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Which preposition to use with  heares

Which preposition to use with heares

We replied in the affirmative; and then, both together, almost in the same breath, we asked the question that was uppermost in our minds:Did he know anything about an old garden, and a great pit, and a lake, situated some miles away, down the river; also, had he ever heard of a great house thereabouts?

He had just been hearing from a friend of the very brilliant season at Deauville this year, and the streams of gold that flowed into the caisse of the management of the new hotel and casino.

I never tired of hearing about the brilliant days of the last Empire, and the fetes at the Tuileries, Compiegne, and St. Cloud.

But Hercules, the first glimpse he got, was really much taken aback, although not all the monsters in the world could frighten him; when he saw this new kind of object, with its extraordinary gait, and the voice of no terrestrial beast, but such as you might hear in the leviathans of the deep, hoarse and inarticulate, he thought his thirteenth labour had come upon him.

He was not silent, like the out-door insect, through the spring month and the cold of winter, piping only in sadness when the still autumnal evenings close in their brightness and beauty over the earth; but he sang always, and his chirrup was heard at all seasons.

The religious life of a young child is very direct: there is only a little in the religious experiences of the Jews that can help him, and much that can puzzle and hinder him; their interpretation of God as revengeful, cruel and one-sided in His dealings with their enemies must greatly puzzle him, when he hears on the other hand that God is the Father of all the nations on the earth.

In the east we have a saying, that 'he who hears with but one ear, never hears well.'

Many people had gathered to hear for the first time the news of how Jesus saves us.

"No, no; they shan't hear through me.

The men attempted to communicate their ideas of what was to be done, but could not make themselves heard above the uproar.

Unless I hear to the contraryand even if I do, I think!I propose to come round this evening about nine, and tell you and Bruce all about my travels.

He never could make himself heard without an effort, as his voice was low, had no "timbre," and he didn't hear his neighbours very well in the noise of the train.

The Third Form Chronicle, as it was to be called, would recognize the fact that junior boys had as much right to be heard as seniors, and would afford them the opportunity of airing their views on any subject they chose to bring forward.

The voice that I had heard before spake once more: "Learn what thy God would have thee to do.

I listened again, and now discriminated those identical sounds which I had not heard during a period of more than thirty years.

I could hear behind me the little indrawn breath of disappointment at the failure of the direct attack.

It was heard only at times,a deep, muffled roar, which rose and fell, not loud, but vast,a whistling boy would have drowned it for his next neighbor, but it must have been heard over the space of a hundred square miles.

Half-an-hour's argument so bewildered the latter that he sent the question immediately to the Zamptรข (Regent) of this dominion, and he, after hearing by telegraph the opening of the case, at once pronounced that, as affecting the entire planet, it must be decided by the Camptรข or Suzerain.

We were feeling rather tired and hungry, as we had started out on the trail thirty-six hours before without a breakfast or taking any food with us; but not a murmur or complaint was heard among the men.

Of what they saw and heard within that place of slaughter it bodeth not to tell, nor of those figures, wild and fierce, that crouched to strip the jumbled slain, or snarled and quarrelled over the work.

It would appear, however, somewhat unaccountable why, in a wild state, they adhere so steadily to the song of their own species only, when the notes of so many others are to be heard around them.

It was plainly heard throughout the ship.

It was very silent about her, only the crackle of the flames making a sound to be heard against the rush of air outside.

Then, clear enough to be distinctly heard across the narrow strip of water, came the voice of Estada, in a gruff inquiry: "So you are hiding here, Cochose?

Rowland takes centre, twists the handle of his bat round and round in his hands, and is heard amid the general hush to say, "No, no trial."

Well, I pray you looke to my maister, for here I leaue him amongst you; and if I chaunce to light vpon the wench, you shall heare of me by the next winde.

Heard under such circumstances as these the songs have quite a character of their own.

The same scenery, and the same voices are seen and heard along its banks now as then; and, while man, in his restlessness, has changed almost everything else, the Rackett and the things that pertained to it when the earth was young, remain unchanged.

The solos were not particularly wonderful, but the beautiful blending of the voices in the Pyrenean part-songs was a very great treat, and the sounds, floating deliciously away on the soft evening air, could be heard like some whispering echo for a long distance.

Chatham, again, was fifty before he was heard outside his own circle, and yet a few years, barely months, later, the world was at his feet.

"Do you think your men can stand it?" Jackson listened for a moment, with his head bent toward one shoulder, as was customary with him, for he was deaf, he said, in one ear, "and could not hear out of the other," and replied briefly: "They can stand almost any thing!

The first news he heard after his return to town was of Lesbia's engagement, which was common talk at the clubs.

And now from that narrow way, dim-lit by lanthorn and torch-glare, there rose a sound more awful to hear than roar of battle, a hoarse and vicious sound like to the worrying snarl of many great and fierce hounds.

Scarcely could a murmur be heard beneath the thick foliage.

Mrs. Cluppins then related the conversation we have already heard between Mr. Pickwick and Mrs. Bardell.

But nothing was heard beyond the grumblings of half-awakened discontent until, in 1830, the new revolution in Paris sent a sympathetic thrill through all the dissatisfied of Europe.

Now and then the reports of fire-arms were heard near them, but still the Chippeways did not visit the camp of the Dahcotahs.

They quickly experienced, my lords, the folly of those laws which punish crimes instead of preventing them; they found that legal authority had little influence, when opposed to the madness of multitudes intoxicated with spirits, and that the voice of justice was but very little heard amidst the clamours of riot and drunkenness.

The very turmoil of their own mad flight added to their panic, and the continuous thunder of their hoofs was heard until the last of them disappeared on the horizon.

To meete his trewe And most unfeigned affection, heare in face And viewe of this our holly brotherhoode, As if in open coort with this mi breath I heare confine all hatred.

" A step was heard inside the cafรฉ.

He was the same wheezy man I had heard below some time before; and I really seem to have liked asthmatical people ever sinceexcept when I became a judge and they disturbed me in court.

Yet are there several words of this kind, which in earnest utterance, animated poetry, or impassioned declamation, are not only natural, but exceedingly expressive: as, "Lift up thy voice, O daughter of Gallim; cause it to be heard unto Laish, O poor Anathoth.

When the depredations of the Spaniards became first the subject of our debates, nothing was heard amongst us but threats of vengeance, demands of reparation, assertions of sovereignty, and resolutions to obtain security: the importance of our commerce, the necessity of rigorous measures, the danger of pusillanimity, the meanness of negotiation, and the disadvantages of delay, were thundered from every part of the house.

I come among ye all, these are the Contentes: that you would heare with patience, judge with lenity, and correct with smiles; for the which our endeavour[220] shall shew it selfe, like a tall fellow in action; if we shall joyne hands, a bargaine.

He can only listen to the actual things the children say, and then combine what he has heard into a connected narrative.

My necessaries are imbark't; Farewell: [Sidenote: inbarckt,] And Sister, as the Winds giue Benefit, And Conuoy is assistant: doe not sleepe, [Sidenote: conuay, in assistant doe] But let me heare from you.

I come to aske a question, which the winds; If I could deafe them, should not heare for feare Their repercussive Eccho should declare it To all our infamies.

" Amongst the papers of the learned Dr. Gale, late Dean of York, was found this epitaph of Robin Hood, written in old English: Hear underneath this laitl stean, Laiz Robert, Earl of Huntingtun, Near arcir ther az

Som justyce I would showe them heare on earthe Before they finde it multiplyed in heaven.

The' 's somethin' stirrin' among th' rocks; I hear th' soun' of it in th' night, when th' wind has stopped blowin'.

Previous to this, heavy firing had been heard down the river in the direction Custer had gone.

I specks by dis time dey hab got de work all out ob her, and I hopes dey hab, missy; for though she neber hear ob dat place where all are made bright, I know she good enough to find de way; but I hopes she not be too full ob shine, coz I fraid I not know her from de white folks.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stood up and attempted to interject as soon as Modi ended this part of his speech, however, what he said could not be heard due to uproar in the parliament.

Many a time you could hear de bull whip, clear over to our place, PLOP, PLOP.

Attend mee, reverend father, and you all Of this assembly: for som spleene conceiv'd Against the Fryar deceast, I strangled him; The cause why no man heare importun mee: For many reasons to my self best knowne I hold fitt to conceale it, but I murdered him

Now you talke of setling I knew a gentleman, that was borne to a good fortune, sold all his land, went to sea in a Hollander, was taken by the Dunkirke; at seaven yeares end stole away in an English botome; after that saw both the Indies; for all this was taken by a Turks man of warre, put into the Gallies, and for ought I heare by credible report is not setled yet.

"You'll know my name when you hear itHugh Moneylaws.

"I wanted you to hear itlike that."

Then Byrne heard itso small a voice that at first he thought it was only a part of the silence.

As the door flew open, the sound beat out at us, with an effect impossible to explain to one who has not heard itwith a certain, horrible personal note in it; as if in there in the darkness you could picture the room rocking and creaking in a mad, vile glee to its own filthy piping and whistling and hooning.

There was no plan before the court from the respondent father, and he failed to attend the disposition hearing notwithstanding notice having been given to him.

The words were spoken, and instantly a noise which resembled a succession of pistol-shots was heard off the wings.

Duning aged aboue sixteen years testifies yt he heard sd Mercy say yesterday that if she was hanged she would not be hanged allone wch was sd upon her being urged to bring out others that wear suspected for wiches.

I never tasted as much nor ett as little; I never heard sich high-class conversation nor felt liker a nap; I never sat on safter chairs nor looked liker a martyr on tin tacks.'

Your aunt has heard sincefrom a nurse who nursed him."

"Eh?" Tom tapped the points of his fingers smartly against the side of his head, and then went on, in the same cynical drawl, which he had affected throughout "I heard thatagainst a piece of timber as we went overboard And, as a medical man, I considered after that, that I had done my duty.

"Have you heard anythingabout buying the farm?" "The House Agent," said Redwood, "is a thing with a big mouth and made of dense wood.

Drums could be heard toward the north, and seemingly nearer than before; I thought I could hear the long roll, and feared that the Union advance was already known by the Confederates.

Or, as in these brief forms: "To make himself heard by all.""Clear

The tracks are also available to hear via YouTube channels (Emily Burns & Dan Caplen).

And they say that as yet there is heard vpon the mountaines a litle drumme, which while the Carouan passeth, neuer ceaseth sounding.

I heard afterward the explanation.

"I have heard es ist alles 'the almighty dollar'," said a musician from Berlin, one of the gay company.