Which preposition to use with gargoyle

of Occurrences 5%

Purge with your nostrums and drugs infernal The spouts and gargoyles of these towers, Not me!

on Occurrences 3%

The steel shell was built up in Wall Street, the social trimmings were hastily added in Fifth Avenue; and the union between them was as monstrous and factitious, as unlike the gradual homogeneous growth which flowers into what other countries know as society, as that between the Blois gargoyles on Peter Van Degen's roof and the skeleton walls supporting them.

above Occurrences 1%

Externally should also be noted (1) the vigorous, though defaced, series of gargoyles above the S. porch, representing an amateur orchestra; (2) the remains of a stoup; (3) the curious chamber at the S.E. end of the S. transept.

around Occurrences 1%

The gargoyles around the building, representing the heads of sheep and oxen, are suggestive of the purpose of the building.

in Occurrences 1%

The two men glared at each other, silently, their faces distorted to gargoyles in the leaping and uncertain light.

Which preposition to use with  gargoyle