Which preposition to use with gloomy

than Occurrences 19%

The street is more gloomy than the house; black, slimy mud, inches deep on crossings; the same black, slimy mud in footprints on side-walks; hopeless-looking people hurrying by, so unhappy by reason of the drizzle that a weird sort of family likeness is to be seen in all their faces.

in Occurrences 19%

All alike was deserted, and becoming gloomy in the closing down of night.

as Occurrences 18%

He through the vega of Genii bestrode his sorrel steed, Alone, on melancholy thoughts his anxious soul to feed, The tints that clothed the landscape round were gloomy as the scene Of his past life, wherein his lot had naught but suffering been.

with Occurrences 11%

When the last man had gone we crawled back to the clump, now gloomy with the dusk of evening.

for Occurrences 8%

Dr. Johnson observed to me afterwards, 'That this was no favourable account of Dr. Young; for it is not becoming in a man to have so little acquiescence in the ways of Providence, as to be gloomy because he has not obtained as much preferment as he expected; nor to continue gloomy for the loss of his wife.

about Occurrences 7%

He was quite gloomy about it and feared that Archie showed every sign of growing up to be an Apache.

at Occurrences 6%

The times were dark and gloomy at the North, and especially so to the President, as commander-in-chief of the army and navy, after all the energies he put forth in the general direction of affairs.

to Occurrences 5%

I am gloomy to-night and discouraged.

of Occurrences 4%

Would not the people have regarded him as a madman, great as was his eloquence, or as the most gloomy of pessimists, for whom they would have felt contempt or bitter wrath?

on Occurrences 4%

Perhaps it was because the night had made it so cold and gloomy on earth, while the sun was away.

over Occurrences 4%

He was gloomy over seeing the Navy outplayed, but secretly glad that the spectators had as yet found no occasion to shout themselves hoarse over Midshipman Dave's work.

by Occurrences 2%

Not a gloomy by-street, not a dilapidated fountain, not a grim old college façade but had its history, or its legend.

without Occurrences 1%

Lord Hartfield walked across the Park to Great George Street, where Mr. Fitzpatrick had chambers of a semi-official character, on the first floor of a solemn-looking old house, spacious, gloomy without and within, walls sombre with the subdued colouring of decorations half a century old.

from Occurrences 1%

Mrs. Popham was grave, even gloomy from the waist up, but incredibly lively from the waist down, moving with the precision of machinery, while her partner, a bricklayer from Beulah Centre, engaged the attention of the entire company by his wonderful steps.

under Occurrences 1%

His path led into a heavy woods, very gloomy under the dim moonlight; and he had many an occasion to yell with pain and surprise as a low branch stung him across the head.

above Occurrences 1%

Sages and moralists blame thee, Stoics stand gloomy above thee, Preachers with obloquy name thee, Hermits and anchorites shame thee, But symbol of all that is sunny, Coy, courteous, flattering Money, I love thee, I love thee, I love thee!

during Occurrences 1%

" Captain Rust became very gloomy during this speech for, though French in education, he was by instinct an Englishman.

Which preposition to use with  gloomy