Which preposition to use with flows

of Occurrences 739%

After the first rush, the flow of water eased down to a steady stream, maybe a foot in depth; though I could not see this, until I had procured one of the lighted candles, and, with it, started to reconnoiter.

from Occurrences 643%

Under our feet run magnetic currents that flow from pole to pole.

into Occurrences 398%

He had just been hearing from a friend of the very brilliant season at Deauville this year, and the streams of gold that flowed into the caisse of the management of the new hotel and casino.

in Occurrences 356%

The one we entered flows in a tortuous course through a natural meadow, stretching away on either hand forty or fifty rods, to a dense forest of spruce, maple, and beech, above which gigantic pines stand stately and tall in their pride.

through Occurrences 274%

Well, last summer, I was out that way among the lakes that lie sleeping in beauty, and along the streams that flow through the old woods, playing the savage and vagabondizing in a promiscuous way.

with Occurrences 126%

In many places the current is less than a fourth of an inch deep, and flows with so little friction it is scarcely visible.

to Occurrences 105%

The time will undoubtedly come when the entire area of this noble valley will be tilled like a garden, when the fertilizing waters of the mountains, now flowing to the sea, will be distributed to every acre, giving rise to prosperous towns, wealth, arts, etc.

over Occurrences 89%

This fragmentary ice-sheet, and the immense glaciers about Mount St. Elias, together with the multitude of separate river-like glaciers that load the slopes of the coast mountains, evidently once formed part of a continuous ice-sheet that flowed over all the region hereabouts, and only a comparatively short time ago extended as far southward as the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, probably farther.

on Occurrences 77%

I wanted to be free and comfortable for a month; to lay around loose in a promiscuous way among the hills, where beautiful lakes lay sleeping in their quiet loveliness; where the rivers flow on their everlasting course through primeval forests; where the moose, the deer, the panther and the wolf still range, and where the speckled trout sport in the crystal waters.

like Occurrences 54%

These cliff-bound glaciers, seemingly wedged and immovable, are flowing like water and grinding the rocks beneath them.

out Occurrences 52%

"On the west side of this range he found a river flowing out of what he called Mayhew Lake, and crossing this got to the head of Beaver River, which he descended as before mentioned.

down Occurrences 45%

" Quick color flowed down her open throat and into her shirtwaist.

at Occurrences 39%

On August 21, I set a series of stakes in the Maclure Glacier, near Mount Lyell, and found its rate of motion to be little more than an inch a day in the middle, showing a great contrast to the Muir Glacier in Alaska, which, near the front, flows at a rate of from five to ten feet in twenty-four hours.

between Occurrences 38%

It is a kind of murky drain, which, flowing between, catches the refuse from Fifth Avenue and the leavings from Broadway.

by Occurrences 37%

Is the current of progress to flow by them for ever, bearing no reforms which shall affect them?

for Occurrences 30%

It flows for miles through a low and marshy region, with dense alderbushes clustering along the shore, and scattering fir-trees, dead at the top, standing between these and the forests in the background.

past Occurrences 30%

After a little a tiny stream, growing each moment, began to flow past my feet.

along Occurrences 25%

Cold air should never be admitted under the doors, or at the bottom of a room, unless it be close to the fire or stove; for it will flow along the floor towards the fireplace, and thus leave the foul air in the upper part of the room, unpurified, cooling, at the same time, unpleasantly and injuriously, the feet and legs of the inmates.

as Occurrences 23%

Life flows as a dreamits pleasures are dear:

towards Occurrences 22%

The real Burns, though indeed a genius of song, was far better read than the expectant world wished to believe, particularly in those whom he called his "bosom favorites," the sentimentalists Mackenzie and Sterne; and his sense of rhythm and melody had been trained by his emulation of earlier Scotch lyricists, whose lilting cadences flow towards him as highland rills to the gathering torrent.

under Occurrences 15%

Nights, viewed from one of the seventeen windows, it was as if the river flowed under a sullen sheath which undulated to its curves.

across Occurrences 14%

He would hold on until the rising tide flowed across the tug.

toward Occurrences 12%

Every drop of sap in the tree flows toward foliage and fruit.

about Occurrences 12%

In the case of Lepidus a serpent coiled about a centurion's sword and a wolf that entered his camp and his tent while he was eating dinner and knocked down the table indicated at once power and disappointment as a result of power: in that of Antony milk flowing about the ramparts and a kind of chant echoing about at night signified gladness of heart and destruction succeeding it.

around Occurrences 11%

And I smiled to think God's greatness flowed around our incompleteness, Round our restlessness, his rest.

Which preposition to use with  flows