Which preposition to use with framework

of Occurrences 173%

The snow must have blown in through the open framework of the windows.

for Occurrences 13%

To this coat, which serves as a kind of framework for the eye, are attached the muscles which move the eyeball.

on Occurrences 7%

Q.Will you describe the structure of the framework on which the boiler and its attachments rest, and in which the wheels are set?

with Occurrences 5%

Under their cup-like chins the beavers brought from the banks a mixture of mud and fine twigs, carrying from half a pound to a pound at a load and began filling up the framework with it.

in Occurrences 5%

The pitiless light went into me like a knife; but even my cries were stopped by the framework in which I was bound.

through Occurrences 2%

But between the solid wall of the dam and the bank there was a tangled framework through which the water rushed with some violence.

into Occurrences 2%

They are the framework into which all analysis of special, detailed problems must be fitted.

from Occurrences 2%

Perhaps the quick-witted Casper Blue had looked out for just such a contingency, and found a way to free the framework from the dead weight of the motor.

within Occurrences 1%

At the same time, the socialist-communist variant of the bourgeois state pattern is providing the framework within which the institutions and practices needed for the transition from civilization to a newer and more universal social order are being matured.

as Occurrences 1%

Now that he spoke, his companions saw, exposed in the field to the view of the nunnery, a white body lying on a framework as on a bier.

out Occurrences 1%

Surely the world is upside down, Its framework out of joint; At coming change all things of town And country seem to point:

over Occurrences 1%

His splendid gift, the masterpiece of Titian, had been fitted into the polished marble framework over the great altar, and never had the master so excelled himself as in this glorious "Assumption."

than Occurrences 1%

Gilbert assented to this, and accompanied Mr. Stoneham to a little side-door which admitted them into the old church, where the light shone dimly through painted windows, in which there seemed more leaden framework than glass.

to Occurrences 1%

I should hardly have dared to add another to the innumerable descriptions of Stratford-on-Avon, if it had not seemed to me that this would form a fitting framework to some reminiscences of a very remarkable woman.

about Occurrences 1%

Each of the hooked rods in Fig. 2 is connected to the framework through a swivel joint, so that the whole gyrostatic framework may be rotated about the axis of the hooked rods in order to annul the moment of momentum of the framework about this axis due to rotation of the fly-wheels in the gyrostat.]

Which preposition to use with  framework