Which preposition to use with fellow

of Occurrences 588%

Even that Incomparable Sir Kenelme Digbie Knight, Fellow of the Royal Society and Chancellour to the Queen Mother, (Et omen in Nomine)

in Occurrences 585%

The usual formula gone through upon these occasions is as follows: Citizen approaches the scene of interest, and sees crowds of spectators upon each side; he glances at the workmen, and, after taking stock of both them and the overseer, proceeds to read the opinion of his fellows in their faces, after which he settles down in right earnest with his hands in his pockets for a prolonged stare.

with Occurrences 285%

I was curiously glad to have the old fellow with me.

like Occurrences 154%

There's too many sporty crowds loafing around those joints for a fellow like you to stand up under.

at Occurrences 118%

I repeated the question, addressing more particularly a great, gaunt fellow at my elbow; yet again I received no answer.

for Occurrences 104%

So far as nearly coming to a rough and tumble with the fellow for his cheek in scoffing our fly at the station constitutes an acquaintance.

on Occurrences 99%

It is an exciting sport to take one of these large fellows on a line of two hundred and fifty or three hundred feet in length.

as Occurrences 88%

The gilt was beginning to wear off the Thurstonian gingerbread, and sensible fellows, who could tell the difference between jewel and paste, were less inclined than ever to be led by the nose by such fellows as Gull and Hawley.

from Occurrences 86%

As he was busy throwing sheep to the washers, a young fellow from the neighboring village happened that way, and becoming somewhat interested in the process, was seduced by Tom G, inside of the yard, to try his hand at catching and tossing in sheep.

to Occurrences 79%

"There," said he, "I followed a band of them fellows to the back of that rock yonder, and expected to capture them all, for I thought I had a dead thing on them.

by Occurrences 48%

" "Oh, that's nothing," answered Jack Vance; "Miss Eleanor always calls fellows by their Christian names.

out Occurrences 29%

I noticed four woodpeckers in league against one squirrel, driving the poor fellow out of an oak that they claimed.

about Occurrences 29%

" He wrote of the large "family" of 145 Melanesian natives he had around him; at another time he spoke of his sleeping on a table with some twelve or more fellows about him; and people coming and going all day long both in and out of school hours!

into Occurrences 24%

You must study them when they have withdrawn from the throng of their fellows into the quiescence of their natural selves.

than Occurrences 24%

It was notable, she was afterward to recognize, that there had been nothing of the famous business slackness in the positive pounce with which Mr. Pitman put it to her that, as soon as he had made her out "for sure," identified her there as old Julia grown-up and gallivanting with a new admirer, a smarter young fellow than ever yet, he had had the inspiration of her being exactly the good girl to help him.

among Occurrences 18%

There will be some who may prefer continuing the cruise before destroying the bark, but I believe there are enough fairly honest fellows among them eager to escape this sort of life, to control.

without Occurrences 14%

"Thurston has just said that as regards these rows the fault lies with the prefects, and that they are culpable in trying to shift the blame on to other fellows without first getting sufficient evidence to warrant their so doing.

after Occurrences 14%

Suddenly came a shout from the Senior Captain, "Good Lord, what's that fellow after?

under Occurrences 12%

Our Turkish Galley thus man'd, I'll put to Sea, and about a League from Land, with a sham-fight set on that of Old Francisco, take it, make 'em all Slaves, clap the Old Fellow under hatches, and then you may deal with the fair Slave his Wife, as Adam did with Eve.

before Occurrences 10%

I guess there's been fellows before me and will be after me who have done worse.

over Occurrences 8%

The astonished wolves clustered together for a moment in confusion, and the other barrel spoke out.] While we were listening to the story of Mark Shuff and the wolves, the old fellow over the water made the forest ring again with his howling.

off Occurrences 7%

The Italian pretended to be cross, and said, 'Come, come; this won't do,' and he called the other pony to him, and told him to take that troublesome fellow off the stage.

across Occurrences 7%

I wish you wouldn't look at that fellow across the way.

behind Occurrences 7%

We can leave those fellows behind standing still.

down Occurrences 5%

Meanwhile, the news that three out of four of those poor fellows down town are going to a certain place, seems to me such terribly bad news, that I can't help fancying that it is not the Gospel at all; and so get on the best way I can, listening to the good news about God which this grand old world, and my microscope, and my books, tell me.

Which preposition to use with  fellow