Which preposition to use with favorite

of Occurrences 201%

"So do I; though, mind you, I'm not pretending that Irechester is a favorite of mine, any more than he is of my old friend's.

with Occurrences 190%

The generous crop of nutritious nuts which the Nut Pine yields makes it a favorite with Indians, bears, and squirrels.

in Occurrences 64%

All the books printed previously to 1465 are in the Gothic, or black letter, which still remained the favorite in Germany and the Low Countries long after the Italians introduced their beautiful Roman letter.

among Occurrences 23%

She was spoiled and imperious, yet she had a dashing, open way about her that made her a favorite among young people.

for Occurrences 21%

Well, 'tis a delicious thing to be rich; what a world of Lovers it invites: I have one for every Hand, and the Favorite for my Lips.

at Occurrences 10%

"We don't play no favorites at Milligan's.

from Occurrences 7%

The next morning I missed my little favorite from the window.

as Occurrences 5%

" In his thirty-third year (1842), Tennyson broke his long silence by publishing two volumes of verse, containing such favorites as The Poet, The Lady of Shalott, The Palace of Art, The Lotos Eaters, A Dream of Fair Women, Morte d'Arthur, Oenone, The Miller's Daughter, The Gardener's Daughter, Dora, Ulysses, Locksley Hall, The Two Voices, and Sir Galahad.

on Occurrences 5%

[Footnote 91: At the hour intended for the ceremony, they made the victims swallow little balls or pills of tobacco, in order to make them giddy, and as it were to take the sensation of pain from them; after that they were all strangled and put upon mats, the favorite on the right, the other wife on the left, and the others according to their rank.

to Occurrences 4%

As has been said, he was acquitted, by a jury of which John Randolph was foreman, with the sympathy of all the women, of whom he was a favorite to the day of his death.

against Occurrences 2%

There is a white man on the ground who is, no doubt, a professional runner, and the Indians back their favorite against him in a purse of over $30.00, which the white man covers, and wins the race by a few inches.

like Occurrences 2%

And it was only his desire for a high standard in his own Kennel that prompted his aversion to those waifs and strays that she collected; who, of no possible use, were neither professional beauties like Oolik, nor society favorites like Nomie, and so really had no claim to any sort of recognition.

than Occurrences 2%

Before the year closed, Cooper had given the world another nautical tale, the Red Rover, which, with many, is a greater favorite than the Pilot, and with reason, perhaps, if we consider principally the incidents, which are conducted and described with a greater mastery over the springs of pity and terror.

amongst Occurrences 2%

Dudley and Roy were not long in making themselves at home; their high spirits made them general favorites amongst the boys; and even Roy did not feel himself out of place in the playground, whilst in the schoolroom he proved a quick and intelligent pupil.

into Occurrences 1%

turned all the priesthood of England out-of-doors, and put the most unscrupulous of his favorites into their vacant abodes.

along Occurrences 1%

After doing this he mounted a horse and started toward the barbarians; and he would have escaped, had he not carried a favorite along with him.

about Occurrences 1%

But no sooner did the former old cockwho had game blood in him, repute saidreturn from a distant excursion into the cornfields with his especial favorites about him, and behold the mighty majesty of the monster, than his pride and ire blazed up.

notwithstanding Occurrences 1%

Kimble was my favorite notwithstanding the fact that he had fifteen wives, mostly young and handsome, all in one house, and my impression is that none of them had any children.

out Occurrences 1%

Hence, after asking one person's opinion and obtaining a supporting vote in favor of imprisonment, he conducted the former favorite out of the senate-chamber, and in company with the other officials and with Laco led him down to the prison.

throughout Occurrences 1%

He is a great favorite throughout the county, and his son Walter is a rising young man.

Which preposition to use with  favorite