Which preposition to use with good

of Occurrences 5673%

I am not superstitious; but I have ceased to deny that things happen in this old housethings that I cannot explain; and, therefore, I must needs ease my mind, by writing down an account of them, to the best of my ability; though, should this, my diary, ever be read when I am gone, the readers will but shake their heads, and be the more convinced that I was mad.

for Occurrences 2536%

I was astonished the first years of my married life in France, to see people of certain position and standing give the cold shoulder to men they had known all their lives because they were Republicans, knowing them quite well to be honourable, independent gentlemen, wanting nothing from the Republicmerely trying to do their best for the country.

to Occurrences 1771%

Frenchmen of all classes are good to children.

in Occurrences 1771%

Something beyond human; yet in no good sense; but rather as something foul and hostile to the great and good in humanity.

as Occurrences 1442%

Instead of the spirit being: "My mind is just as good as a man's.

at Occurrences 421%

But Smith has no professional calling or business, and when his digestion troubles him, he has visions of the alms-house, and the Potters' Field, and of two mendicant little girls, while his endorsement would be regarded as good at the bank for a hundred thousand dollars.

with Occurrences 220%

If, however, the stranger won, the big bull immediately struck out to sea, abandoning his rookery, while the new-comer swam in and attempted to make his title good with all the younger bulls.

from Occurrences 213%

You are old, Signior, and we expect no good from you but Prayers to Heaven? Fran.

on Occurrences 208%

I think he had a real sympathy for France and did his best on various delicate occasions.

by Occurrences 181%

Boys like Charley Cox don't mean good by your kind of a girl.

than Occurrences 113%

I have written it since I satisfied my mind that my fears of British rapacity were unfounded, and that I should do more good than harm by publishing the secret.

out Occurrences 72%

The day I took the train was like I was walkin' for good out of a dream.

without Occurrences 61%

In the development of new players of note the league enjoyed an average season, and a considerable amount of new blood was injected into the game in the persons of players who made good without attracting freakish attention.

against Occurrences 48%

Is he so, pray tell him he need not take that pains; there's no occasion for't; besides 'twill be but in vain; for the Doctors have prescribed her Silence and Loneliness, 'tis good against the Fit; how this damn'd Fellow of a Rival torments me!

among Occurrences 48%

He does far more good among the sick than I can.

about Occurrences 44%

If there is anything good about her life, it is only as she lets Christ live it for her.

into Occurrences 36%

We are called upon, not only to import provisions, clothing, and household and industrial goods into our new possessions; we are called upon to develop a higher sense of honor, truth, honesty, and every-day morality.

like Occurrences 25%

I will be good like Marjorie.

through Occurrences 24%

'Auld Reekie,' as the Scotch call it, always looks her best through a mist, and a Scotch mist is not a rare eventso we saw the city under its most becoming veil.

unto Occurrences 24%

I was born, are the best unto this day wherein I can see the Universe....

over Occurrences 24%

" There is, however, nothing the children love more than the Bible story, the story which shows, so simply, humanity struggling as the children struggle, failing as the children fail, and believing and trusting as the children believe, and as we at least strive to do, in the ultimate victory of Right over Wrong, of Good over Evil.

under Occurrences 22%

It is unavoidable that the guardians on such occasions should be in a certain measure disappointed, for they find that some of, the goods under their care have given way to the wasting influence of time, whilst others are in a state which gives rise to serious doubt as to their right of being classified with lasting treasures.

after Occurrences 21%

It's a fact I ain't much good after eight o'clock evenin's.

within Occurrences 19%

No stranger could cart goods within a particular part of the city without being subjected to a forfeiture of four shillings or two oxen to the bishop.

before Occurrences 12%

They were a few lingerers, who could not be persuaded but there might yet be time for them to gather up their worldly goods before removing.

Which preposition to use with  good