Which preposition to use with guard

against Occurrences 783%

No qualification of property is required either to vote, or to be eligible to either house of the legislature, as they believe that the natural influence of property is sufficient, without adding to that influence by law; and that the moral effects of education among them, together with a few provisions in their constitution, are quite sufficient to guard against any improper combination of those who have small property.

of Occurrences 543%

About three o'clock a villager observing them approach called out a Sepoy guard of twenty-five men, who asked them all kinds of questions.

at Occurrences 230%

Behind it came a boat with a flag of truce and the following summons from Colonel Easton, who commanded Montgomery's advance-guard at Sorel: SIR,By this you will learn that General Montgomery is in Possession of the Fortress Montreal.

in Occurrences 202%

" "Not so," said his opponent, angrily; "but if you are not more guarded in your expressions, I shall make use of yours, in a way you won't like.

over Occurrences 171%

"Mount guard over Mr. Edwards's grave," commanded the captain.

with Occurrences 138%

Detachments of Fusiliers and Royal Emigrants also arrived, as did the thirty-five masters and mates of merchant vessels who were not on guard with Barnsfair at the Pres-de-Ville.

for Occurrences 102%

At the very commencement of the summer term it was plain to everybody that something was wrong with the dux; he seemed to take no interest in the doings of his companions in the playground, and only once roused himself sufficiently to bang Cross with a leg-guard for bowling awful wides at cricket.

from Occurrences 102%

She ought to be guarded from that short-sighted and selfish devotion which makes her look upon her child as the centre of the universe, and which leads her to sacrifice every hour, every thought, every talent, to him alone.

on Occurrences 101%

"We are afraid the native guards on the jungle paths will kill us.

to Occurrences 92%

"I have set a guard to my mouth, when the sinner stood against me" (Psalm 38, 2); and it is well to guard against too frequent or too long conversations, which fill the soul with thoughts disturbing to a prayerful disposition.

as Occurrences 41%

If he is to lead in intellectual and spiritual matters, he must be given fewer errands to run, the financial burden of his church must be taken absolutely from his shoulders, he must have a suitable salary, and his time must be at least as carefully guarded as that of the average man.

by Occurrences 38%

"The necessary men will be secured for the regular army and the National Guard by volunteering, as at present, until, in the judgment of the President, a resort to a selective draft is desirable.

than Occurrences 23%

Truly I was so sleepy last Night, I know nothing of the Adventure, for which you are kept so close a Prisoner to day, and more strictly guarded than usual.

around Occurrences 21%

This was the first scout the Pawnees had been out on under command of General Duncan, and in stationing his guards around the camp he posted them in a manner entirely different from that of General Carr and Colonel Royal, and he insisted that the different posts should call out the hour of the night thus: "Post No. 1, nine o'clock, all is well!

before Occurrences 20%

Instinctively the older tramp braced himself with his right hand held at a guard before his breast and the knife poised in his left, just as a man would prepare to meet the attack of a panther.

about Occurrences 16%

Passing a little way down over the summit until I had reached an elevation of about 10,000 feet, I pushed on southward toward a group of savage peaks that stand guard about Ritter on the north and west, groping my way, and dealing instinctively with every obstacle as it presented itself.

without Occurrences 14%

Being discovered at this work before he had done any great harm, he was stripped of his praetor's insignia, and delivered to be guarded without confinement that he might not cause an uprising.

under Occurrences 13%

There were also close to Khosráu's person, in the centre of the hosts, thirty-three warriors of the race of Poshang, and a separate guard under Byzun.

like Occurrences 12%

I felt your look go past my guard like a rapier slipping around my blade.

along Occurrences 10%

"On Wednesday, September 9, the battle between the French Sixth Army and what was now the German flank guard along the Ourcq continued.

outside Occurrences 9%

Then Narayan Singh stood on guard outside the screens, but didn't miss much of the conversation, I believe.

within Occurrences 9%

And because that I went forward in this proper and sedate manner, I had great cause for a thankful heart, as you may perceive; for I had come after a long way to another of those hollows where did burn one of the fire-holes; and I made a pause upon the edge of the hollow in which it did lie, and looked downward, keeping guarded within the moss-bushes, where they grew anigh to the top thereof.

into Occurrences 8%

"It was you who succeeded, by throwing the guard into the water, in abducting her from the castle," he remarked.

beside Occurrences 8%

When you visit the Louvre, you will see it in the place of honour in the glass case in the centre of the Gallery of Apollo, with an attendant on guard beside it.

during Occurrences 8%

It is characteristic of this country that Saragossa should be guarded during the day by the toll-takers at every gate, by sentries, and by the new police, while at night the streets are given over to the care of a handful of night watchmen, who call monotonously to each other all through the hours, and may be avoided by the simplest-minded of malefactors.

Which preposition to use with  guard