Which preposition to use with  gentry

Which preposition to use with gentry

Vincent saw something of this in his comrade's eye, and a good deal nettled himself by the slovenly march and humorous abandon of the men, he said: "You must remember, Jack, our army is made up of gentlemen's sons; the gentry of the South are all in arms, and we can't at once reduce them to the mere machines a more heterogeneous soldiery can be made.

Tell that to the gentry in James Town.

The fleet, under Montague, had anchored in the Bay of Scheveling; and Charles, as soon as the weather permitted, set sail[a] for Dover, where Monk, at the head of the nobility and gentry from the neighbouring counties, waited to receive the new sovereign.

The scenes of her stories are laid for the most part in small Hampshire villages, with which she was thoroughly familiar, the characters being taken from the middle class and the gentry with whom she was thrown.

The rising of the Yellow Turbans began in 184; all parties, cliques and generals alike, were equally afraid of the revolutionaries, since these were a threat to the gentry as such, and so to all parties.

" "Pretty adventure for the gentry at 'The Dogs'!

Young Derwentwater had fought valiantly and worked arduously at the barricades, but Forsterwhose appointment as General had been made in the hope of attracting other Protestant gentry to the Jacobite causeoffered to submit to General Carpenter under certain conditions.

I had at the same time a very great Disesteem for Mr. Powell and his little thoughtless Commonwealth, as if they had enticed the Gentry into those Wandrings:

Plunder was more in the line of these gentry than honest fighting.

L was a small village on the coast, within a mile of Benfield Lodge; and from its natural convenience, it had long been resorted to by the neighboring gentry for the benefit of sea bathing.

She read the advertisements of money-lenders who yearned to advance fabulous sums to the nobility and gentry on their simple notes of hand.

On the one hand, it was not easy for Shih Hu to gain the active support of the educated Chinese gentry after the murders of Shih Lo and, on the other hand, Shih Hu seems to have understood that foreigners without family and without other relations to the native population, but with special skills, are the most reliable and loyal servants of a ruler.

These abuses not only ate into the revenues of the state but actually produced a common front between the peasantry and the remnants of the gentry against the upstarts.

This is the only true gentry by adoption; the veritable change of blood, and not, as empirics have fabled, by transfusion.

Nevisanus the lawyer, to dispute of gentry without wealth, is (saving your reverence) to discuss the original of a merd.

But animosity against such articles wears itself out quickly, and it may be expected that the little ornament will be seen in the houses of the Suffolk gentry among whom Mr. Smirkie is so popular.

On the other hand, they were very ready to accept large bribes from the gentry for placing the desires of people of the gentry before the emperor and gaining his consent.

Many of these lived miserably as tenants on the farms of the gentry between Nanking and Hangchow.

The rising had been the outcome of years of unrest, which had two causes: native risings of the sort we described above, and loss for the gentry due to the transfer of the capital.

As to Shakspeare, we cannot find many traces of him in the domestic occupations of the English gentry during the times alluded to; nor do we believe that the character of Hamlet was at all relished in their halls, though perhaps an occasional squire chuckled at the humours of Sir John Falstaff.

His proposal was that state funds should be applied to the purchase of land in the possession of the greater gentry over and above a fixed maximum.

It has not its Equal in the Universe, as Abundance of the Nobility and Gentry throughout the Kingdom have experienced.

The acclamations of the people, the concourse of the nobility and gentry about his person, and the crowds which now came every day into the standard, were incredible.