Which preposition to use with flew

to Occurrences 884%

They had scarcely left the house before I flew to the garden with a book in my hand, and passing as before to the shrubbery, I buried myself in a close thicket at one end of it.

from Occurrences 722%

He was indeed not averse to society, though he had seemed thus to fly from it; and was so great a favourite with his neighbours, that his cell would have been thronged with visitors, but for the difficulty of the approach to it.

in Occurrences 462%

We see a great ship swims as well as a small cork; and an eagle flies in the air, as well as a little gnat.

into Occurrences 320%

The pieces of lunarium were fastened in like manner to screws, which passed through the top of the machine; so that by turning them in one direction, those metallic pieces would fly into the air with the velocity of a rocket.

over Occurrences 288%

Its banner flies over every country and has been carried through tribulation, through sorrow, through danger, and through death to the remotest parts of the yet-known world.

at Occurrences 286%

There was no lack of trout, for one rose to the fly at every cast.

with Occurrences 239%

A new motor has been harnessed into the service of man, and made to fly with his messages swifter than sound?

through Occurrences 172%

Silently flying through the darkened air, swirling, glinting, to their appointed places, they seem to have taken counsel together, saying, "Come, we are feeble; let us help one another.

about Occurrences 133%

* Prussicos odi, puer, apparatus,as old NAP said to young NAP, when the Teutonic bullets flew about them at Saarbruck.

on Occurrences 129%

He, flying on golden plumage throughout his realms, with such swiftness that his passage can hardly be discerned, visits them all in turn, and, bending his strong bow, to the drawn string he fits the arrows forged by me and tempered in the fountains sacred to my divinity.

for Occurrences 119%

Jumpin' to my feet I made things fly for a minuit, pilin' up the killed and wounded in a promiscous heap.

out Occurrences 109%

She's not a particular friend of mineI don't care for her much.' Bruce didn't hear the last words, for he was flying out of the door.

like Occurrences 103%

The horses flew like lightning along the intervening path, and drew up at the door all panting, as if they had run a race.

across Occurrences 81%

"One throw more," said Smith, "and I've done;" and he cast his fly across the still water just above the fall.

before Occurrences 70%

And false it was, since it always flew before him as he ran, so that although he often seemed to be getting nearer to it he could never quite overtake it.

by Occurrences 69%

A month full of happy days had flown by when Evadne and her father returned one morning from a long tramp in search of specimens.

down Occurrences 48%

The youngsters turned and flew down the stairs at break-neck speed, and hardly had they started when the door of the "Main-top" was flung open, and its two occupants rushed down after them.

toward Occurrences 45%

"Gentle tame falcon of mine, Rise in thy flight, spread out thy wings, If thou art my friend do me this service; To-morrow, ere ever the rise of the sun, Fly toward her house; there alight On the window of my gracious beauty.

past Occurrences 41%

In passing through a narrow gorge, I once drove one ahead of me from rapid to rapid, disturbing him four times in quick succession where he could not very well fly past me on account of the narrowness of the channel.

above Occurrences 36%

Pardner, we'll be in Minóok by supper-ti" The words hadn't left his lips when he saw, a few yards in front of them, a faint cloud of steam rising up from the icethat dim danger-signal that flies above an air-hole.

towards Occurrences 35%

Not waiting to see if he recovered, I turned Brigham, and in a moment we were again fairly flying towards our destination; we had urgent business about that time, and were in a hurry to get there.

around Occurrences 34%

" In a few minutes we heard two or three shots in the direction in which our dispatch courier had gone, and soon after we saw him come flying around the bend of the creek, pursued by four or five Indians.

along Occurrences 34%

For a time the possibility of charging into a biplane gives zest to our progress, as we fly along the road which cuts the aerodrome; but, alack!

of Occurrences 33%

In case his readers should not be familiar with the animal, the accompanying drawing will give an admirable idea of the celebrated black-fly of the Adirondacks, which, with the grizzly bear and the rattlesnake, occupies the front rank among American ferocious animals.

after Occurrences 33%

We turned our horses and ran, the bullets flying after us thick and fastmy whip being shot from my hand and daylight being put through the crown of my hat.

Which preposition to use with  flew