Which preposition to use with gathering

in Occurrences 821%

The sun had sunk behind the hills, and the shadows of twilight were gathering in the valley.

from Occurrences 615%

Reader, were you and I gifted with the spirit of poetry, what inspiration would we not gather from the glories which surround us, as we float of a summer evening over these beautiful lakes, sleeping away out here, in all their virgin loveliness, among these old primeval things?

about Occurrences 323%

It had occurred to the Boy that people looked at him hard, and when he saw the groups gathered about the tent his heart contracted sharply.

around Occurrences 315%

It was rather an imposing circle that gathered around herPrincess Hohenlohe, German ambassadress, sat on one side of herMarquise Molins, Spanish ambassadress, on the other.

of Occurrences 312%

All went well for a time, but during a period of watchful quietude our artist was suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with a gathering of rats of anything but peaceable aspect.

round Occurrences 204%

" At another time his friends, believing the end was at hand, gathered round him.

at Occurrences 191%

After the sails were on her we gathered at the starboard rail to watch the shore.

on Occurrences 190%

Then for quite a minute he sat silent, staring at the table, his fingers aimlessly rubbing into spots of wetness the water beads as they gathered on the outside of his glass.

into Occurrences 149%

The young trees are mostly gathered into beautiful family groups, each sapling exquisitely symmetrical.

to Occurrences 135%

Why, when KERNELIUS was engaged in a friendly game of cards for keeps, up at Saratogy, some poor deluded money-maniac telegrafs that the Commodore had at last found his match, and had been gathered to his fathers.

for Occurrences 106%

" A peasant girl of Venice was once given a beautiful coral-branch and some rare leaves and shells which her lover had gathered for her from the sea-depths.

in Occurrences 84%

The latter wandered off, wondering more than ever what could have been the object of the private gathering in Thurston's study which he had just interrupted.

over Occurrences 56%

But the night shadows are beginning to gather over the forest, throwing a sort of spectral gloom among the old woods, giving a distorted look to the trunks of the trees, the low bushes, the turned up roots, and the boulders scattered over the ground.

with Occurrences 45%

His eyes fairly rolled in excitement, his thick lips were drawn back to expose his teeth, his powerful figure was gathered with the tensity of a bow.

at Occurrences 36%

" CHAPTER III DIPLOMATIC "All that there is of the most brilliant and least truthful in Europe," M. Claude de Chauxville had said to a lady earlier in the evening, apropos of the great gathering at the French Embassy, and the mot had gone the round of the room.

under Occurrences 35%

The average working-class family enjoys none of the fruits of coöperation We keep each to our isolated family group, while the richer a person is the more does she gather under her roof representatives of other families.

out Occurrences 23%

In geography, for instance, what a number of voyages and journeys have had to be made, and books to record them written; then what a number of these books to be read, and the facts gathered out of them, before a single map could be drawn, not to say a geography book printed!

before Occurrences 21%

In an incredibly short time, above a hundred people had gathered before the inn, cheering and hallooing with all their might, while we looked at them in dumb amazement.

within Occurrences 20%

Never had so dense a throng been gathered within its walls; all were too closely packed to be able to move; and when at last Savonarola mounted the pulpit he looked down upon a solid and motionless mass of upturned faces.

by Occurrences 20%

If such is your thirst for gold that for its sake you forsake your own country and come to trouble those of strangers, I will show you a province where you may gather by the handful the object of your desire; but to succeed, you ought to be more numerous than you are, as you will have to contend with powerful kings, who will vigorously defend their dominions.

along Occurrences 16%

Jocular remarks were passed between the soldiery at the windows when the wistful groups gathered along the railway line.

of Occurrences 16%

Gathering of a workingmen's convention in Paris.

on Occurrences 16%

" The prisoner stood immobile but with a deepening line gathering on his brow until the last word fell.

as Occurrences 16%

Probably in no other place upon the globe was gathered as motley a crew: English, Indian, Scandinavian, French, German, Negroes, Chinese, Poles, Japs, Finns.

during Occurrences 15%

Perhaps it was gathered during the invocating influence of the following charm, which may be found in the 12th book, chap.

Which preposition to use with  gathering
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