Which preposition to use with  fishes

Which preposition to use with fishes

"They've a curious fish in the St. Lawrence," said the doctor, as he knocked the ashes from his meerschaum, and refilled it, "known among the fishermen of that river as the LAWYER.

Returning to the village, we made a good feed off our day's spoil, after which, having selected a few of the finer fish for our breakfast, we presented the remainder to the group of villagers who had assembled at a respectful distance to watch our doings.

Here and there in the sea a glint of silver, a patch of purple, or dull red, or a glistening apparition of black showed where the unintended victims of the explosion, the gay-hued open-sea fish of the warm waters, had succumbed to the force of the shock.

Season a fish with salt, pepper, some grated green ginger and curry-powder.

These are a very different fish from the speckled trout of the streams and rivers.

There was no mention of going out fishing on either of our parts.

He caught one fine fish at the first throw, and took it for granted that he was going to have a good time of it among the trout.

Remove the fish to a platter; mix the sauce with 1 tablespoonful of brown sugar, a pinch of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and the juice of a lemon.

The following morning the strange piece of stuff was fished out of the soap, all the brighter for the boiling.

Cut two kinds of fish into slices; season with salt.

We supplied ourselves with fish by casting across the mouth of the little stream, while our boatmen were preparing a fire.

It is a small grey heron, that lights down among the grass and weeds to hunt for small frogs and such little fish as swim along the shore.

We're white duffers, and can't get fish through the ice.

"The man contented with his lot, a meal Of fish without Ho carp can make; Nor needs, to rest in his domestic joy, A Tsze of Sung as wife to take.

It sinks to the sea bed, lies on one side, and becomes a flat fish like its parents.

But not content with such absurdities, which destroyed the very idea of liberty, they asserted that these stars, which had not the least connection with mankind, governed all the parts of the human body, and ridiculously affirmed that the ram presided over the head, the bull over the gullet, the twins over the breast, the scorpion over the entrails, the fishes over the feet, etc.

He is far more interested in chatting with his customers about fish than making money selling them.

There is a story of a farmer who, on seeing thousands and thousands of Jelly-fish along the shore, thought he would make use of them.

The men and everybody would go fishing after work.

Across the fields they went, and in a little while they came to a place where was a pond, in which they used to fish during the summer.

When a richer stock is wanted, fry the vegetables and fish before adding the water.

Bandy-legs was seen to work his lips as though his month fairly watered at the pleasing prospect; for those who are fond of the dish say that frogs' legs are more delicate than the best spring chicken, with just a little taste of fish about them that rather adds to the piquancy.

THE LOVE OF FISH among the ancient Romans rose to a real mania.

Sinns of the flesh they are perfect in; they know well enough what belongs to Adultery and simple fornication, but you would much improve and oblige the practise of the Court, if you could bring this sinne of fish under the Commission.

Muskwa perceived no signs of enmity, and then to his increased astonishment Thor began eating a fish within three feet of the interloper!

We saw the fish near the entrance, and coral and sea growths of marvellous vividness.

It seemed so strange to her that Jervis Ferrars should go off to the rough, dangerous work of fishing off the shores of the inhospitable Twins if he were really engaged to Mary.

Salmon and Salmon-Trout(29,000 boxes, 14 fish per box) 406,000 3,480,000 Turbot, from 8 to 16 lbs.

Shell the crayfish, and put the fish between two plates until they are wanted; pound the shells in a mortar, with the butter and anchovies; when well beaten, add a pint of stock, and simmer for 3/4 of an hour.

Decade x. Preliminary Essay upon the Systematic Arrangement of the Fishes of the Devonian Epoch.

I hate to see clever girls wasting themselves on society, waiting and waiting, and we fellows swimming about just like fish around a hook that isn't baited properly."

The Loaves and Fishes in the Lad's Basket too Few.

The fisherman, taking hold of the upper ends of the poles, pushes the net, which is held obliquely before him, and the wooden shoes cause it to slide over the stones, while another person drives the fish towards him.

In the "First Day" we have an ingenious vindication of fly fishing against the well-known satire of Johnson and Lord Byron, and the following: Halieus.

Manuel half drew his sword to attack this serpentine design, with which Miramon Lluagor made sleeping terrible for the red tribes that hunt and fish behind the Hesperides.

They never use their nets between All Saints' and St. Martin's, as they would be certain not to take any fish throughout the year.

The fish across the sea, Thou wouldst descend, e'en as thou art, And truly happy be!

The fish below swam to and fro, Attack'd from every quarter: Why, sure, thought they, the devil's to pay 'Mongst folks above the water.

On enquiry, Cook found that the Master and five petty officers, fishing beyond the usual limits, were approached by two canoes in what they thought was a threatening manner and had fired to keep them off.

With our glasses we could make out the heads of seals fishing outside the surf, and a ragged belt of kelp.

Put in a well-greased broiler, placing the thickest parts of the fish toward the middle or back of the broiler.

I hope you haven't brought out many fresh hands with you, for I smell the stock-fish aboard a Baltic-man, who is coming down with the trades, and who can't be more than a hundred leagues from this; I shall therefore have but little time to overhaul your people, in order to give them their papers.

In a short time they had anchored the Flying Fish opposite the camp, and jumped into the dinghy left at her moorings when they embarked.

The defence was that he was not fishing inside the boundary because the scallops had been caught outside of it.

He said he would go fishing down the river and take a swim.

"Before the next July he had made sure of one plant at least on his side of the signpost; and fished beside it day after day, fearful lest some animal should browse upon it.

" The Indian manifested a readiness to assist every project of the Irishman, and he now advised him to fish by all means, urging that they should proceed to the river at once.

The sound, which lines the fish beneath the backbone, is considered a delicacy, as are also the gelatinous parts about the head and neck.

ALTHOUGH NATURALISTS HAVE DIVIDED FISHES into two great tribes, the osseous and the cartilaginous, yet the distinction is not very precise; for the first have a great deal of cartilage, and the second, at any rate, a portion of calcareous matter in their bones.

There were no fish above its surface, but the Onondaga claimed it was due to the fact that the lake was covered with ice which of course kept them down, and which crowded them excessively, and very uncomfortably.