Which preposition to use with height

of Occurrences 2555%

For this, laid a firm foundation of law for Rome, adorned it with buildings, and all thatmy lords, words fail me; there are none can rise to the height of my indignation.

in Occurrences 131%

They occur singly or in small groups on the north sides of the peaks of the High Sierra, sheltered beneath broad frosty shadows, in amphitheaters of their own making, where the snow, shooting down from the surrounding heights in avalanches, is most abundant.

above Occurrences 121%

On the same authority, the average height above sea-level at which they melt is about 7414 feet.

from Occurrences 91%

Let us measure the height from the floor."

on Occurrences 67%

Whilst ascending the height on the Russian side of the river, Sir Colin's horse was twice wounded, the second shot killing it; but he was soon mounted on another horse, leading his men to victory.

at Occurrences 66%

I picture myself seated with my family on the heights at Weehawken, smoking a good cigarette, and musing on the affairs of nations as I watch the flow of that superb river (as much finer than the Rhine, my friend, as wine is finer than lagerbier!) which I have often, in days gone by, admired and extolled by the hour.

to Occurrences 55%

At dawn on April 30th, starting from Castel di Guido, leaving their knapsacks at Magnianella, the officers in white gloves and sheathed swords advanced on Rome, taking the road to Porta Cavallaggieri, sending sharpshooters through the woodlands on the right, the Chasseurs de Vincennes on the heights to the left.

with Occurrences 42%

She was of medium height with a crown of soft, brown hair, and eyes whose first glance of welcome caught Evadne's heart and held her captive.

as Occurrences 34%

So while man is the most perfect earthly being, yet, with regard to spiritual development he has returned to a first stage and "must raise himself through ascending degrees of consciousness" to heights as yet unknown, "for who has measured the limits of God-born mankind?" Self-consciousness is the special characteristic of man.

for Occurrences 28%

The abundance of our wealth, my lords, and the profit of our commerce, are sufficiently apparent from the price of our stocks, which were never before supported at the same height for so long a time; and of the fall of which neither an actual war with Spain, nor the danger which has been suggested of another with France, with France in the full possession of all its boasted advantages, has yet been able to produce any token.

by Occurrences 22%

He appeared tall, but a recruiting sergeant, or other person accustomed to the judging of men's heights by the eye, would have discerned that this was chiefly owing to his gauntness, and that he was not more than five-feet-eight or nine.

than Occurrences 18%

No Martial balloonist, much less any Martial mountain-climber, has ever, save once, reached a greater height than 16,000 feetthe air at the sea-level being scarcely more dense than ours at 10,000 feet.

between Occurrences 17%

The whole height from the keel to the beam was but five feet eight inches, three feet of which were occupied by ballast, cargo, and provisions, so that two feet eight inches remained only as the height between the decks.

into Occurrences 15%

What would have been the ultimate result of the contest had it been resumed I am sure I cannot say, but I fear that, taking Grundy's superior weight and height into consideration, the story of the fight would have been recorded among the trials and not the triumphs of the Triple Alliance.

about Occurrences 12%

The time for this kind of work was nearly over for the year, and I began to look forward with delight to the approaching winter with its wondrous storms, when I would be warmly snow-bound in my Yosemite cabin with plenty of bread and books; but a tinge of regret came on when I considered that possibly I might not see this favorite region again until the next summer, excepting distant views from the heights about the Yosemite walls.

behind Occurrences 12%

From the heights behind the camp they got a pretty fair idea of the surrounding country.

over Occurrences 11%

The only access to it was across a single log at a dizzy height over a wild rushing river.

without Occurrences 9%

Height without clumsiness, bulk and a light foot at once, a fine head, well poised, blond hair and a Grecian profilesuch was Jack Landis.

like Occurrences 8%

Even Zeus, "the Father of gods and men," to whom absolute supremacy was ascribed, the work of creation, and all majesty and serenity, took but little interest in human affairs, and lived on Olympian heights like a sovereign surrounded with the instruments of his will, freely indulging in those pleasures which all lofty moral codes have forbidden, and taking part in the quarrels, jealousies, and enmities of his divine associates.

before Occurrences 7%

They present many signs of a perversion of taste which, though not in them so remarkable, rose to a height before long.

near Occurrences 6%

The contrast between the dark hues of the evergreens, with which all the heights near the water were shaded, was in soft contrast to the livelier green of the other foliage, while the meadows and pastures were luxuriant with a verdure unsurpassed by that of England.

beyond Occurrences 6%

The Forty-second and Thirty-second undertook the task of conquering the heights beyond Cierges, the Forty-second capturing Sergy and the Thirty-second capturing Hill 230, both American divisions joining in the pursuit of the enemy to the Vesle, and thus the operation of reducing the salient was finished.

through Occurrences 3%

When on the next morning, between daybreak and sunrise, General Lee, accompanied by Hill, Longstreet, and Hood, ascended to the same point on Seminary Ridge, and reconnoitred the opposite heights through his field-glass, they were seen to be occupied by heavy lines of infantry and numerous artillery.

around Occurrences 3%

The heights around the town of Newburgh, in particular, were fairly dotted with them, though Mr. Effingham shook his head as he saw one Grecian temple appear after another.

across Occurrences 3%

The Janiculum [Footnote: The heights across the Tiber.

Which preposition to use with  height