Which preposition to use with grog

in Occurrences 3%

' The landlady retired, and summoned Mr. Steadman, who was enjoying his modest glass of grog in front of the kitchen fire.

at Occurrences 2%

It was executed in 1787 and, in consideration of Bater's agreement "not to be disguised with liquor except on times hereinafter mentioned," provided that he should be given "four dollars at Christmas, with which he may be drunk four days and four nights; two dollars at Easter to effect the same purpose; two dollars at Whitsuntide to be drunk for two days; a dram in the morning, and a drink of grog at dinner at noon.

than Occurrences 2%

"Let us throw them overboard," said "Brown Tom," a coarse, red-featured man, who is more fond of grog than reading.

beside Occurrences 1%

Briton had arrived before him, and now sat at supper with his cup of grog beside him.

during Occurrences 1%

He says we were here drinking our grog during Christmas times.

of Occurrences 1%

"Give it to 'em, right and left, Guinea," cried Fid: "here is one who will come in as a backer, so soon as he has stopped the grog of the marine.

with Occurrences 1%

He was absent about ten minutes, and then came back to resume his comfortable seat by the fire, and mixed himself another glass of grog with the air of a man who was likely to finish the bottle.

Which preposition to use with  grog