Which preposition to use with get

into Occurrences 4143%

" With a nondescript salute, the man departed on his errand; while we made haste to get into our clothes; after which, we began to prepare breakfast.

to Occurrences 3560%

Missing me, he must have raced back, through the dark turmoil, to find me, and then caught, and held me, until I was able to get to my feet.

out Occurrences 2368%

"Let us get out of here," he said, and began to move slowly toward where the surrounding trees and bushes seemed thinnest.

in Occurrences 1343%

If any deputy who wanted anything recognised him, he of course got in the same carriage, because he knew he was sure of a half-hour to state his case, as the minister couldn't get away from him.

on Occurrences 1156%

The silence got on my nerves I arose impatiently and walked down the pale beach, where the stars glimmered in splashes along the wettest sands.

at Occurrences 1025%

"Now, get at that cable," I commanded, still at white heat.

over Occurrences 915%

They hire for the season a pair of strong Norman horses that go all day up and down hill at the same regular pace and who get over a vast amount of country.

through Occurrences 773%

I didn't see many people I knewit was impossible to get through the crowd, but some one got me a chair at the open window giving on the balcony, and I was quite happy sitting there looking at the people pass.

from Occurrences 586%

We had brought sufficient provisions to last us for that space of time, and water we could get from the stream.

under Occurrences 321%

It is that part of the world's exchange which I can get under my personal control.

for Occurrences 312%

You see he swore in the Senate that he beheld Drusilla mounting heavenwards, and all he got for his good news was that everybody gave him the lie: since when he solemnly swears he will never bear witness again to what he has seen, not even if he had seen a man murdered in open market.

off Occurrences 297%

We got off the first days of Februaryas, up to the last moment, W. had people to see.

near Occurrences 257%

It was a beautiful sight as we got near the palace, which was a blaze of light.

by Occurrences 228%

She told them of the good things they could get by trading.

beyond Occurrences 205%

Such dreary conversations, never getting beyond the most ordinary commonplace phrases,such an absolutely different world from any I had ever lived in.

within Occurrences 184%

He was too far off for us to shoot him, and he saw us before we got within proper distance, and stole away into the woods, and we passed on.

about Occurrences 161%

About this timethat is shortly before the Hunt Ballrumours had got about the neighbourhood that I was going to marry Lord Painswick.

behind Occurrences 124%

The first plan had been to get behind the band and to drive it slowly toward the entrance to the cave.

across Occurrences 104%

so slippery I thought we should never get across and over the bridge.

past Occurrences 93%

I was just about to make a quick descent, hoping to get past that and other awkward points unnoticed, when to my dismay I became aware that the people whom I had thought safely settled in the room below had come out and were beginning to mount the topmost flight of stairs.

of Occurrences 87%

I don't know why I tell you this; why I lay so much stress on the first weird impression I got of the forecastle.

after Occurrences 74%

"Let's get after 'em,' said he.

with Occurrences 68%

Let us therefore get with us divers of these outlaws.

along Occurrences 64%

When I wuz young, folks got along 'thout sech an everlastin' sight uv meetins, but nowadays there's Convenshuns, an' Auxils an' Committees, an' the land knows what, till a body's clean distracted.

among Occurrences 62%

" "My first thought was," said Smith, "that we had got among the spirits of the woods, and that they were 'rapping' their indignation at our presence, there was something so human about it.

Which preposition to use with  get