Which preposition to use with glow

of Occurrences 807%

Everywhere, it lay, a great level stretch of white, which caught and reflected, gloomily, the somber coppery glows of the dying sun.

with Occurrences 453%

I looked up, quickly, and as I did so I saw the lights sink into a dull, ruddy tint; so that the room glowed with a strange, heavy, crimson twilight that gave the shadows behind the chairs and tables a double depth of blackness; and wherever the light struck, it was as though luminous blood had been splashed over the room.

in Occurrences 266%

Then, slowly, a soft, white light began to glow in the room.

like Occurrences 106%

"Then, as I stared, I became aware that I could see the edge of the lifeless sun, glowing like a great crescent-moon.

on Occurrences 82%

Let me see: you sighted the glow on the night of the 2d.

from Occurrences 77%

The Nigger's head was thrust forward fairly into the glow from the companionway.

over Occurrences 29%

They did not light the lamp at all, for the light from the fire threw a warm glow over the room.

through Occurrences 29%

Here huge fires glowed through the furnace doors.

at Occurrences 21%

And then while he glowed at her and she wondered if he would pointedly look his lies that way, and if, in fine, his florid, gallant, knowing, almost winking intelligence, common as she had never seen the common vivified, would represent his notion of "blackness": "See here, Julia; I'll do more.

as Occurrences 17%

So graceful in her movements, and so sweet, Her very look plucked from the breast of age The root of sorrowher wine-sipping lips, And mouth like sugar, cheeks all dimpled o'er With smiles, and glowing as the summer rose Won every heart.

To Occurrences 13%

But in heaven two wee, wee stars Dance and whirl and glow To the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle of the rivulet below.

under Occurrences 13%

The island had dropped down to the horizon and showed as a brilliant glow under a dark canopy.

within Occurrences 12%

A sudden warmth of admiration for him glowed within me.

for Occurrences 11%

shall a name, a word, a sound, control Th' aspiring thought, and cramp th' expansive soul? Shall one half-peopled island's rocky round A love that glows for all creation bound?

into Occurrences 10%

The gray sky heated and glowed into inner deeps of rose; the fresh morning air sprang from its warm nest somewhere, and came to meet them, like some one singing a heartsome song under his breath.

about Occurrences 9%

The abashed girl hung her head, and the color which glowed about her temples was like the rosy light of her own Italy.

against Occurrences 8%

Craft innumerable crossed and re-crossed, their lights reflected in the waves, and far ahead, a little to the left, I could see the white glow against the sky which marked the position of Coney Island.

around Occurrences 7%

It was a pleasant thing to see the moon come up from among the trees that formed a dark outline to the lake away off to the east, and travel up into the sky; to see how faithfully it was given back from down in the stirless waters, and how the stars twinkled and glowed around it in the depths below, as they did in the depths above.

behind Occurrences 7%

Once I found him on a high river bank at sunset watching the red glow behind the blue shadowy forest.

along Occurrences 7%

Narrow as the vista was it yet revealed a beautiful sea view, the waves running high, but in long billows, with bright sunshine glowing along their crests, the hollows a deep purple.

among Occurrences 6%

She sat at a table where burned a rushlight that glowed among the splendour of her hair, for her head was bowed above the letter she was writing.

beneath Occurrences 6%

CHAPTER XI Of the "Man with the Tiger Mark" It is a moot question as to whether a curl can be more alluring when it glows beneath the fiery kisses of the sun, or shines demurely in the tender radiance of the moon.

before Occurrences 5%

When the incense that glows before Liberty's shrine, Is unmixed with the blood of the galled and oppressed, O, then, and then only, the boast may be thine, That the stripes and stars wave o'er a land of the blest.

out Occurrences 2%

And look at me; you are not afraid of me?" The poor creature shuddered again, and then she turned her face and looked doubtfully, with great dark eyes dilated, and the brow and cheek so curved and puckered round them that they seemed to glow out of deep caverns.

across Occurrences 2%

I cannot tell In words the tenderness that glowed across His bosomburned it clean in will and thought; "Shall that sweet face be blown by laughter rude Out of the soul where it has deigned to come, But will not stay what maidens may not hear?" He almost wept for shame, that those two thoughts Should ever look each other in the face, Meeting in his house.

Which preposition to use with  glow