Which preposition to use with grounding

of Occurrences 1854%

If any custom or institution which he had denounced, was justified by his adversaries, on the ground of its expediency, he immediately retorted on them its repugnancy to sincerity, truth, and unsophisticated nature; and if they, at any time, resorted to a similar justification for our natural feelings and propensities, he triumphantly showed that they were inimical to the public good.

for Occurrences 1034%

I said as much to Tonnison, and he agreed that there certainly seemed reasonable grounds for my belief.

in Occurrences 901%

As he gradually enlarges his careful and illuminating work, his church becomes in time a body of spiritually well-educated communicants, thoroughly grounded in doctrinal, ethical, and social ideals, well taught in public and in private duties.

on Occurrences 496%

But he repelled my objection by an ingenious hypothesis, grounded on certain physiological facts, to show that this supposed disagreeable smell was also the effect of some early associations.

with Occurrences 492%

The flowers are orange-colored and quite small, the smallest I ever saw of the true lilies; but it is showy nevertheless, for it is seven to eight feet high and waves magnificent racemes of ten to twenty flowers or more over one's head, while it stands out in the open ground with just enough of grass and other plants about it to make a fringe for its feet and show it off to best advantage.

at Occurrences 297%

We had tarried upon this beautiful lake until we had explored its romantic nooks, and we started on our return to our old camping ground at the foot of Round Pond.

to Occurrences 200%

It is constantly asserted in a vague way that the Sierra was vastly wetter than now, and that the increasing drought will of itself extinguish Sequoia, leaving its ground to other trees supposed capable of nourishing in a drier climate.

by Occurrences 115%

It is hardly possible, judging by the tone of that message, that you will find anything by daylight, but at least you can be on the ground by night.

from Occurrences 99%

When the sun had descended behind the mountain which screened our play-ground from his evening rays, we commonly amused ourselves in foot-races, and other pastimes, of which running was an important part.

before Occurrences 89%

He dragged me to the ground before the tent, while the rest set up a skirling that deafened my wits.

under Occurrences 84%

A dull roaring commenced, grew in volume, and then a great explosion shook the very ground under our feet.

like Occurrences 84%

The lightning darted down towards the earth, or across from cloud to cloud, and the thunder boomed and rolled along the heavens, its deep rumble shaking the ground like an earthquake.

between Occurrences 84%

I met with him once in a house situated on the very confines of Beef and Law; on the line of demarcation between the theatres and Lincoln's Inn; a sort of debateable ground between the spouters and ranters of the stage, and the eaters of commons, by either of which party it was frequented.

as Occurrences 80%

But that Sequoia can and does grow on as dry ground as any of its present rivals, is manifest in a thousand places.

near Occurrences 77%

And, while I was lost in admiration of myself, just as the peacock is of his plumage, imagining that the delight which I took in my own appearance would surely be shared by all who saw me, a flower from my wreath fell on the ground near the curtain of my bed, I know not whereforeperhaps plucked from my head by a celestial hand by me unseen.

than Occurrences 71%

If only Ronleigh could beat the Grammar School this year at footer as well as at cricket, every one felt that their cup of joy would run over, and the champions who were to strive for the wished-for victory were naturally regarded, for the time being, as standing on more exalted ground than their fellows.

without Occurrences 63%

Not a sparrow falls to the ground without My notice.

about Occurrences 62%

The ground about them is strewn with battered prospecting-pans, picks, sluice-boxes, and quartz specimens from many a ledge, indicating the trend of their owners' hard lives.

beneath Occurrences 58%

Crows, ravens, magpiesfriends in distressgather on the ground beneath the best shade-trees, panting with drooping wings and bills wide open, scarce a note from any of them during the midday hours.

beside Occurrences 51%

Thereby he was hurrying, at any rate, when a shining object lying upon the ground beside the broken fence, caused him to stop suddenly and pick up the glittering thing.

into Occurrences 44%

The trunk is usually short, dividing near the ground into great, wide-spreading limbs, and these again into a multitude of slender sprays, many of them cord-like and drooping to the ground, like those of the Great White Oak of the lowlands (Q. lobata).

against Occurrences 43%

For, don't you see, as we are placed here, with that gully to our left and the thick woods in front, we could hold this ground against six times our number.

beyond Occurrences 39%

I asked, angrily, of Sergeant Corney, when I had turned away in disgust from a group of men who were painting horrible word-pictures, and the old soldier had followed me to the parade-ground beyond sound of such words.

around Occurrences 37%

He cuts them off without attempting to hold them, then goes down and drags them from where they have chanced to fall up to the bare, swelling ground around the instep of the tree, where he demolishes them in the same methodical way, beginning at the bottom and following the scale-spirals to the top.

behind Occurrences 32%

They so longed to put undebatable ground behind them and really be where the distant coppice might be a curtain to the enemy!

Which preposition to use with  grounding