who attracted their fancy without regard to fidelity to any one in particular.

One of the things that I particularly remember was a case where a woman told things that she had heard and things that she had fancied against a neighbor, and the neighbor went to law about it, prosecuted the woman for slander, and they had a horrid time.

For her part, she heard it immediately, and thereupon followed it in fancy through every phase of its journey.

There had long since been a passing fancy between them.

The stars are earthward rolled; Make bright day's burial-place, make bright, So it crimson-canopied be It dies, and Fancy out of the night Comes downcomes down to me.

From the crude and imperfect notions which long prevailed with respect to the soul, it was scarcely possible for them to ascribe the impressions, which their memory retained of the creation of their fancy during their slumbers, to the instrumentality of their own conceits; they could not fail therefore to impute them to the interposition of some foreign agent, and to whom more naturally could they refer them than to a divinity?

Fancies versus fads.

That was Adam Craig's fancy: but his head was full of queer fancies under the rusty old brown wig: queer, maybe, yet as pure and childlike as the prophet John's: coming, you know, from the same kinship.

Till the dirges of his Hope that melancholy burden bore Of 'Nevernevermore!'" But the Raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling, Straight I wheel'd a cushioned seat in front of bird, and bust, and door; Then upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore

" This cry, coming from his first officer, startled even Captain Crutchely, who was recovering a little from the effect of his potations, though it was still treated with contempt by the second-mate, who had never forgiven one as young as Mark, for getting a berth that he fancied due to his own greater age and experience.

and the meteor drew a long train of shining fancies after it.

It was not known what he did with this amount, which was considerable for a man who led such a narrow regular life, free from expenses and fancies outside his homethat flat which was much too big for him, but which he had, nevertheless, obstinately retained, shutting himself up therein, and leading a most misanthropic life in fierce solitude.

The royal secretaries endeavoured to persuade me that I ought to make the king a present of any article that might strike his fancy among my small baggage; but I got off without making any present, except compliments, and requesting him to appoint some one to conduct me through his dominions.