Which preposition to use with  fast

Which preposition to use with fast

Thus, a day came, when, throwing thoughts and fancies adrift, I procured a rope from the house, and, having made it fast to a stout tree, at the top of the rift, and some little distance back from the Pit edge, let the other end down into the cleft, until it dangled right across the mouth of the dark hole.

He goes for the nearest and barks and goes so much faster than the flock that it bunches up with its companions.

And MOTLEYbless me, he has eaten so much that I don't believe he could get it out of his body if he fasted for the remainder of his natural life.

I don't know that in happier circumstances I should have cared for Jolliffe; there wasn't much in him beyond his capacity for fun; he was inclined to be fast in a foolish sort of way; a man's man rather than one for whom a woman could feel much respect.

It was decided that two men and a petty officer should be sent aboard the Laughing Lass to make her fast with a cable, and remain on board over night.

Breakfast is the breaking of the fast of the night.

When your hand moves, it'll be as fast as the jump of a spark!

Formerly, it was customary to observe a fast on a day or night of a vigil, but that custom was suppressed sometimes, or fell into disuse.

We feasted from sunset until sunrise, much after the fashion of the savages, for it made a fellow feel good to know from actual test that there was no longer any need of saving every scrap of food against that day when it might be necessary to fight and fast at the same time.

Others abstained in Lent from all food for two consecutive days, but others fasted by taking nothing to eat all day, until the evening"

All day long, Henry, bareheaded, clad in penitential garb, and fasting from morning till night, awaited the sentence of the sovereign pontiff.

ON THE WESTERN BATTLE FRONT The battle lines in the western theater of war held firm and fast during the first two months of 1915.

The serving-men call him the last relic of popery, that makes men fast against their conscience.

They kept the Church fasts like saints; they kept the Church feasts like satyrs.

Prominence had come to her in many ways since she had become the camp heroine; positions of trust and honor fell to her thick and fast without her making any special efforts to get them.

That night he prayed and fasted before the shrine, and the next day rode still fasting to London, which he reached on the 14th.

For the first time he was looking upon battle, and the thrill of it sent the blood hot and fast through his little body.

After this, I went on board; but the first sight I met with was two men drowned in the cook-room, or forecastle of the ship, with their arms fast about one another.


She followed the camp for a few years, the willing, though sad and fast-fading slave of her Ishmaelitish lord, himself the slave of lawless passions, yet not wholly depraved, fitfully tender and tyrannic,and when, at last, he fell in some inglorious skirmish, she buried him with her own hands, and wept and fasted over his shallow grave till she died.

Every Saturday I remained fasting until night, and was then constrained, to my great grief, to eat flesh, as I could not procure any other food in the desert.

Girls are obliged to keep these fasts after their tenth year, and boys after their fifteenth.

He bade his sister to rise from her bed to make the doors fast behind him.

In the first case, the unhappy victim is made fast between two planks, and sawed in two longitudinally, beginning with the head; and, in the second, he is either buried up to his head in the ground, and thus left to perish of want, or else is fastened in one of the wooden yokes I have described, while his food is gradually reduced in quantity every day, until at last it consists of only a few grains of rice.

Would you be of them, you must, like the Highest who ever trod this earth, go fasting into the wilderness, and, among the wild beasts, stand alone face to face with the powers of Nature.'

Last year, I would’ve just put my head down and got 3 yards, but now I’m just waiting, setting blocks up, understanding that the o-line’s going to get there and not get too fast off my reads.

The King came abord our Pinnace to see it, and was as blacke as a Deuill, with two hornes made fast vpon his heade, and all his body naked like the rest of the countrey people.

A jerk and a strain,a bellow and a convulsive leap,his lasso is fast around the horns of a bull in the galloping herd.

I was busy writing at the study table, and glancing anxiously from time to time at the skeleton clock upon the chimney-piece; for it was getting on fast towards five, and at half-past six I was to take Josephine to the Opéra Comique.

In the Discovery first year the ice continually broke back to the Glacier Tongue: in the second year it must have gone out to C. Royds very early in the spring if it did not go out in the winter, and in the Nimrod year it was rarely fast beyond C. Royds.

The Lacedemonians having agreed to aid an ally, ordained a fast throughout their nation, and without even excepting their domestic animals.

However, the appearance of the city is fast improvingfor churches and schools and public buildings are springing up on every side, and substantial edifices are fast taking the place of the more temporary erections.

RAMADAN, the ninth month of the Mohammedan year, a kind of Lent, held sacred as a month of fasting by all Moslems, being the month in the life of Mahomet when, as he spent it alone in meditation and prayer, his eyes were opened to see, through the shows of things, into the one eternal Reality, the greatness and absolute sovereignty of Allah.