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Which preposition to use with  good

Which preposition to use with good

I am not superstitious; but I have ceased to deny that things happen in this old housethings that I cannot explain; and, therefore, I must needs ease my mind, by writing down an account of them, to the best of my ability; though, should this, my diary, ever be read when I am gone, the readers will but shake their heads, and be the more convinced that I was mad.

I was astonished the first years of my married life in France, to see people of certain position and standing give the cold shoulder to men they had known all their lives because they were Republicans, knowing them quite well to be honourable, independent gentlemen, wanting nothing from the Republicmerely trying to do their best for the country.

Something beyond human; yet in no good sense; but rather as something foul and hostile to the great and good in humanity.

Frenchmen of all classes are good to children.

Instead of the spirit being: "My mind is just as good as a man's.

But Smith has no professional calling or business, and when his digestion troubles him, he has visions of the alms-house, and the Potters' Field, and of two mendicant little girls, while his endorsement would be regarded as good at the bank for a hundred thousand dollars.

If, however, the stranger won, the big bull immediately struck out to sea, abandoning his rookery, while the new-comer swam in and attempted to make his title good with all the younger bulls.

I think he had a real sympathy for France and did his best on various delicate occasions.

You are old, Signior, and we expect no good from you but Prayers to Heaven?

Boys like Charley Cox don't mean good by your kind of a girl.

If there is anything good about her life, it is only as she lets Christ live it for her."

I have written it since I satisfied my mind that my fears of British rapacity were unfounded, and that I should do more good than harm by publishing the secret.

The day I took the train was like I was walkin' for good out of a dream.

In the development of new players of note the league enjoyed an average season, and a considerable amount of new blood was injected into the game in the persons of players who made good without attracting freakish attention.

He does far more good among the sick than I can.

Is he so, pray tell him he need not take that pains; there's no occasion for't; besides 'twill be but in vain; for the Doctors have prescribed her Silence and Loneliness, 'tis good against the Fit; how this damn'd Fellow of a Rival torments me!

We are called upon, not only to import provisions, clothing, and household and industrial goods into our new possessions; we are called upon to develop a higher sense of honor, truth, honesty, and every-day morality.

There is, however, nothing the children love more than the Bible story, the story which shows, so simply, humanity struggling as the children struggle, failing as the children fail, and believing and trusting as the children believe, and as we at least strive to do, in the ultimate victory of Right over Wrong, of Good over Evil.

I will be good like Marjorie.

It's a fact I ain't much good after eight o'clock evenin's.

Auld Reekie,' as the Scotch call it, always looks her best through a mist, and a Scotch mist is not a rare eventso we saw the city under its most becoming veil.

It is unavoidable that the guardians on such occasions should be in a certain measure disappointed, for they find that some of, the goods under their care have given way to the wasting influence of time, whilst others are in a state which gives rise to serious doubt as to their right of being classified with lasting treasures.

He did his best during five minutes in the refreshment-room at Liverpool Street to fill up the howling void in his person, and then watched Maynard enter a train for Burnham-on-Crouch.

No stranger could cart goods within a particular part of the city without being subjected to a forfeiture of four shillings or two oxen to the bishop.

Those pure and virgin apprehensions I had in my infancy, and that divine light wherewith I was born, are the best unto this day wherein I can see the Universe....

They were a few lingerers, who could not be persuaded but there might yet be time for them to gather up their worldly goods before removing.

The road depended for its profits on carrying goods across South America.

"Explanations, they never do good between friends.

That summing up of a mass of literature over which industrious students have ruined their eyes, held good until after the War, when things changed.

They are never good when they are large with roe; but there are in all trout rivers some barren female fish, which continue good throughout the winter.

From it I learn that he is disposed to be kind and good towards the poor Indians.

who lov'd him once, And wish'd no good beyond possessing him.

Once a year, father gets a gang of men and tackles every section of the road that borders upon our land, and our roads are the best around here.

He seemed to have a poor notion of many Christians, and somewhat fantastically illustrated their position by saying that they were, spiritually troubled with consumption and apparently with diabetes!were continually devouring good things, constantly wasting away, and doing no particular good amongst it at all.

He's th' best off of any of 'em.

The first half filtered into the offensive might of England’s best versus the barely believable keeping brilliance of Pope.

And lesser good near greater you shall see, As grows the paper shrub 'neath sandal-tree.

She had many admirers, two in particular that made me run my best down the stretch.

Since you must needs die, do as others do, Leave all your goods behind you; bequeath The crown and robe to your executors.

"'When the horses, standing on three feet and placing the tip of their fourth foot upon the ground, were mustered in front of him in the evening, he said, I have loved the love of earthly good above the remembrance of things on high, and have spent the time in viewing these horses.

III.A Tyrannical Captain Apart from the incessant labour on board ship, at San Pedro we had to roll heavy casks and barrels of goods up a steep hill, to unload the hides from the carts at the summit, reload these carts with our goods, cast the hides over the side of the hill, collect them, and take them on board.

Though the loungers at the Maple Leaf Club took the news of Peter Neeland's secession with composure, mingled with amusement, the chief organizer, Mr. Banks, viewed it with alarm, and voiced his fears to the head of his department, who sat in his accustomed chair, with a bottle of the best beside him.

"Ve'y well, seh, thank yo', sehAh do mah ve'y best fo' yo'.

Truth dwells alone in the bosom of God; for us doubt and investigation are the only good amid all the error and tribulation which surround us.

This is a most important safeguard against corruption, because where the governor does not have this power it is possible to make appropriations for unworthy or scandalous purposes along with appropriations for matters of absolute necessity, and then to lump them all together in the same bill, so that the governor must either accept the bad along with the good or reject the good along with the bad.

First to cover the welfare bailout to farmers and Second to pay for the higher cost of food and consumer goods due to the new tariffs.

Thank you for your kind and good offerfor all your goodness to me.

How Browning himself loved we know from one of his wife's letters, in which she relates how she tried to discourage his advances: "I showed him how he was throwing away into the ashes his best affectionshow the common gifts of youth and cheerfulness were behind

He believes the style is popular because sleek 1970s designs look good alongside modern furniture but are higher quality, and buying secondhand is more environmentally friendly than buying new.

I wonder if it was as good as this?" "This" was very good indeed, and would have been good anywherefor Nick was, according to his own way of putting it, a "crank" about doing well whatever he undertook, and he knew now that he had conquered the machinebut on such a road, and in the light and shade of orange groves, it was superlative.

And go, presently, into the old city itself, dull-flaming with the scarlet, gold, and black, of the Belgian flag, and with something that seemed to radiate from the life itself of this hearty, happy people, after all their centuries of trade and war, and good food, and good artlike their own Rubenses and Van Dycks.

From that moment, Thomas Dodds was changed after the manner of action of moral poisons; for we are to remember that while the physical kill, the other only transmute, and the transmutation may be from any good below grace to any evil above the devil.

" "I think you learned a good dealfor one day," said Mrs. Thorndyke, coming in.

Permit me, at the same time, as one many years your senior, to say that, in considering your proposals, I shall separate the chaffof which there is a good dealfrom the wheatof which there is some little; the latter I shall gather into my mind's garner, and I trust it will fall on good soil."

There may be good feelings, good deedsfor a human nature may pack endless varieties and blessed inconsistencies in its

Den he tuk 'n put her in a bairl, en put a bo'd on de bairl, en a rock on de bo'd, en lef her dere 'tel he got good en ready fer ter use her.

An eyewitness, Solomon Agala said: It was around 12noon on Saturday, the building collapsed just after half of the goods inside the container had been offloaded.

Different views were also held by the judges with reference to the condemnation of the goods aboard the Mashona.

Amazon is off to a slow start in its latest effort to woo luxury goods onto its platform.

The Turk can exist without Constantinople; he is at his best outside Constantinople; the fall of Constantinople was the beginning of his decay.

But, now, if the general level of prices unexpectedly falls 1 per cent within the year, the creditor of a loan maturing at the end of the year would receive (principal and interest) $1050 which will purchase 1 per cent more goods per dollar than the sum he loaned, or (approximately) $1060 worth of goods.

The Mexican had made a good shotfor a Mexican.

Any person who made the avowal of not being able to sing a part at sight was looked upon as unacquainted with the usages of good societylike a gentleman who now-a-days says he cannot play a game at whist, or a lady that she cannot join in a quadrille or a mazurka.

What he was, he will not forget, he dare not forget, lest he should forget that the good which he does, he does notfor in him (that is, in his flesh, his own natural character), dwelleth no good thingbut Christ, who dwells in him; lest he should grow puffed up, careless, self-indulgent; lest he should neglect to subdue his evil passions; and so, after having preached to others, himself become a castaway.

'And Jonathan said unto David, O Lord God of Israel, when I have sounded my father about to-morrow any time, or the third day, and, behold, if there be good toward David, and I then send not unto thee, and shew it thee; the Lord do so and much more to Jonathan.'

About 55% of the respondents in the survey said they were still unable to get most essential goods via e-commerce platforms as against 38% who stated that they were unable to buy these from their local retail stores.

"He'll be sure to get better now," said the boy, anxiously, "when he does, say a good wordsay a kind word for me, Miss Nell!"