Which preposition to use with floating

in Occurrences 464%

This feeling of contentment, increased, so that I would have been satisfied to float in company with those celestial globules, forever.

on Occurrences 326%

As our distance increased, the face of the moon became of a lighter and more uniform tint, until at length it looked like one vast lake of melted silver, with here and there small pieces of greyish dross floating on it.

over Occurrences 140%

You have floated over the beautiful lakes and along the pleasant rivers of that broad wilderness lying between the majestic St. Lawrence and Lake Champlain.

about Occurrences 100%

Are there accidents floating about among the paths marked out on the chart of life by the Deity, which jostle his creatures from the destiny intended for them?

through Occurrences 80%

It appeared to float through the trees, and there was a rustle of stirring leaves, and then silence.

down Occurrences 76%

Strange, how some men forge their way to the front, while the rest of us just float down the stream of mediocrity.

from Occurrences 71%

The yellow flag floated from an immense tent near the roadway.

like Occurrences 67%

It was about as big as the floor of a large room, all rough, black, and slippery, with the seaweed floating like ragged hair many yards long around it, and right in the middle of the raft there was a large hole where the wood had rotted away.

to Occurrences 62%

The music ceased for a moment, and then two manly voices, of great depth and power, came floating to our ears to the words: "'Farewell!

before Occurrences 55%

Like a flash floated before him the exquisite loveliness of Ida Heron.

with Occurrences 42%

A signal for silence was given, and the boats were permitted to float with the current in the direction of the precipice.

at Occurrences 38%

If it still continues bitter, the process should be repeated; and, before being used, all the water floating at the top must be poured off.

above Occurrences 36%

The most influential of the grasses composing the sod is a delicate calamagrostis with fine filiform leaves, and loose, airy panicles that seem to float above the flowery lawn like a purple mist.

across Occurrences 35%

Gradually, I found that I was being borne forward, floating across the flat waste.

into Occurrences 33%

He pushed his magnificent float into a large storage locker behind the palace.

by Occurrences 31%

They had looked forward eagerly to the first encounter with their kind, but this vision floating by on the treacherous ice, of men who rather dared the current and the crash of contending floes than land where they were, seemed of evil augury.

of Occurrences 25%

Reader, were you and I gifted with the spirit of poetry, what inspiration would we not gather from the glories which surround us, as we float of a summer evening over these beautiful lakes, sleeping away out here, in all their virgin loveliness, among these old primeval things?

along Occurrences 24%

I have been within fair shooting distance of twenty in a single afternoon while floating along one of those rivers, and have counted upwards of forty in view at the same time, feeding along the margin of one of the beautiful lakes hid away in the deep forest.

around Occurrences 22%

This floating around town as one of the idle rich is all to the peaches for a while, but as a continuous performance it makes a poor showing.

for Occurrences 22%

"Shallow-draught, coasting tank; goes anywhere she'll float for twenty tons of freight.

out Occurrences 17%

Long before the machine itself could be seen, its whanging, resonant hum would come floating out of the blazing sky, seemingly from everywhere at once.

near Occurrences 16%

Robert's hat fell off and floated near the shore; but his horse swam straight across.

past Occurrences 16%

They floated past me, continually.

among Occurrences 15%

Later, there was no doubt but that I was being carried closer to the red spheres, and, presently, I floated among them.

between Occurrences 12%

Thy Bucentaur is no longer the bravest craft that floats between Dalmatia and the islands, though her gilding may glitter brightest.

Which preposition to use with  floating