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Which preposition to use with  get

Which preposition to use with get

" With a nondescript salute, the man departed on his errand; while we made haste to get into our clothes; after which, we began to prepare breakfast.

Missing me, he must have raced back, through the dark turmoil, to find me, and then caught, and held me, until I was able to get to my feet.

"Let us get out of here," he said, and began to move slowly toward where the surrounding trees and bushes seemed thinnest.

The rooms looked very handsome when at last we did get in, particularly the staircase, with a Garde Municipal on every step, and banks of palms and flowers on the landing in the hall, wherever flowers could be put.

As a rule he was very well received and got on very well, strangely enough, with the clergy, particularly the haut clerge, bishops and cardinals.

I didn't see many people I knewit was impossible to get through the crowd, but some one got me a chair at the open window giving on the balcony, and I was quite happy sitting there looking at the people pass.

"Now, get at that cable," I commanded, still at white heat.

They hire for the season a pair of strong Norman horses that go all day up and down hill at the same regular pace and who get over a vast amount of country.

We had brought sufficient provisions to last us for that space of time, and water we could get from the stream.

You see he swore in the Senate that he beheld Drusilla mounting heavenwards, and all he got for his good news was that everybody gave him the lie: since when he solemnly swears he will never bear witness again to what he has seen, not even if he had seen a man murdered in open market.

We got off the first days of Februaryas, up to the last moment, W. had people to see.

It is that part of the world's exchange which I can get under my personal control.

It was a beautiful sight as we got near the palace, which was a blaze of light.

She told them of the good things they could get by trading.

Such dreary conversations, never getting beyond the most ordinary commonplace phrases,such an absolutely different world from any I had ever lived in.

The first plan had been to get behind the band and to drive it slowly toward the entrance to the cave.

He was too far off for us to shoot him, and he saw us before we got within proper distance, and stole away into the woods, and we passed on.

He was thirty-eight, but looked a gilded youth of twenty; and was sufficiently gilded (as he said), not perhaps exactly to be comfortable, but to enable him to get about comfortably, and see those who were.

I was just about to make a quick descent, hoping to get past that and other awkward points unnoticed, when to my dismay I became aware that the people whom I had thought safely settled in the room below had come out and were beginning to mount the topmost flight of stairs.

Snodgrass was fooled into striking out, but Murray smashed the ball to center field for a single, and sent two men over the rubber, Murray was caught at second trying to get around the bases while Doyle was going home.

Let us therefore get with us divers of these outlaws.

But my private opinion is, that, as a general thing, the women of this country get along very well, even under the pressure of the 'barbarisms' of which you speak.

Yes," said he, "and if I had had fifteen minutes more of a start and got across the Platte, I would have laughed at the idea of your ever catching me."

"Let's get after 'em,' said he.

I don't know why I tell you this; why I lay so much stress on the first weird impression I got of the forecastle.

Such social infection, therefore, as gets inside the gates is of our own breeding.

Crop and I learned what we ought to've know before, and that was that it's a safe thing for a hunter to have an extra horn of powder in his pocket, and a loaded rifle in his hand when a mad bull moose is on his trail, and that a slantin' tree is a good thing to get onto at sich a time.

On one occasion, having ventured about ten miles from the town, we spied a band of Indians not over two miles distant, who were endeavoring to get between us and the town, and thus cut us off.

You can go bareheaded or barefooted, without a coat or neckerchief, get as ragged and untidy as you please, without subjecting yourself to remark, or offending the nice sense of propriety pertaining to conventional life.

"He will never get above his collar!"

"My first thought was," said Smith, "that we had got among the spirits of the woods, and that they were 'rapping' their indignation at our presence, there was something so human about it."

"I went out to the landing, closing the door after me, with the idea of getting down the stairs and escaping into the garden as secretly as I had come in.

You will need all the rest you can get before starting up the Pass.

"The fun of the thing," continued Lethal, raising his voice a little, "is, that the painter who got up the old picture must have been as much an admirer of the Hon.

One would think that they were in fear lest some impish fact might get outside the covers to spoil the afternoon.

The visitors sat on the ground round the stove, as close as they could get without scorching, and the atmosphere was quickly heavy with their presence.

"You didn't get aboard any too soon, gentlemen," remarked the officer of the deck, eyeing the three middies keenly as they came up over the side, doffing their uniform caps to the colors.

" "You see such beautiful things in the Bible!" said Evadne despairingly, "why cannot I get below the surface?" "You will, dearie.

What you got against himthe color of his hair?" And Lefty roared contentedly at his own stale jest.

Before the warbefore she got like this, seven hundred dollars would have done it for both of usand it will again, after the war.

An intelligent gentleman informed us that the negroes, while slaves, used to spend during the Christmas holidays, the extra money which they got during the year.

when the wind of treason gets amongst the small guts, what a rumbling and a roaring it keepes!

"I'm goin' to ride into town tomorrow an' get ahold of Doc Geary."

The fundamental matter, if we are to get towards any realization of this ideal of a world peace sustained by a League of Nations, is to get straight away to the conception of direct special electoral mandates in this matter.

If you had a delicate baby, Mamma, would not you rather give it into the hands of a thoroughly trained nurse than an ignorant aspiring nursery maid taking her first place, who was more likely to be thinking of the head nurse's wages she was going to get than her duties to the child?

The monster was striving to get beneath him for the fatal snap!

And when it was getting toward evening, the moon was up, but was not yet very bright; I looked from my bed through the window, and I saw how there rose up over the sea a strange white cloud; I lay and watched it, watched the black dot in it, which grew bigger and bigger, and then I knew what it foreboded; that sign is not often seen, but I am old and experienced.

Lieutenant Decatur, on February 3, 1804, by a stratagem, got alongside the Philadelphia with seventy-four brave young sailors like himself and carried the ship by the board after a terrible hand-to-hand conflict.

They thought it would be impossible for anyone to get by all of these guards and steal the fire.

These methods may be designated as follows: (1) Psychometry, or the method of getting en rapport with the astral plane by means of some physical object connected with the person, thing, or scene about which you desire to be informed.

In the seven days that I toiled below When I builded the seas and lands, There was much to do, and I didn't get thru And one place unfinished stands.

I see I am undon: the[180] hay choakes all, I cannot get beside it.

Brought my heart into my mouth to see the big devil raging, and I began to yearn to get astride him and towell, just fight to see which of us would come out on top.

He is feeling all she is feeling; He is down in her sorrow with her; He has got underneath the burden, and He is feeling all the agony that that woman feels because her boy is dead.

That’s all we have got until science or the virus get us out the other end of this,” he added.

"No, missus, dat was every ting he said, and just went away and got de carriage round for Massa Nelson to go to church.

On the other hand, the material for these lessons can be got throughout the winter, and the class, well trained in methodical work, will begin the study of flowers at the season when every day brings some fresh wonder of beauty.

David talks about his leadership role in PostBeyond and shares how he got onboard the company.

let's get into this field and run down on the other side of the hedge until we get opposite the gate."

As more and more festivals get due to the coronavirus outbreak, is the latest to announce changes.

Calculations are made daily, nay hourly, to see how much is being got per beegah, or how much per vat.

Mike nodded and got inon the dais, behind the curtain.

"I'se got fo' boys livin'.

Once he remarked, "If I cannot get via media men to impart instruction to, then I must of course take the impetuous and undisciplined!

But wha hae ye gotten wi' ye?"

I don't suppose either of them has written you a word about the otherbut if they haven't that's just as bad a sign as if they'd kept you in full knowledge of the way they get onlike a basket of chips.

"There now," ses Ginger, looking vexed, "if I ain't been and forgot it; I've on'y got arf a sovereign."

And I'm going to get onefor a month.

Partly with the intention of getting nearer the river, but more, I confess, with the hope of appeasing hunger, Nick and I now cautiously approached the abandoned line.

I see you get lettersfrom a woman," she said, pretending a poison sweetness of jealousy.

Get quickwill you?into one of the smaller boats by the quaythere is one just under the crane that is an air-boatyou have seen me turn on the air, haven't you?that handle on the right as you descend the steps under the dial-thingget first a bucket of oil from the shop next to the clock-tower in the quay-street, and throw it over everything that you see rusted.

Now, if you'll get th' Senator to vote fo' Gulf City we'll seeI'll see, sah, as an officer of th' Gulf City Lan' Companythat you get taken ca-ah of."

If we were lucky, we'd occasionally get leftover prime rib.

There was Bras-Coupé; indeed, he got themfound them in the swamp.

"It's eighty miles straight northto the Churchilland I pray to God we'll get therewith the kidsbefore my lungs give out."

He is now with Matthew Malmayns, the sexton, who was taken ill of the plague yesterday, and will get nothing but thanksif he gets thosefor his fee.

But we'll 'ave one try if we can't 'it on somethin as ull show 'ow the thief got inwith your leave, of coorse.'

"And now, Spike Johnson," inquired Private Cosh, breathing heavily but much refreshed, "can you tell me what way Gairmans could get intil the trenches of a guid Scots regiment withoot bein' seen?"