Which preposition to use with gunned

in Occurrences 430%

I had my gun in my hand, and several times I was strongly tempted to shoot him, and would probably have done so had it not been for fear of bringing Indians down upon me, and besides he was carrying the saddle for me.

of Occurrences 405%

"Get a gun of the Old Man, Mr. Eagen," suggested Pulz, "and we'll have something besides salt horse and fish.

on Occurrences 219%

Feeling excited, and wondering to where it could lead, I laid my gun on the floor, and, sticking the candle in the trigger guard, took the ring in both hands, and pulled.

at Occurrences 172%

Being quite sure that conduct was prompted by fear and not by hostile intentions, the poor fellow having probably never seen such a being as myself before, I laid my gun at my feet on the ground and waved my hand for him to come to me, which he did slowly and with great caution.

from Occurrences 137%

Reaching the entrance, I let go the rope, and untied the gun from my shoulders.

with Occurrences 121%

In the course of his travels the ship in which he was a passenger was attacked by pirates, and John Howard showed himself as brave in actual battle as he was in fighting abuses; for he loaded the big gun with which the ship was armed nearly up to the muzzle with nails and spikes, and fired it into the pirate crew just in time to save himself and his companions from destruction.

to Occurrences 103%

once,' cried I again, as I brought my gun to a present.

for Occurrences 101%

Now, the Boy couldn't sing a note, so there was no fair division of entertainment, wherefore he would go off into the woods with his gun for company, and the Catholic O'Flynn, and even Potts, were in better odour than he "down in camp" on Sundays.

into Occurrences 46%

The cowardly villains began retreating, and then my mother fired an old gun into the air which greatly accelerated their speed, causing them to break and run.

against Occurrences 34%

Then darting back to the corner, he was just in time to see the man lean his gun against the door-post, and disappear in the hut.

out Occurrences 31%

We know a man when we see himand the fastest gunman that ever slid a gun out of leather ain't the sort of a man that me and the rest of the boys pass over lightly.

under Occurrences 28%

Even the rake of her masts, a little forward of the plumb, bore out this impression, which a comparatively new suit of canvas, well stopped down, brass stanchions forward, and two little guns under tarpaulins, almost confirmed.

over Occurrences 27%

No guns could be got over the hills to support the Anzacs, and when they tried to pass through a narrow defile south of Nebi Musa it was found that the enemy covered the approach with machine guns, and progress was stopped dead until, during the early hours of the following morning, some of the Londoners' artillery managed by a superhuman effort to get a few guns over the mountains to support the cavalry.

by Occurrences 25%

With a sudden effort, I sprang to one side, and, swinging my gun by the barrel, brought it crashing down upon the foul creature's head.

as Occurrences 23%

Then, with a call to Pepper, I stepped out into the flood, using the gun as a staff.

through Occurrences 17%

Two howitzers and one field gun were kept up with the infantry on the first day of the advance where no horses could get a foothold, and the manner in which the gunners hauled the guns through deep ravines and up seemingly unclimbable hills constituted a wonderful physical achievement.

after Occurrences 16%

So at daybreak we set out, the sufferings of our men being greatly aggravated by the conduct of the regulars, who refused to carry a pound of baggage or place a hand upon the ropes by which we dragged our guns after us.

like Occurrences 15%

Besides, a gun like that is dangerous to the community, I think.

behind Occurrences 15%

The trial in battle is to be kept standing under fire, not sure where your enemy is; and then you noticed that our own guns behind us, sending shot and shells over us, were just as trying as the rebels'.

without Occurrences 12%

As for the "needall" gun, we should define it as a gun without lock, stock, barrel, flint, percussion-cap, powder, ball, or anything else.

across Occurrences 12%

Then, having tied my gun across my shoulders, with a piece of stout cord, I lowered myself over the edge of the Pit.

before Occurrences 9%

Steve, of course, picked up his gun before starting, saying: "You never know when you may want a shooting iron up in the woods.

along Occurrences 9%

By exercising good judgment they ought also to keep above the reach of those elevated anti-aircraft guns along the front hills.

near Occurrences 8%

In the afternoon we moved on and parked our guns near the station along with those of the other British Batteries, which had arrived before us.

between Occurrences 8%

Each remained silent at his post of battle, the barrel of his gun between two paving-stones.

Which preposition to use with  gunned