Which preposition to use with fooles

of Occurrences 484%

"There," said Spalding, "is the biggest, or what was the biggest fool of a deer in these woods.

in Occurrences 156%

Now, however, it seemed to me that we were to be treated to a second dose of mutiny, and this one more serious than the first, for, in case these fools in the fort succeeded in badgering Colonel Gansevoort as the others had the general, then would nearly a thousand men be given over to the savage foe, whom we knew full well would show no mercy.

with Occurrences 83%

'Are you playing the fool with me?' She nodded amiably in the manner of a person perfectly deaf, but who is pretending to hear.

for Occurrences 73%

He'll turn up all right and probably call you a fool for your pains.

to Occurrences 39%

" "Virgil the poet," said a priest, who had long laboured under the suspicion of occult practices, "was a fool to Virgil the enchanter.

about Occurrences 29%

I wonder at myself, I can't understand how in the world I can be such a fool about you.

at Occurrences 27%

I was fooling at the stern rail and I toppled overboard.

like Occurrences 25%

She preferred fools, you see, but she would never have cared for a middle-aged penniless fool like me.

as Occurrences 24%

O verily, my song is a foolish song or the song of a fool, for fool am I, forsootha love-lorn fool; a doleful fool, a very fool of fools, that in my foolish folly hath set his foolish heart on thing beyond reach of such base fool as I. In a word, tall brother, I'm a fool, videliceta lover!"

on Occurrences 22%

Fool on your face!

by Occurrences 18%

According to my mind, such of the Indians as remained sober, if there were any, would be in their own lodges, and because we had had such singular success in our scout thus far was no reason why we might not suddenly find ourselves face to face with the gravest danger, if we acted the fools by poking our noses among the camps of the savages.

than Occurrences 18%

Sir George Colmar, I can tell thee, was a greater fool than thy friend, if she had it all for nothing.

out Occurrences 17%

She makes fools of usshe makes a fool out of you!" She dared not meet the glance of Lord Nick.

into Occurrences 11%

Snodgrass was fooled into striking out, but Murray smashed the ball to center field for a single, and sent two men over the rubber, Murray was caught at second trying to get around the bases while Doyle was going home.

from Occurrences 5%

Erasmus vindicates fools from this melancholy catalogue, because they have most part moist brains and light hearts; [1056]they are free from ambition, envy, shame and fear; they are neither troubled in conscience, nor macerated with cares, to which our whole life is most subject.

around Occurrences 5%

Abe Johnson shot him; he was fooling around Johnson's wife, an' Tom sold me the mine dirt cheap.

over Occurrences 4%

Blossy allers was a fool over anything that wore breeches.

without Occurrences 3%

I have been as a fool without understanding.

of Occurrences 3%

And we fooles of Nature, So horridly to shake our disposition, With thoughts beyond thee; reaches of our Soules,

within Occurrences 3%

Moreover, he was modest and simple, and no fool within the bounds of his experience.

in Occurrences 2%

[else] and cloathes the foole in sackcloath during his life.

through Occurrences 2%

The gold turned all our heads, no doubt, but we can't be fools through it.

before Occurrences 2%

Oh, may I become altogether a babe and a fool before myself, and, if it must be, before others!

among Occurrences 2%

In sum, he is a monster among men, a Jew among Christians, a fool among wise men, and a devil among saints.

amongst Occurrences 1%

She said, "There are fools amongst them, and the fools we see, like that Amadan of Ballylee, go away with them at night, and so do the woman fools that we call Oinseachs (apes)."

Which preposition to use with  fooles