Which preposition to use with heares

of Occurrences 7181%

We replied in the affirmative; and then, both together, almost in the same breath, we asked the question that was uppermost in our minds:Did he know anything about an old garden, and a great pit, and a lake, situated some miles away, down the river; also, had he ever heard of a great house thereabouts?

from Occurrences 1971%

He had just been hearing from a friend of the very brilliant season at Deauville this year, and the streams of gold that flowed into the caisse of the management of the new hotel and casino.

in Occurrences 1298%

But Hercules, the first glimpse he got, was really much taken aback, although not all the monsters in the world could frighten him; when he saw this new kind of object, with its extraordinary gait, and the voice of no terrestrial beast, but such as you might hear in the leviathans of the deep, hoarse and inarticulate, he thought his thirteenth labour had come upon him.

about Occurrences 1177%

I never tired of hearing about the brilliant days of the last Empire, and the fetes at the Tuileries, Compiegne, and St. Cloud.

at Occurrences 394%

He was not silent, like the out-door insect, through the spring month and the cold of winter, piping only in sadness when the still autumnal evenings close in their brightness and beauty over the earth; but he sang always, and his chirrup was heard at all seasons.

on Occurrences 283%

The religious life of a young child is very direct: there is only a little in the religious experiences of the Jews that can help him, and much that can puzzle and hinder him; their interpretation of God as revengeful, cruel and one-sided in His dealings with their enemies must greatly puzzle him, when he hears on the other hand that God is the Father of all the nations on the earth.

with Occurrences 279%

In the east we have a saying, that 'he who hears with but one ear, never hears well.'" CHAPTER V. The voyage continuedSecond view of AsiaThe Brahmin's speculations concerning IndiaIncrease of the Moon's attractionAppearance of the MoonThey land on the Moon.

for Occurrences 144%

Many people had gathered to hear for the first time the news of how Jesus saves us.

to Occurrences 105%

Unless I hear to the contraryand even if I do, I think!I propose to come round this evening about nine, and tell you and Bruce all about my travels.

through Occurrences 99%

"No, no; they shan't hear through me.

above Occurrences 96%

The men attempted to communicate their ideas of what was to be done, but could not make themselves heard above the uproar.

without Occurrences 63%

He never could make himself heard without an effort, as his voice was low, had no "timbre," and he didn't hear his neighbours very well in the noise of the train.

before Occurrences 53%

The voice that I had heard before spake once more: "Learn what thy God would have thee to do.

as Occurrences 50%

The Third Form Chronicle, as it was to be called, would recognize the fact that junior boys had as much right to be heard as seniors, and would afford them the opportunity of airing their views on any subject they chose to bring forward.

behind Occurrences 39%

" I could hear behind me the little indrawn breath of disappointment at the failure of the direct attack.

among Occurrences 34%

" We were feeling rather tired and hungry, as we had started out on the trail thirty-six hours before without a breakfast or taking any food with us; but not a murmur or complaint was heard among the men.

within Occurrences 32%

Of what they saw and heard within that place of slaughter it bodeth not to tell, nor of those figures, wild and fierce, that crouched to strip the jumbled slain, or snarled and quarrelled over the work.

by Occurrences 31%

"I have heard by credible report," says Sir Thomas More, "of such as were secret with his chamberers, that after this abominable deed done he never had quiet in his mind, he never thought himself sure.

during Occurrences 28%

I listened again, and now discriminated those identical sounds which I had not heard during a period of more than thirty years.

against Occurrences 24%

It was very silent about her, only the crackle of the flames making a sound to be heard against the rush of air outside.

around Occurrences 23%

It would appear, however, somewhat unaccountable why, in a wild state, they adhere so steadily to the song of their own species only, when the notes of so many others are to be heard around them.

over Occurrences 22%

It was heard only at times,a deep, muffled roar, which rose and fell, not loud, but vast,a whistling boy would have drowned it for his next neighbor, but it must have been heard over the space of a hundred square miles.

ye Occurrences 19%

These dying eyes grow dimbut with the deathless eyes of the soul I do see many things most plainlyso, dear and valiant children, hear ye this!

throughout Occurrences 18%

It was plainly heard throughout the ship.

of Occurrences 18%

Well, I pray you looke to my maister, for here I leaue him amongst you; and if I chaunce to light vpon the wench, you shall heare of me by the next winde.

Which preposition to use with  heares