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Which preposition to use with  firing

Which preposition to use with firing

Instantly, I turned, and, aiming quickly, fired in the direction of the sound.

The brief nights, appeared to have lost the proper darkness of night; so that the hair-like fire of the flying stars, showed but dimly.

Instantly, I raised my gun and fired at the foremost, who plunged head-long, with a hideous howling.

In the winter the fire on the hearth warmed him; in the summer he had a cool resting place, and he was cheerful and merry through all the long year.

Some days before the meeting of the Congress the old Emperor had been wounded in the arm by a nihilist, Nobiling, who Fired from a window when the Emperor was passing in an open carriage.

He had an electric machine brought to him, by means of which he set fire to a few grains of gunpowder; this lighted some tinder, which again ignited spirits, whose blaze reached the lower extremity of his lamp.

At this time he was present at the coronation of the poet Petrarch in the Capitol, and was fired with admiration for the second greatest poet of that day.

Wal, one afternoon, we put up a shanty in an open spot two miles from our regular campin' ground, and built our fire for the night.

Now it wont be a matter to boast of, to say that we three fired into one bear, and that none of the largest."

The first warning we had that they were infesting that part of the country was the firing of shots and the whoops and yells from a party of them, who, catching us napping, gave us a most unwelcome surprise.

Behind him the hills, leaving the struggling little wood far down the slope, went up and up into dimness, reaching to the near-by stars, and looking down to the far-off camp fire by the great ice-river's edge.

The men point the big muzzles with intrepid equanimity, firing over the prostrate blue coats.

For some time he propped himself up against a house and, leaning on his rifle, continued encouraging his men, who were soon firing through the port-holes as well as over the top.

We lit a fire without fear, for the smoke was hid in the cedar branches, and some of us roasted corn-cakes.

She lifted her head from the fire as one who takes careful note of instructions.

British Heavy guns had never fired under such conditions before and, for the benefit of such of my readers as may be practical Artillerymen, it may be interesting to remark that for one of our targets the angle of sight, properly so called, worked out at more than twenty degrees, while the map-range elevation was only about fifteen.

"Furrst ye dig a pit," O'Flynn had said airily, stretched out before the fire after dinner.

I had to creep out many times to the fire during the night, for it was biting cold and I had no blankets.

The stars showed now, merely as fine hairs of fire against the dark.

Further from the sun, they became thin lines of vivid fire within the violet.

But the Nigger sprang across the fire like lightning, his face altered by terror, to seize Darrow by the shoulders.

She was laying the fire before the tent; and the morning freshness had cleared from her face any vestige of the trouble of the night before; and in the slant light her hair was glorious, all ruffling gold, semitransparent.

It was as if a gun had been fired among them; for a moment they were struck still with terror, and then all together turned and fled, going away with three very long hops, and then opening wide their great wings they launched themselves on the air.

He watched the fire until the last embers of it died out, and then cautiously dragged himself from under the snag.

We rowed in, constructed a hasty fireplace of stones, spread our blankets, and built an unnecessary fire near the beach.

Spouted out considerable fire about nine o'clock.

If you'd only have taken education, Charley, and not got fired out of all the academies, my boy would beat 'em all.

These come with thunder and the play of live fire along the rocks.

Then, howe'er crowns and coronets be rent, A virtuous populace may rise the while, And stand a wall of fire around their much-loved isle.

With increased size, its color became more impressive; reminding me of a huge emerald, scintillating rays of fire across the world.

The firing in that quarter may even lead to a Reign in Paris such as France has not lately seen.

It was a little later, that I noticed that the sun had begun to have the suspicion of a trail of fire behind it.

Now it is doubtless true that we inhale more oxygen, or at least inhale it less drenched with damp, than the people of Europe, and are, therefore, more emphatically children of fire than they.

As that day ended, which the Italians always afterwards spoke of as "il giorno quindici" (the fifteenth day), the firing on both sides in our sector slackened, though our guns were seldom silent for more than an hour at a time, and the Austrians still carried out sudden bursts of vicious fire in our neighbourhood.

At 8 A.M. the firing from the former ceased, and the attack commenced.

Soldiers rushed from their tents, squinting up into the heavens until the speck was discovered, swimming slowly through the air; then followed wholesale firing at an impossible range until the officers forbade it.

He was certain that no shot had been fired inside the house from the time the prisoner entered the house until he left.

The Tahitian families were cooking their breakfasts, brought from the market, on little fires outside their houses.

When they crouched down again, with the damped-out fire between them, a sense of utter loneliness fell upon each man's heart.

Then the fire beneath his brows died out and a mist obscured his sight.

The ancient Persians named the month of November, Adur or fire Adur, according to Richardson was the angel presiding over that element, in consequence of which, on the ninth, his name-day, the country blazed all around with flaming piles, whilst the magi, by the injunction of Zoroaster, visited with great solemnity all the temples of fire throughout the empire; which, on this occasion, were adorned and illuminated in a most splendid manner.

After waiting several minutes in inaction, a musket, or rifle, was fired towards the Hut, as if to try the effect of a summons and the range of a bullet.

Finally the classic "old carved oak" triumphed in the dining-room, where a heavily gilded hanging lamp flashed like fire above the table, dazzling in its whiteness.

Every upcoming trend is followed by the entire world because it spreads like fire due to digital use.

The firemen, who had arrived from all parts, even from Belgium, and honest citizens who joined them, worked to extinguish the fires amid showers of bullets.

By the camp-fire below on the hillside the shepherds on watch were rousing themselves.

We knew the reason for their hurry, for since daylight the sound of heavy firing to the south and southwest, across the border in the neighborhood of Maubeuge, had been plainly audible.

He got up with the words, tweaked Gracie's hair, caressed Jeanie's, and strolled across to the fire beside which Avery sat with her work.

Both were occupied after desperate resistance by the Belgians and Visรฉ was partly demolished by fire in reprisal, it was claimed, for the firing by civilians on the German invaders.

No doubt most of you will have noticed the satisfactory results obtained by Mr. Hack, of the Saltley Gas Works, Birmingham, and by Mr. McMinn, of Kensal Green, with the furnaces employed by them for gaseous firing without recuperation, whereby they are enabled to save fuel and carbonize more coal per mouthpiece than with the old system.

As they talked, the fire beyond them gave definite signs of yielding.

and our worthy grand-fathers used to take a dose of it every night in their lives, before going to bed, till doctor Cheyne alarmed them by the information, that they were pouring liquid fire down their throats.

clean away, Tenie useter go down ter de woods at night en turn 'im back, en den dey 'd slip up ter de cabin en set by de fire en talk.

"To prove your dense ignorance, you yellow-bellied dragoon, let me ask you a simple question: When a shell is fired toward you can you see it coming?" "Certainly.

During the day there had been some unusually brisk firing along the river, near enough to cause regiments that had never been under fire to prick up a thousand pairs of ears and listen.

The rifle should be cleaned as soon as the firing for the day is completed.

And by divers looks and actions, the sense of which I did but dimly discern at the time, did these youths endeavor in numberless ways to kindle in my heart the fire wherewith their own hearts glowedfire that was destined, not to warm, but rather to consume me also in the future more than it ever has burned another woman; and by many of these young men was I sought in marriage with most fervid and passionate entreaty.

Do you ride on a horse, and can you fire off the cannon?

For fights are few, and, in this thick bush country, frequently degenerate into blind firing into a blinder bush; but the "jigger" flea is with the soldier always.

But with the game on the line and a losing streak of six behind them, the Eagles had a fire underneath them that the Catamounts simply couldnโ€™t match.

For one thing, it is commanded by the heights of the Misericordia; and there was, in fact, some long-range firing between the insurgents and the Guardia Municipal stationed on that eminence.

As the sun goes down to-night it resembles a great ship on fire amidst the breakers on a rockbound coast; for the western sky is dashed with fleecy clouds, like the spray that beats against the chalk cliffs on the shore of the mighty Atlantic; and amid the last plunges of the doomed vessel the spray is tinged redder and redder, ere with her human cargo she disappears amid the surf.

A certain Gaul before the gate of the town, who was casting into the fire opposite the turret balls of tallow and fire which were passed along to him, was pierced with a dart on the right side and fell dead.

Louisiana based US Fire Pump Company, the premier emergency response team in the world has been contracted for firefighting services; in response to a large scale fire aboard the United States Navy Vessel USS Bonhomme Richard.

The great difficulty in quick firing with the pistol lies in the fact that when the front sight is brought upon the mark, the rear sight is often found to be outside the line joining the eye with the mark.

It was a roaring blaze, for the wood was so dry that it flamed as though soaked in oil, and tumbled a mass of yellow fire up the chimney.

[The N.S. fires againwithout results.

Each man, independently of the others, comes to the READY, aims carefully and deliberately ut the aiming point or target, FIRES, LOADS, and continues the firing until ordered to SUSPEND or CEASE FIRING.

NBC News announces Hoda Kotb will be the co-anchor of the first two hours of the โ€œTodayโ€ show, replacing Matt Lauer following his firing due to sexual misconduct allegations.

There was a grand machine for roasting, that carried the fire round the meat, the juices of which, he said, by a rotary motion, would be thrown to the surface, and either evaporate or be deteriorated.

Orange pixels show as many as 10 fires, while red areas show as few as 1 fire per day.

Tracing the firing across the street, the remaining officers entered a bakery-shop where they found several men and a woman, all armed.

He walked with her to the hotel, though he took the precaution to take his hat off his head and hang it on his finger, and twirl it round, as if laughing at it himselfback-firing against the ridicule of others.

Mueller listed Comey's firing as one of 11 instances Trump committed possible obstruction of justice.

Mbappe clinched his double on 65 minutes firing past Gurtnerโ€™s near-post.

Driver Perry Morris was hired and fired via text message last year when he worked for small trucking company Sharda Transport.

The fire onboard the vessel was extinguished at approximately 10 p.m. Friday after the vessel broke apart and sunk, the Coast Guard said.

Emboldened by their numbers and by his apparent defenceless situation, they were following up the attack by a nearer approach, when he fired amongst them, and for a moment stopped their advance.

Perhaps it was the firing off of the guns; but more probably it was because the play once got him into trouble.