Which preposition to use with firing

of Occurrences 1679%

The brief nights, appeared to have lost the proper darkness of night; so that the hair-like fire of the flying stars, showed but dimly.

in Occurrences 1431%

Instantly, I turned, and, aiming quickly, fired in the direction of the sound.

at Occurrences 972%

Instantly, I raised my gun and fired at the foremost, who plunged head-long, with a hideous howling.

on Occurrences 766%

In the winter the fire on the hearth warmed him; in the summer he had a cool resting place, and he was cheerful and merry through all the long year.

from Occurrences 571%

Some days before the meeting of the Congress the old Emperor had been wounded in the arm by a nihilist, Nobiling, who Fired from a window when the Emperor was passing in an open carriage.

to Occurrences 568%

He had an electric machine brought to him, by means of which he set fire to a few grains of gunpowder; this lighted some tinder, which again ignited spirits, whose blaze reached the lower extremity of his lamp.

with Occurrences 526%

At this time he was present at the coronation of the poet Petrarch in the Capitol, and was fired with admiration for the second greatest poet of that day.

for Occurrences 283%

Wal, one afternoon, we put up a shanty in an open spot two miles from our regular campin' ground, and built our fire for the night.

into Occurrences 179%

Now it wont be a matter to boast of, to say that we three fired into one bear, and that none of the largest.

of Occurrences 115%

The first warning we had that they were infesting that part of the country was the firing of shots and the whoops and yells from a party of them, who, catching us napping, gave us a most unwelcome surprise.

by Occurrences 113%

Shortly before three o'clock, Jack Farley, who was then on guard, and sitting on the foot of the bed, with his back to the prisoners, was kicked clear into the fire by Williams, and the next moment Bevins, who had got hold of his shoeswhich I had thought were out of his reachsprang up and jumped over the fire, and started on a run.

over Occurrences 87%

The men point the big muzzles with intrepid equanimity, firing over the prostrate blue coats.

through Occurrences 86%

For some time he propped himself up against a house and, leaning on his rifle, continued encouraging his men, who were soon firing through the port-holes as well as over the top.

without Occurrences 76%

We lit a fire without fear, for the smoke was hid in the cedar branches, and some of us roasted corn-cakes.

as Occurrences 61%

She lifted her head from the fire as one who takes careful note of instructions.

under Occurrences 55%

British Heavy guns had never fired under such conditions before and, for the benefit of such of my readers as may be practical Artillerymen, it may be interesting to remark that for one of our targets the angle of sight, properly so called, worked out at more than twenty degrees, while the map-range elevation was only about fifteen.

against Occurrences 50%

The stars showed now, merely as fine hairs of fire against the dark.

within Occurrences 44%

Further from the sun, they became thin lines of vivid fire within the violet.

like Occurrences 39%

But the Nigger sprang across the fire like lightning, his face altered by terror, to seize Darrow by the shoulders.

among Occurrences 38%

It was as if a gun had been fired among them; for a moment they were struck still with terror, and then all together turned and fled, going away with three very long hops, and then opening wide their great wings they launched themselves on the air.

before Occurrences 37%

She was laying the fire before the tent; and the morning freshness had cleared from her face any vestige of the trouble of the night before; and in the slant light her hair was glorious, all ruffling gold, semitransparent.

about Occurrences 32%

"I told you of the circle of fire about Professor Schermerhorn's waist the day he gave me such a scare.

until Occurrences 32%

Now make a thickening of butter and flour, put it to the sauce, stir it over the fire until perfectly smooth and mellow, add the lemon-juice, give one boil, when it will be ready for table.

during Occurrences 30%

I had to creep out many times to the fire during the night, for it was biting cold and I had no blankets.

out Occurrences 26%

If you'd only have taken education, Charley, and not got fired out of all the academies, my boy would beat 'em all.

Which preposition to use with  firing