Which preposition to use with go

to Occurrences 34948%

That night, after my sister had gone to bed, I went 'round to all the windows and doors on the ground floor; and saw to it that they were securely fastened.

into Occurrences 7011%

All the arguments and negotiations of that period have been so often told, that I will not go into any details.

on Occurrences 5658%

Caligula he went on persecuting even when he was dead.

with Occurrences 5354%

Perhaps a minute passed, during which it was touch and go with me; then, gradually I re-commenced my tortuous way up the passage.

through Occurrences 3214%

XXV THE THING FROM THE ARENA This morning, early, I went through the gardens; but found everything as usual.

in Occurrences 2676%

A minute came and went in strained silence; yet I could hear nothing, and I turned to Tonnison to say as much; and then, even as I opened my lips to speak, there came a strange wailing noise out of the wood on our left....

for Occurrences 1981%

Next morning, early, we rose and went for a swim in the river; after which we dressed and had breakfast.

from Occurrences 1852%

All the plaster had gone from the walls; even as the woodwork of the room had gone, many ages before.

out Occurrences 1768%

It moved rapidly, and in a minute had gone out of hearing.

by Occurrences 1266%

Will you thus neglect so good an hour?" Now the sun's chariot had gone by the middle of his way; Half wearily he shook the reins, nearer to night than day, And led the light along the slope that down before him lay.

about Occurrences 1196%

Their programme was absolutely Republican, but moderate, and he only made a few speeches and went about the country a little.

over Occurrences 1142%

We went over the Chateau of Babelsberg, which is a pretty Gothic country-seat, not a palace, and belongs to the present Emperor.

down Occurrences 1087%

Somewhat happier, I go down stairs, and out into the garden, to have a look at the dog.

up Occurrences 779%

" "Without the chest?" "S'pose we go up the gulch and get it, then," suggested Thrackles.

at Occurrences 758%

If he really does bump into a rock he cuts in an arithmetic book for his latitude and longitude and lets it go at that.

without Occurrences 690%

I said, "For the best of reasons, my husband preferred going without mebut I hoped he would send for me perhaps at the end of the Congress."

beyond Occurrences 534%

They have a power of suggestion which goes beyond all that we may dream.

after Occurrences 479%

"I sabe how a man goes after treasure with a box; but why should he take treasure away in a box?

before Occurrences 415%

" It was curious that the King should have gone before the old Pope, who had been failing for some time.

against Occurrences 305%

'It goes against the grain.

toward Occurrences 271%

It was evident, I reflected as I went toward the tent, that the inhabitants of these few huts in the wilderness did not know a word of English; and when I told Tonnison, he remarked that he was aware of the fact, and, more, that it was not at all uncommon in that part of the country, where the people often lived and died in their isolated hamlets without ever coming in contact with the outside world.

of Occurrences 271%

Many have gone of that group,Casimir Perier, Leon Say, Jules Ferry, St. Vallier, Comte Paul de Segur, Barthelemy St. Hilaire,but others remain, younger men who were then beginning their political careers and were eager to drink in lessons and warnings from the old statesman, who fought gallantly to the last.

towards Occurrences 271%

As if you didn't know perfectly well there's only one letter I want to see.' 'Really?' 'Who's your letter from?' 'How should I know?' Edith got up and went towards the door.

near Occurrences 254%

No one ever went near it, either by day or night.

like Occurrences 250%

The clouds rippled and vanished, and there was once more before me, the vision of the swiftly leaping sun, and nights that came and went like shadows.

Which preposition to use with  go
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