Which preposition to use with fleshes

of Occurrences 450%

That the vulgar also believe the moon, according to its age, to have particular effects on the flesh of slaughtered animals; and that all sailors distinguish between a wet and a dry day, according to the position of the crescent.

in Occurrences 78%

" Again, "Three things a superior should guard against:(1) against the lusts of the flesh in his earlier years while the vital powers are not fully developed and fixed; (2) against the spirit of combativeness when he has come to the age of robust manhood and when the vital powers are matured and strong, and (3) against ambitiousness when old age has come on and the vital powers have become weak and decayed.

on Occurrences 50%

" John Dillon was like the majority, tall, lean, muscular, not an ounce of superfluous flesh on his bones, a face almost gaunt in its clearness of cut, a thin straight nose, chin not heavy

from Occurrences 48%

so will I shake the flesh from thy bones!"

with Occurrences 47%

And now, indeed, Beltane became aware of a cold wind, foul and noisome, a deadly, clammy air breathing of things corrupt, chilling the flesh with swift unthinking dread; and, halting in disgust, he looked about him left and right.

for Occurrences 39%

I remarked their fierce, dark faces, and the long knives with which they slashed and trimmed the flesh for their boucanning.

to Occurrences 34%

Though they burn my flesh to ashes yet doth my soul live on forever.

into Occurrences 20%

From beneath the sternly and too starched white shirtwaist and the unwilted linen cravat wound high about her throat and sustained there with a rhinestone horseshoe, it was as if a wave of color had started deep down, rushing up under milky flesh into her hair.

as Occurrences 20%

The lungs will send out from the body as many of the atoms of exhausted and dead flesh as the oxygen we give them will convert into carbonic acid and water, and this is all they can do.

at Occurrences 15%

Fastened as I was in the stocks, I could only stand and take lash after lash, as long as he desired, the terrible rawhide cutting into my flesh at every stroke.

like Occurrences 14%

A second and a third time he sprang the length of the leash into the night, and the babiche cord about his neck cut into his flesh like a knife.

than Occurrences 9%

Ducks reared exclusively on vegetable diet will have a whiter and more delicate flesh than those allowed to feed on animal offal; while the flesh of birds fattened on the latter food, will be firmer than that of those which have only partaken of food of a vegetable nature.

by Occurrences 9%

Travellers and sportsmen say that the male eland is unapproached in the quality of his flesh by any ruminant in South Africa; that it grows to an enormous size, and lays on fat with as great facility as a true short-horn; while in texture and flavour it is infinitely superior.

off Occurrences 8%

In one place he saw some gamins cutting huge pieces of flesh off the dead body of a horse that was lying in the path.

about Occurrences 7%

Just above the knuckles were two tiny incisions, with a drop or two of blood oozing away from them, and the flesh about them swollen and discoloured.

without Occurrences 5%

No one can part with his own flesh without pain; is not this true, fellow?"

around Occurrences 4%

The flesh around his eyes was puffier than it had been yesterday.

beneath Occurrences 3%

Now, on the hilltop, every nerve in his forelegs quivered in memory of the feel of live flesh beneath his stamping hoofs.

against Occurrences 3%

They favor the delights of the flesh against those of the spirit, 481.

between Occurrences 3%

The carcass is next divided into two sides in the following manner:The ribs are divided about an inch from the spine on each side, and the spine, with the ends of the ribs attached, together with the internal flesh between it and the kidneys, and also the flesh above it, throughout the whole length of the sides, are removed.

within Occurrences 3%

He was not a fighter, but a murderer who killed from behind, and a little later he leaped upon an owl and tore it into bits for the half-pound of flesh within the mass of feathers.

until Occurrences 2%

Dubedat, in The Doctor's Dilemma, is not revealed to us in the flesh until the second act.

above Occurrences 2%

By this time the shoes he wore had rubbed the skin off his toes and cut into the flesh above the heels.

out Occurrences 1%

The vultures when they reached their nest were unwilling to eat the flesh of the children they had reared, so they set fire to their nest; but as the flames rose high, some juice spirted out from the burning flesh on to the vultures and they tasted it and found it so good that they pulled the rest of the flesh out of the flames and ate it, and from that time vultures feed on human bodies.

over Occurrences 1%

Two of the men had been wounded, but only very slightly in clean flesh wounds: one through the arm and one in the flesh over the upper ribs.

Which preposition to use with  fleshes