Which preposition to use with heaven

in Occurrences 253%

In this holy work of reciting the Hours, we are united with the angels and saints in heaven in honouring our common Creator; for, the Church herself reminds us of this ineffable honour in the hymn for the dedication of the Church: "Sed ilia sedes Coelitum Semper resultat laudibus Dumque trinum el unicum Jugi canore jungimur Almae Sionis aemuli.

for Occurrences 245%

(Madame K., being in heaven for some years, cannot accept the amiable invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Madame Waddington.

of Occurrences 226%

Chearer of Age, Youth's kind Unrest, And half the Heaven of the blest.

with Occurrences 199%

How beautifully the sun went down behind the hills, lighting up the western sky, and the fleecy clouds floating in the heavens with a blaze of glory, throwing a mantle of silver over the tall ranges and mountain peaks that loomed up in solemn grandeur away in the east; and how stilly, silently the stars came out from the depths above, and how brightly and truthfully they were given back from away down in depths beneath the placid waters.

to Occurrences 149%

Without any of the usual slowing down, without the accustomed warning of a gradual descent from the high themes of heaven to the things of common earth, Mac came down out of the clouds with a bump, and the sudden, business-like "Amen" startled all the apple-chewing congregation.

on Occurrences 112%

It was as though all the constellations of heaven on a general bidding had met for conference.

from Occurrences 73%

All these sounds belong to the calm autumnal days, and while they differ the whole heavens from the merry songs of spring, there is nothing sad about them.

by Occurrences 55%

The little Pilgrim followed him with her eager ears, wondering if he would leap thus into the country of light and take heaven by storm, or whether he would fall upon the heavenly hills, and lie prostrate in weariness and exhaustion, like him to whom she had ministered.

at Occurrences 51%

What more has the profoundest philosopher who ever lived said, to prove that those mighty worlds which are seen in the heavens at night, that are scattered all through the universe of God, rolling forever on their everlasting rounds, are peopled by living, moving, sentient beings?" CHAPTER XI.

above Occurrences 49%

I looked up again, to the fiery sheet that quaked in the heavens above me and far down into the Southern sky.

as Occurrences 38%

To such a Heaven as thou conduct'st me to, Though thou should'st traverse Hell, I'd follow thee.

than Occurrences 30%

If so, does Hamlet speak jestingly when he greets the player, "Your ladyship is nearer heaven than when I saw you last, by the altitude of a chopine?"

into Occurrences 22%

Thus the rebel becomes Emperor by right of the Divine Decree, and it remains with his descendants until by their misdeeds they provoke heaven into bestowing it upon another house.

without Occurrences 22%

To avoid such grievous dilemma, I judge it well that ye both ascend to heaven without further ceremony.

through Occurrences 18%

Sense is not love, but lawlessness accurst: This kills the soul; while our love lifts on high Our friends on earthhigher in heaven through death.

against Occurrences 18%

Of a wrath of God which is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men, who, like you, hold down the truth in unrighteousness, knowing what is right and yet doing what is wrong?

like Occurrences 16%

"Ye balmy winds of heaven, whose sound is in the rippling trees, Whose scented breath brings back to me a thousand memories, Ye sweep beneath the arch of heaven like to the ocean surge That beats from Guadalquivir's bay to earth's extremest verge.

before Occurrences 15%

"Aye," said Isabel, "with such gifts that Heaven itself shall share with you; not with golden treasures, or those glittering stones, whose price is either rich or poor as fancy values them, but with true prayers that shall be up to Heaven before sunriseprayers from preserved souls, from fasting maids whose minds are dedicated to nothing temporal."

over Occurrences 15%

Upon this solid mass of ignorance and stupidity it is difficult to make any impression; yet I suppose there is greater joy in heaven over a cordial "thwack" at it than over most blows at existing evils.

among Occurrences 12%

There Ulysses saw Hercules: not that Hercules who enjoys immortal life in heaven among the gods, and is married to Hebe or Youth; but his shadow which remains below.

out Occurrences 8%

For when He ascended to heaven out of their sight, did they consider that was seeing Him no more?

After Occurrences 7%

Elijah's Sacrifice Consumed by Fire from Heaven After the painting by C.G. Pfannschmidt.

beyond Occurrences 6%

At length it began to grow cold on the summit; then with gentle caressing words she made him turn and look to the opposite side of the heavens, where the sun was just setting behind a great mass of cloudsdark purple and crimson, rising into peaks that were like hills of rose-coloured pearl, and all the heavens beyond them a pale primrose-coloured flame.

during Occurrences 4%

Surely He had been in heaven during those forty days, whenever they had not seen Him.

below Occurrences 4%

Who has not found the heaven below Will fail of it above.

Which preposition to use with  heaven